Solar thermal power good scenery technical bottleneck to breakthrough

Polaris solar PV net news: reporters from the solar-thermal power generation Special Committee of China new energy Chamber of Commerce recently held in Beijing “benchmark price set sail and solar thermal” industry analysts and the media to know, at the end of last year, the global solar thermal power generation installed capacity 470duowanqianwa, annual growth of 10%, showed a trend of sustained growth. Commercialized operation of solar thermal power plants in China is only 6 seats, installed capacity of about 13,000 kilowatts, develop more slowly, there is a huge market space. Experts believe that the “Thirteen-Five” period, China is accelerating the pace of construction of solar thermal power plants, including Central Delhi project, Dunhuang, Gansu project, in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province HotSpot project, a number of projects. Or will usher in the fast-growing solar-thermal power generation industry in China.

Adjusted 1.15 per kWh

Solar-thermal power generation industry is a new industry in China is still at an early stage, for the industry, policy support is essential, including pricing, incorporation, to dissolve, finance, land and tax policies, which price is the cornerstone of policy.

On August 29, the national development and Reform Commission issued the new benchmark on solar thermal power price policy notice, authorized solar thermal power generation benchmark price of 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour, and clearly these prices only apply to the National Energy Board 2016 implementing demonstration projects. While encouraging the departments of local Government on solar thermal power generation enterprises to take tax breaks, subsidies, green credit, land concessions and other measures, both duocuo support of the solar thermal power industry. Approved for the new benchmark in the price are important milestones in the development of solar-thermal power generation industry in China, opened a solar-thermal power generation market in the true sense.

China new energy Chamber of Commerce Professional Zeng Shaojun, Vice Secretary-General said, the introduction of benchmark price on solar thermal power, will better guide enterprises to adopt advanced technology to develop high quality optical resources and effects of heat economy of power generation industry for exploration and testing, actively promoting the healthy development of new energy in our country as a whole.

According to the industry research and research institutions estimate new benchmark solar thermal power priced at 1.1 Yuan per kilowatt hour, the whole industry is difficult to obtain a reasonable return; benchmark price at around 1.2 Yuan per kWh ensures enterprises get some return, internal rate of return of around 8%-10%. Although the approved benchmark price for 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour, below consensus, but most enterprises to acceptable level has been reached.

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