Solar thermal power generation market will reach 150 billion yuan

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued the new benchmark on solar thermal power price policy notice, authorized solar thermal power generation benchmark price of 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour, and clearly these prices only apply to the National Energy Board 2016 implementing demonstration projects. While encouraging the departments of local Government on solar thermal power generation enterprises to take tax breaks, subsidies, green credit, land concessions and other measures. This means that, since last September, the National Energy Board issued a model notice of project on developing solar thermal power station since the industry waiting 1 year model price has finally been published.

It is understood that the “Twelve-Five” period, China arranged for 1 GW of solar thermal power generation demonstration project. But since 2010 ‘s first tower-type solar thermal power stations in Asia since its commencement in yanqing County, Beijing, by the end of 2015, solar thermal installed capacity in China is only 18 MW, equivalent to only 4 sets of 4 megawatts of wind-generating capacity, or even catch up with the size of a large distributed PV power plant in China. According to CSPPLAZA Research Center, in 2015, the global built solar-thermal power installed capacity of 4940.1 MW in 2014, increasing 9.3%, among which Spain nearly 2400 MW installed capacity, United States about 1900 megawatts taken together accounted for 90% of the total installed capacity in the world.

“Solar thermal power plant investment is 3 to 4 times times the PV power station, only to set a reasonable price, they dare to let go of hands and feet dry. “Tianjin Binhai thermal power investment limited company General Manager Su Jianjian told the Economic Journal, technology, capacity issues are resolved, companies are waiting for the price to drop.

November 2015, the National Energy Board held in Beijing national price first solar-thermal power generation demonstration project sites, means that solar thermal power generation was ushered in the transfer. Electricity price introduced this model, inspired confidence in the industry. Lead researcher Gong Yongfeng, huatai securities, believes that this means that the first batch of solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects be approved during the year a real possibility, demonstration projects approved and under construction, is expected to drive the rapid growth of domestic solar thermal power plant.

Noteworthy is that after 2011 PV benchmark pricing policies, when PV power station installed capacity grew by more than 700%. It was concluded that, at a similar stage of development of the solar thermal industry, or will usher in the outbreak. According to the national plan, the “Thirteen-Five” during the total objective of solar-thermal power generation installed capacity in China will be no lower than 5 gigawatts, according to this estimate, the market scale will reach at least 150 billion yuan.

Original title: solar thermal power generation market will reach 150 billion yuan

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