Solar wafer price plummet battery factory in 3rd quarter revenue not optimistic

Polaris solar us solar cloud cover in the near future! According to DRAMeXchange survey, solar high performance polycrystalline silicon wafers to the current spot price, each falling has to $ 0.615, dropped as much as 7.5%. Today, August offer of high efficiency polycrystalline silicon wafers is an astonishing 16.2%, plus 7.7% decrease in July, prices dropped in just 2 months 23.9%. And, because China’s Taiwan area and mainland area polycrystalline solar cell spot prices also decreased by 4.9% and 4.5%, respectively. Therefore, such a market situation, Chinese Taiwan area 5 of the largest solar cell plant in 2016, 3rd quarter revenue probably is not optimistic.

It is understood that with the recent mainland China solar power subsidy deadline, Rob installed under boom came to an end, overall buying of solar energy falling fast. 7, 82, a calendar of the silicon wafers and cells offer a rapid fall, silicon wafers are nearly 2 months 24%. China Taiwan area including the new Sun, Yu Jing, Motech, promote Yang Ke, and e-ton solar power plants are facing cutbacks, as well as selective order taking, to spend the recession’s nadir in the near future.

According to media reports, in response to the wave of solar industry slump, is currently the largest solar cell factory since August, other capacity other than youngking can still maintain 70% around, including the new Sun, Yu Jing, Motech and Sun Company capacity utilization is less than 50%, even up and down may be as low as 30%. In the case of low capacity utilization rate of reduction, and the vendors use to stop nighttime assignments, to encourage employees to take vacation, expect do not adjust human cases, can maintain their operations.

Other than the lower capacity utilization, vendors do not want to cut, bleed any case, through selective order to sustain operations. Operators revealed that current selective order without silicon wafer plant in the upper reaches of the price support, rather than give orders. Since reluctantly orders, will only have a negative effect on revenues.

This the main reason causing the solar industry market frozen, industry pointed out, is that the decline in mainland China market to buy gas, and buyers bargain, making prices plummet, was responsible for the current phenomenon. Silicon wafer prices plummet for two months 24% the situation, have been less than the cost price. Therefore, every manufacturer has to take orders by production and the selective response.

According to DRAMeXchange study expected next September dire state solar markets will continue to maintain. Moreover, in inventory of serious cases, prices have continued lower pressures. , By 2016, when the 4th quarter the situation is not optimistic. Therefore, the significant decline in the silicon wafer and cell offer cases, Chinese Taiwan area solar silicon wafers with battery factory in the 3rd quarter of the trading is not optimistic.

Original title: Solar Silicon Wafer quotes collapsed battery factory in 3rd-quarter revenue not optimistic

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