PV monopoly was broken or electricity sales are out of the market

Polaris solar PV net news: power reform plans in the provinces, in accordance with the established “beats” gradually surfaced.

On September 6, posted on the NDRC website agree to Beijing, Hainan, Gansu electricity reform reply, agreed with the pilot reform of Fujian, Heilongjiang marketing electricity side replies.

At this point, the reform accelerated.

Combs-related programmes for journalists found that reform the focus of the programme is to form the pattern of diversification of electricity sales, including social capital may establish sales company. There is more than one programme, to release incremental distribution business. Meanwhile, provinces and cities began organizing power trading center put forward.

It is understood that the regional monopoly of electricity sales, has been broken. For instance, Gansu electricity reform proposed, continues to expand electric power directly on the basis of the size of the province, trans-regional power trade directly, actively promote cross-province. Even Beijing’s reform programme proposed, as far as possible, Beijing thermal power plant capacity plan can be transferred to outside Beijing renewable energy resources and greater capacity and higher parameters, ultra low emission units.

The reforms are significant: this will break the current only in a regional electricity company, and power grid company and the company monopoly on electricity sales.

Associate researcher at the China Center for international economic exchanges, Jing Chunmei, told reporters that the benefit of this is that businesses and residents have access to cheaper electricity.

Five provinces electricity reform package approved

On August 31, Hu Zucai, Deputy Director of the NDRC in Beijing chaired a Conference on speeding up transmission and distribution price reform discussions, provincial (district, municipal) Secretary for Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission in charge of prices, commodity prices, responsible comrades of State grid Corporation, China Southern power grid company attended the meeting.

Meeting, further speeding up transmission and distribution price reform, scheduled for 2017 14 provincial power grids of transmission and distribution tariff reform earlier this year launched in September, the basic realization of provincial power grid coverage.

At present, this change has gradually emerged.

On September 6, issued by the national development and Reform Commission, Fujian Provincial marketing electricity side pilot reform program, and electricity company of Fujian’s next step could be to set up the power grid enterprises; incremental distribution networks and social capital investment has sold by the distribution network operator company does not own the distribution network operators of independent selling companies. Same power supply service area can have more than one vending company, the same company electricity sales electricity sales in multiple electricity service area.

Today Beijing electric power system integrated pilot programme also points out that ordered electricity other than open public and regulatory plans, gradually reduce the planned electricity generation in thermal power plants in Beijing. Nurture power sale markets, attract capital to enter the competitive field of electricity sales, develop value-added energy services, to provide users with diverse, customized integrated energy services.

Gansu electric power system reform programme also proposed, and gradually expand the power generation business, the sale of electricity, and user access, and continues to expand electric power directly on the basis of the size of the province, trans-regional power trade directly, actively promote cross-province, spot transactions carried out at the right time, standardize and improve the mechanism of direct dealing mainly in long and medium term power transactions.

According to understand, Gansu proposed across province trading of background is Gansu 2015 end of has built power installed 46.43 million-kilowatt, maximum electricity load only for 13 million-kilowatt, power elimination na capacity insufficient, outside sent channel not Chang, province power power serious surplus, 2015 years wind electric using hours number only for 1184 hours, and abandoned wind rate up 39%, photoelectric using hours number only for 1061 hours, and abandoned light rate up 31%.

Also, Hainan Province power reform pilot programme proposed, to big user directly trading for point, gradually promoted power market system of established; established transitional lost distribution price, forward to points voltage grade approved lost distribution price for breakthrough, ordered advance electric price reform; ordered to social capital release placing electric business for breakthrough, steadily advance sale electric side reform; perfect electric price formed mechanism, guide power user implementation needs side management.

Heilongjiang electricity reform programme, actively cultivating diversified distribution investment. Change the power of a single power mode, promote the formation of the provincial power company, has a distribution network operator of local power grid enterprises and other coexistence of distribution network power supply situation. Encourage investment in power plants, power grid enterprises and social capital set up a selling company. Within the same electricity service area can have more than one power company for sale, but there can be only one company owns the service area of the distribution network operator, distribution network should be open to all electricity companies, without discrimination, and to provide guarantee services.

The benefits and difficulties of market operation

These reforms to break monopoly, enterprises can choose will be more cheaper.

Jing Chunmei puts Shandong weiqiao power plant case. Previously, when coal prices high throughout the country, Shandong weiqiao give residents the selling price per unit in power plant around 0.3 Yuan, rather than the national power grid after each around 0.5 Yuan lower. As coal prices continue to fall, weiqiao power plant currently giving residents less than 0.2 Yuan per unit of electricity sales, only 1/3 of the current residential electricity prices to the national grid. The case has caused a great deal of controversy, but have been shown to break the power monopoly, market-oriented operation benefits.

But marketing is also problematic. When thermal, hydro and nuclear power all at the same time to enter the market, such as competition, due to the thermal power at cheaper prices, might make the high cost of PV is out of the market.

The reporter learns, hydropower currently cheapest in each of about 0.2 Yuan, thermal power at around 0.3 Yuan each, about nuclear power at 0.4 Yuan, wind power and PV on-grid price for each 0.5, 0.8 Yuan.

Jing Chunmei believes that I am sure you are willing to choose the cheapest thermal power and hydropower, for the increase of the proportion of clean energy, optimizing energy structure is bad, which is further modified the difficulty. Next to coal pollution costs revealed that fossil energy costs higher, do some price subsidies, market adjustments, so that clean energy to enter the competition.

Energy Economics and energy policy at the University of Xiamen Lin boqiang, Director of collaborative innovation Center believes that such subsidies for photovoltaic power generation, such as are electricity, photovoltaic power generation cost 0.5 Yuan, but the Government subsidy of 0.5 Yuan.

School of electrical and information engineering, Hunan University Professor Yao jiangang believes that PV should develop in future, get users, in addition to government subsidies, core is through technological progress. “Solar power cost to come down before they can become Objects. ”

Jing Chunmei believes that future electricity prices also need to rationalize the price mechanism. According to the understanding, China’s commercial and industrial electricity prices generally higher than residential electricity prices, and even some price 1 time times higher than residential electricity prices for industry and commerce. Cause such reasons is the residential electricity commercial electricity price subsidies.

Jing Chunmei, said commercial and industrial electricity prices to come down to the residents of cross-subsidies to carry out reforms.

Original title: five provinces electricity reform package approved break regional electricity monopolies

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