Shangcheng County of Henan province supports photovoltaic projects for poverty

Polaris solar PV net news: the Township people’s Government, agency, Office, relevant departments of the County Government:

Of the Shangcheng supports photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation policy have County Government agree, it is issued to you, please follow carefully.

The September 7, 2016

Shangcheng County supports photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation policy

PV clean environment, technology is a reliable, stable, in line with precise strategy for poverty alleviation, in line with national clean low-carbon energy development strategy. To support the photovoltaic industry development formulated preferential policies.

First County PV PV in anti-poverty projects in the County under the leadership of the leading group for poverty alleviation and Manpower, and County development and reform, poverty alleviation, land, construction, forestry, finance, supply, financial sector and other members of the unit in accordance with their respective functions, form a joint force, effectively promoting the construction of photovoltaic projects.

Article by the County Government for PV projects planned, project site preference does not use PV and agriculture, forestry and other areas.

Article photovoltaic project preliminary work and during the construction carried out by the County Commission sent follow-up service, open green channel of the various departments to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

Fourth preference strength, advanced technology, fulfilling social obligations of PV enterprises to participate in the development and construction of photovoltaic projects in our County, on preliminary work preparation, project implementation, grid access conditions, construction funding priority to the construction of the project.

Article fifth enterprises preferential tax policies in accordance with the relevant policy implementation.

Article sixth participation in PV projects in the construction enterprises in the preliminary formalities fee concessions, concessions and quotas based on the relevant provisions.

Administrative law enforcement departments of the seventh on PV business checks, charge, penalty, subject to County PV work leading group on poverty reduction approval, and violators severely punished.

Eighth contact subject to county-level leader responsibility system for key projects, each PV project clear contact a county-level leadership, construction difficulties and problems existing in the process of the implementation of the project site, and resolve in a timely manner, to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

Nineth County actively coordinate agricultural development Bank, CDB and financial institutions, providing preferential loans, reduce the cost of financing.

Article tenth power supply companies for photovoltaic projects to provide grid access and operation technical support, powered by corporate investment and construction of access network and supporting network, ensure that the supporting grid put into operation simultaneously with the project to ensure priority electricity generated by Internet access and full purchase.

11th positive communication and coordination with provincial and municipal power companies, ensuring the participation of PV projects in poverty alleviation do not abandon, not power.

Original title: Shangcheng County people’s Government Office on the issuance of Shangcheng County supports photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation policy notification

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