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Polaris solar PV net news: first, the classification

PV grid-connected inverter is the photovoltaic array (solar cell/module) of photovoltaic (solar energy converted to electricity) an AC power inverter converts DC electricity into the public grid after a special device. Different from conventional inverter product, which can maximize the following changes in sunlight, keep in the best run on the energy conversion efficiency and power output characteristics. Can be divided into photovoltaic micro-inverter, string inverters and centralized inverters, three categories, covering the large terrestrial photovoltaic power stations, distributed PV applications (wind-solar complementary Street lamp lighting, household-type roof photovoltaic, PV farm irrigation and other) fields. Many styles of products, can be divided into indoor and outdoor products, should be applied to different environments, different shape, and its output from dozens of Watts to several hundred watts of power, MW, to meet different application requirements.

PV grid-connected inverter is one of the essential core devices in photovoltaic applications, single photovoltaic power generation efficiency and energy output is directly related to the quality of the product, and is the core of safe operation of photovoltaic devices. Routine application can differ according to product function, select a different power levels, different kinds of products, meet from households with electricity, to an industrial distributed generation, and power production enterprises of special photovoltaic power generation and other uses.

Second, purchasing

When choosing a grid-connected photovoltaic inverter, should first of all pay attention to marks on the boxes and products, recognition of grid-connected photovoltaic inverter input voltage range, maximum input current, voltage type; type of output voltage level, voltage, frequency maximum continuous operating current, maximum power output, and inverter efficiency and so on. Then check the random product information should be complete, random information shall contain at least the following: product details (including technical parameter description), product installation instructions, operating instructions, and maintenance instructions, and more.

PV grid-connected inverter products for general industrial products, it is recommended that non-professional guidance by professional and technical personnel to use. Non-professionals after purchasing the product, carefully read product brochures and other documentation, and in strict accordance with random files required to install and use, and have questions, you need to contact manufacturers or suppliers to ensure correct installation and use.

When purchasing imported products, be aware that foreign products are declared applicable standard requirements, product standards currently in force for the NB/T32004-2013 of the technical specifications of grid-connected photovoltaic inverter, especially should pay attention to the voltage and frequency of foreign products on the domestic public access with the product matches the electrical outlets. In addition, note also that foreign products over/under voltage protection requirements and national standards there are significant differences, use of foreign products will cause the product to malfunction or refuse, unsafe and not recommended for non-professionals to buy imported products.

For professional when choosing a grid-connected photovoltaic inverter, apart from the label on the product nameplate maximum conversion efficiency, the need to focus on efficiency of maximum power point tracking and products at low power (rated output power of 50% and below) run-time power quality (such as DC and harmonic), and the over/under voltage protection. And according to products different using environment for distinguish purchase and using, as: family households with type products needed concern products of electromagnetic compatible sex and the noise index; General products applies Yu elevation not over 1000m of installation locations, high elevation area using of products needed note drop capacity using; General products using of temperature range for-25 ℃ ~+60 ℃, extreme low temperature and the high temperature area using of products needed note products of climate environment adaptability, for products normal using left has enough of security Yu volume.

Third, maintenance

The life of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is 5-10 years, maintenance if used improperly, can severely shorten the life of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter or even pose a security risk.

First shall be determined according to the needs of professionals need to purchase the product technical parameters, again by a professional technician to install and license upon the acceptance by the local power departments before the product can be connected into the grid, and put into use.

Daily use of input/output terminals you need to regularly check the product a solid connection, input and output wire and cable for aging or skin damage scratches, solid ground, whether there is a fracture or fall off, problems should look for professionals to be replaced. Do not arbitrarily demolition of input/output terminals and its protective cover (if any), should avoid input/output terminals of the metal live parts exposed.

For everyday use, and found the malfunction of the inverter should be immediately disconnected the connection to the power grid protection switch, and professional troubleshooting before they can open the inverter again.

Product maintenance operations should be completed by a professional technician, before doing any maintenance work, you should first disconnect the PV grid-connected inverter electrical connections to the grid, and then disconnect the DC electrical connections, wait at least 5 minutes until discharge internal components maintenance work can be carried out.

Non-professionals do not disassemble the product casing, professional maintenance, shall comply with the warning label on the product, should wear anti-static gloves, to avoid unnecessary contact of circuit boards, bearing in mind the bare hands of direct contact with the inverter power devices and cooling devices, products for a period of time after a power failure, there is high temperature, burns should be avoided.

Products for daily use, product should be in a good ventilation environment, you can periodically with a clean soft dry cloth to clean the surface and inlet and (sometimes) dust, keep the good heat dissipation. Products open shell repair and maintenance by non-professionals is not recommended operation.

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