Price shopping and frequently staged PV industry in collective anxiety

Polaris solar PV net news: PV installing surge appeared “630” PV policy, in the market break ya down prospects in the industry, China’s large number of PV Giants are bidding frequently appeared at incredible low prices.

Over the weekend, 1 GW in baotou, 2016 national PV leader in base 12 projects bid opening, bid result announcement shows that a total of 56 companies quote is given. All the participants are generally given bid price-0.7 0.52 Yuan RMB/kWh.

As one of China’s major coal resource base, baotou mining for a long time, subsidence topsoil stripping of ore bodies in the region, severe destruction of vegetation, soil erosion and desertification a serious, obvious surface deformation and collapse, resulting in a lot of land abandoned.

According to PV leader in base year 2016 project in baotou city, Inner Mongolia investment announcements, the planning of regional living conditions, environmental conditions deteriorate, as well as the risk of subsidence in coal mining.

Photovoltaic power generation demonstration bases in baotou, the 2016 year of PV power station project includes 7 100,000-kilowatt, 4 50,000-kilowatt, one 100,000-kilowatt a total of 12 three different capacity of PV power station project. Construction period at the end of 2017, as required, development and operation for a period of 25 years (not including the building period).

The Inner Mongolia baotou 1GW “leader” solar PV base bidding, Huadian power and prosperity we’ve cast a rock-bottom price, baotou, compared to 0.80 Yuan/kWh of PV standard benchmark price low 35% again hit similar, the lowest in tender offers. Huadian power and prosperity until the manuscript prior to the date refused to respond.

GCL Lv Jinbiao, Deputy Chief had talked about ALTs phenomenon to evaluate, said low prices could make photovoltaics cheap coming ahead of the Internet age.

PV on-grid price dropped steadily and by 2020 the user side parity trend has been set and on June 30 this year, is a price reduction node. Is commonly known as “630 PV policy”, by 2015 the requirements of the national development and Reform Commission, 2016 kind of terrestrial photovoltaic power station, two types of resources dropped 10 cents and 7 cents, three types of resources reduced by 2 cents. In accordance with the above provisions, by 2016 for the record included in the annual management scale photovoltaic projects, grid-connected power generation cannot be completed before June 30, 2016, will perform a reduction of electricity prices after standard.

After June 30, the PV industry bids continue to hit a staggering low prices, raised outside the industry buzz. PV industry technology innovation Strategic Alliance Secretary General Zhao Yonghong, Zhejiang Province, thus commented to reporters, when all the attention is “price” this factor is about looks perfect the market mechanism, but away from the original design intent, and became “the cheaper the better”, a line-oriented. That may indeed be reasons for low price of bidding continued.

Leader involved in the baotou base bid a PV enterprises in Jiangsu’s Deputy, told reporters said that the current market conditions for the vast majority of Chinese PV companies, find a way to live than to earn more urgent and important. The PV industry’s senior practitioners believe that each PV companies are gearing up, many vertically integrated PV manufacturing giant seems determined, their advantage through the entire value chain, squeezing profits and production, as long as there is a hint of even the capital preservation, they have to hold on to the rest of the opportunity. “As long as the production line, and lower price may occur in the future. “These people said.

Director of PV Professional Committee of Chinese renewable energy society, said Wu Dacheng, bid lower some rationality. Leader projects, registration, flagging and other upfront costs would be relatively low. Wu Dacheng believes that this low price is not a prohibition on offering special pricing, but a number of enterprises after a calculation quote prices, reflecting the PV cost trends in overall significant reduction. But it also reflects the current status of resource shortages and excessive competition.

For one low price title match, GCL Group Chairman Mr Zhu Shan on September 21 “2016 annual energy Internet leadership forum” on record, GCL group has developed an integrated innovation to reduce the poly-silicon, crystal growth, components, systems and operation costs of the whole industry chain and cheap Internet road map in achieving basic photovoltaic power generation by 2020 without State subsidies. “The Chinese PV industry to speed up the process of parity, and the improvement of national policies reinforcing the common power, photovoltaic power generation better becomes the cornerstone of the revolution. ”

A pessimist in second-line PV manufacturing executives said on the interface, “630” after installing surge, domestic PV market conditions worsened, most practitioners are already in extreme anxiety and fear, as we all know, does not participate in the fighting will be marginalized by the market price, or even completely eliminated and the shop will face loss, “stranded”.

Original title: price shopping and frequently staged China PV industry into collective anxiety

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