Sharp solar storm fight 2 overseas markets turned losses into profits

Polaris solar PV net news: sharp has confidence in the Japanese media hailing President Dai Zhengwu took office “sharp turn losses into profits, less than 4 years, 2 years! “Fight 2 let Dai Zhengwu of sharp turn from loss to profit, the first arrow is pointing to solar energy. 7th Dai Zhengwu accept Japan media said in an interview, sharp solar storm in overseas markets in the future, the fiscal year 2017 by March 2018, turned losses into profits.

Sharp solar energy technology in Japan known only under a limited market, in order to turn, said Dai Zhengwu, sharp’s Solar business have to go out and clear, future expansion will be focused on overseas markets, and will use a large power plant and solar ways that parallel development.

Dai Zhengwu noted that sharp solar proud of high generation efficiency and durability, but after all Japan is much smaller, caused by sharp solar energy just to have a secret, however, interested in extension, or even bad luck in deficit. Statistics in the last fiscal year (as of 2016 last month), sharp solar Division operating loss of 18.4 billion yen (180 million dollars). Dai Zhengwu said, reconstruction of the solar business urgency, no less than the loss of the LCD panel sector, focusing on this, Sharpe solar business career tied for the reorganization of priorities with the LCD display.

As for how to win? Dai Zhengwu said, we are studying the feasibility of China.

It is reported that sharp has started to conduct market research in China, and began to try to sell equipment needed for the large-scale solar power plants, the other parent company, Hon Hai also plans to build sales networks in China, both have teamed up to attack in the future.

In addition, Dai Zhengwu said, sharp future changes also in Osaka Prefecture (soil), the headquarters, has the potential to add some Chamber and more space available, into the Office to make the building more suitable for corporate headquarters.

Actually, early in Dai Zhengwu any Qian, sharp on has been silently to for solar module of development, this year May late only just published a paragraph household solar module, this paragraph residential with flagship level Crystal solar module series “BLACKSOLAR” strong playing 19.6% conversion efficiency, through new products of launched, sharp also gradually recovery solar module sales, joint followed up extended United States and Southeast Asia of layout, as China market, is is hold United States, and Southeast Asia market of next.

Original title: sharp solar was trying hard 2 turn

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