Sri Lanka s pace because costs were too high to promote solar energy is forced

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the United Kingdom, Reuters reported on September 22, a few days ago, some experts pointed out that the Sri Lankan Government raised to 10 million homes by fitting solar panels, power supply plan cost is too high for the country, many families could afford.

This month, the Sri Lankan Government launched the “solar wars” plan aimed at achieving national energy grid by 2020 an additional 220 megawatts of clean energy, or 10% of the electricity demand. Maithripala-Maithripala Sirisena said the President of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is expected to achieve the capacity exceeded 10 million megawatts of solar energy by 2025 to meet the rapid growth in demand for electricity.

However, government officials also said the energy patterns from the traditional reliance on coal and other fossil fuels into relying on renewable energy is a challenge.

From 2015 to 2025 energy sector development programme in Sri Lanka, although solar energy is expected to meet Sri Lanka’s annual electricity demand of about 30%, but so far, only developed the potential of 0.01%. In addition, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka sasisha energy expert, said: “because the cost is too high, solar energy is not too popular, it will cause no small burden for low-income residents. “He also pointed out that, as imported materials, higher tariffs, minimum costs for solar panel installation for 200,000 rupees (about RMB 9123).

In contrast, Sri Lanka energy hogs every month just to pay 5000 roubles of electricity costs.

Has been yilai, Sri Lanka electricity volume less of user has been enjoy with with power more user of “funding”: for monthly with power in 1-30 degrees Zhijian of residents for, once electric of price for 7.85 rubles, and electricity volume over 180 degrees of user is needed paid of power price for 45 rubles! poverty residents may lost this a grants became Sri Lanka promotion solar of and a big hinder, sasisha said.

In addition, higher cost of solar electricity. Ceylon electricity board data show that at present, 1-kilowatt solar power price for 23, and 1-kilowatt coal-fired generating capacity of as little as 15 rubles.

These impediments, sasisha, experts believe that the Government needs to take more incentives to promote the use of solar energy. For example, the Government can reduce the price of solar panels, provide free installation and repair service, as well as increased subsidies for solar power usage.

Energy Minister Malcolm Ranjith of Sri Lanka-xiyangbalapitiya said the pressure to keep prices low means that the development of clean energy in the short term and not worthwhile.

Original title: Sri Lanka pace because costs were too high to promote solar energy is forced to slow down

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