Shaanxi Province development and Reform Commission notice on strengthening PV

Polaris solar PV net news: Shaanxi new energy (2016) 1114th

The municipal development and Reform Commission, development and reform Bureau in Yangling demonstration zone, XI Xian district economic development Bureau, Korean city development and Reform Commission, the tree, the fugu County development and reform Bureau:

In recent years, highly motivated enterprises to invest in PV power plant project, promoting the construction of projects in all regions has intensified, completed and substantial increase in the size of grid-connected. Meanwhile, power project construction, resulting in delivery and elimination difficulties, local areas have been abandoned. In July, I issued in Wei Shan development new energy (2016) document No. 879, ordered clean up no substantive projects, mapping the 2016 filing project. The preliminary statistics, the province’s building project has a total size of about 4.2 million-kilowatt, an applicant for a new record total far exceeded the State Province the size of the project. To further regulate the order of development, guide rational investment and risk-averse, the decisive role of giving full play to market forces in allocating resources, research, and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, strengthen planning and management

1. All localities should consider solar energy resources in their respective jurisdictions, land and woodland conditions, grid access and absorptive capacity and other factors, combined with the mapping, to provincial to urban flats, preparation and integrity of the local photovoltaic power plant development “Thirteen-Five” program, and to seek peer-land, woodland, grid and other relevant departments, after my authority as soon as possible.

2. In my province, “Thirteen-Five” renewable energy development plan, distributed photovoltaic, photovoltaic Premier complementary and PV poverty alleviation, leader mining subsidence area in planning, governance, environmental protection, agriculture and other types of projects. In accordance with the “one policy” principle, PV priorities in poverty alleviation and the leader is scheduled to repeat area PV projects.

3. PV power station planning in Yanan, Yan ‘ an integrated energy planning and PV, Yan ‘ an anti-poverty plan unified consideration.

4. Apart from Yanan city province 15 other national solar PV power plant project counties for poverty alleviation, into PV implementation for poverty alleviation programmes to meet local requirements for PV anti-poverty work.

5. Coal mine subsidence area of Yulin governance, tongchuan, weinan combined PV of agriculture in dryland of loess, combined with the transformation of resources, in accordance with national leader programme leader requested plans to implement programmes, and included in the PV power plant in this city planning.

Second, clear support

1. Support of advanced technology applications, a large energy company structural transformation and upgrading, PV module manufacturers to extend the industrial chain as well as to dissolve better projects, and actively supports the strategic cooperation of large enterprise groups.

2. Optimization of normal distribution of PV industry in the province, leading PV projects from North to South. Distributed photovoltaic power plant must also meet a single project shall not exceed 20 MW in capacity, 35,000-volt substations access and in the radio area to dissolve and other conditions.

3. Priority support to promoting technical progress of related manufacturing industries, has a larger role for economic development projects.

Third, establish a competitive mechanism

1. To conscientiously sum up the region, around the city in recent years, photovoltaic power plant building experience and not enough on the premise of the allocation of available resources, combs local barriers to entry, construction conditions and work requirements to form a competitive allocation of project proposals on September 20 as a formal report before me.

2. I Board will according to national development reform Board, and Energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views (sent modified energy (2016) 1163th,), and national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification (country can new can (2016) 166th,) and I province related policy requirements, combined around competitive configuration project of about recommends, delegate third party professional institutions drafted I province PV power station project competitive configuration programme.

Four, the construction order

1. According to the Shaanxi development new energy (2016) No. 879, documentation requirements recently submitted projects to clean up around special verification conditions, operating conditions do not have and do not cancel scheduled projects record; meets the conditions for construction projects, PV power station, will be integrated into the planning and follow the PV power plant project in our province competitive allocation of programme implementation. Poor cleaning, construction area limited approval of the slow progress of the project.

2. As a proposed to speed up the preparatory work of the projects, project development and reform Department, where previous work and to urge owners to increase project, involved in the project together with the other report items for filing assessment work.

3. This year the record project, will be determined by our province competitive configuration and Platform for online examination and approval of enterprise investment projects in our province to declare for the record, meet the requirements upon examination, issued by the filing.

4. Shenmu, Fugu has been filing land distributed PV to re-establish my review and suspend ground distributed PV new record.

Original title: Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission notice on strengthening PV power station project construction management work

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