Renewable energy Thirteen Five to PV 150GW

Polaris solar PV net news: the renewable energy sources Act on the implementation of the ten-year anniversary, Director of the National Energy Board new and renewable energy Division introduced Zhu ming, the State has been drafting the renewable energy development “Thirteen-Five” plan, preliminary clear “Thirteen-Five” renewable energy development objectives.

Specifically, by 2020, to photovoltaic power generation reached 150 million kW, and solar-thermal power generation reached 5 million-kilowatt, striving to wind power reached 250 million kW.

Analysis of Zhu ming, key issues of China’s renewable energy industry policy is part of the implementation of policy is not in place, is typically represented by guaranteeing the purchasing requirements of the renewable energy sources Act in full implementation of policy is not in place, renewable energy subsidy policies lag problems, renewable energies priority scheduling policy shocks such as fossil energy and local government interference, has become the key to the healthy development of China’s renewable energy issues.

Zhu ming, published the administrative measures for guaranteeing the purchasing renewable power generation in full clear wind, photovoltaic power affordable acquisition in full of the relevant requirements, but focus on a clear responsibility in the future, and by means of energy regulation, strengthening the implementation, guaranteed results.

Deputy Director of the NPC environmental and resources Committee Meng said in a written statement, boost renewable energy is the key to the full implementation of the renewable energy law. Next step will be to strengthen the implementation of the renewable energy law summary and evaluation.

“Water, abandoning wind, abandoned” grim

Zhu Ming introduction, while the 10-year anniversary of the implementation of the renewable energy law, but many local governments, power grid, power generation and energy-consuming enterprises, have also failed to address renewable energy position, still likes to use fossil fuels.

Currently, southwest of “water”, the three northern regions to abandon the wind situation worse, become the biggest bottleneck hindering the development of renewable energy.

National renewable energy Center director Wang Zhongying introduced renewable energy encounters two major problems one of the first grid-connected system implementation is not in place, abandoned the country wind up seriously, first half of 2016, when the country abandoned the wind power 32.6 billion-kilowatt, abandoned when the electro-optical 3.7 billion-kilowatt.

Xie Changjun, Deputy General Manager of the State power Group introduced nationwide in the first half of this year “abandoned air rate” at 21%, more than 17% of the year 2013, reached its highest value at or near 20% in three northern regions of seven provinces, Xinjiang and Gansu even up to 47% and 45%.

“Weak economic growth, a national power under the background of excess capacity, water, abandoning wind problems in the short term it’s hard to break, and the further deterioration of the situation. “Xie Changjun analysis.

National Center for climate strategies introduced Li junfeng, Director of the Center for strategic research and international cooperation, although the “water, abandoned, abandoning the wind” phenomenon is so serious, but it did not happen with the case for renewable energy enterprise’s rights according to law. This indicates that the rule of law still a long way.

Xie Changjun recommendations, from a legislative perspective, improving renewable support mechanisms, specifying East and South provinces of Western acceptance of the surplus renewable energy power business and some financial compensation for power, thus breaking the fragmentation status of local government, under the national renewable energy to dissolve the national game.

“Recommends that the legislative model of Chinese renewable energy world Germany legislation on grid-connected renewable energy standards. “Xie Changjun suggested that Germany made after the principal provisions, elaborate further on the specific mode of operation.

For example, grid-connected renewable power obligations in provisions, from the actual operation of the grid operator’s procedures and steps, dealing with requests for incorporation clearly and adequately provided for the period.

Renewable energy subsidies will be adjusted

Introduce Wang Zhongying, encountered in the implementation of the renewable energy sources Act is another outstanding problem is the lack of renewable energy price subsidies. By 2016 the first half of the renewable energy subsidy shortfall totaled 55 billion yuan.

“While the sixth instalment of additional renewable electricity price subsidy list issued just around the corner, but with the further expansion of renewable energy, renewable energy subsidies gap will reach 60 billion yuan. “The NDRC price Yuqiang, Deputy Director of the Division for information.

Yuqiang analysis, resulting now in this subsidy funding gap of the fast expansion of an important reason lies in the power plant, because they do not pay or less to pay, including renewable additional government funds, so renewable energy is imposed by the theory of additional quota and actual tax difference is relatively large.

Yuqiang, in the “three-one down, one up” context, substantially increase renewable energy added, increasing the burden on business electricity prices, does not meet the macroeconomic situation demands. It also means that renewable energy pricing policy as unsustainable.

As renewable energy quota system and establishment of green electricity certificate trading mechanism, China’s current renewable energy pricing policy will be adjusted accordingly and perfect.

Yuqiang explained that current coal benchmark prices plus renewable additional renewable electricity prices will be adjusted, and possible implementation of “price” and “subsidy” of separation.

Specifically, electricity, renewable energy and coal-fired power generation, nuclear power there is no essential difference, this electrical energy prices should follow a unified mechanism through competition in the market to find the price subsidies section, quotas will be subsidizing this differential subsidies now, according to the national scale need to set subsidies for renewable energy development objectives.

“When conditions are ripe, advancing our quotas and green certificate trading mechanism, found through market subsidy standards. “Introduce Yuqiang, with gradually reducing subsidy intensity, the ultimate direction is to eliminate subsidies, truly realize the sustained, healthy development of renewable energy.

Original title: new energy “Thirteen-Five” settled on their goal: strive for photovoltaic power generation reached 150 million kW

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