Subsidy funding gap this year will exceed 60 billion renewable energy subsidies

Polaris solar PV net news: News-the renewable energy law seminar, held from September 13 to know, China’s renewable energy development faces increasing challenges, leave and subsidies first, by 2016 the first half of the renewable energy subsidy shortfall totaled 55 billion yuan, is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan this year.

Industry insiders have called for the improvement of the renewable energy law, adjustment policies. It was revealed that the next national people’s Congress will strengthen the monitoring of the implementation of the renewable energy law, and promote the spirit of the law carrying out timely revision Bill. Renewable energy pricing and subsidies will be planning reform, separation of electricity price and subsidies will spread subsidies into the fixed subsidies and more tend to be distributed.

As an important milestone in China’s renewable energy development, the renewable energy sources Act came into effect on January 1, 2006. “With the legal form of renewable energy development, institutional and policy framework, China renewable energy industry into the fast lane. “National Energy Board new and renewable sources of Energy Secretary Zhu ming said of.

National Energy Board data show that by the end of 2015, grid-connected wind power installed capacity of 130 million kilowatts in China, “the Twelve-Five” during the annual growth 34.6%, for 4 consecutive years ranked first in the world; national grid-connected solar power installed capacity of 42.18 million-kilowatt, is the 2010 165 times, overtook Germany ranking first in the world. “Thirteen-Five” target is 210 million kilowatts of wind power and photovoltaic and 150 million kW.

But China’s renewable energy development is also facing increasing challenges. First are the first grid-connected system implementation is not in place, the national “abandon wind up” is serious. First half of 2016, when the country abandoned the wind power 32.6 billion-kilowatt, abandoned when the electro-optical 3.7 billion-kilowatt.

Meanwhile, renewable energy electricity price subsidy funding problems worse. Yuqiang, Deputy Director of the NDRC’s price Division said that as of the first half of this year, the subsidy funding gap exceeded 55 billion yuan, “Although the sixth batch directory will soon be issued to implement renewable energy subsidies, will relieve some pressure, but with the expanding scale of renewable energy added, to the end of the year is expected to exceed 60 billion is very likely. ”

It is understood that China’s renewable energy implementation benchmark price, higher new benchmark coal price in the local part, be subsidized through the renewable energy development fund, and the main source of funds is additional renewable electricity price, up to now it has increased 5 times, up 1.9 cents per kilowatt hour.

“2016 additional renewable electricity price levy can theoretically reach 80 billion yuan, and not so much the amount actually collected, mainly power plant stock is big, driven by rapid expansion in place, now is essentially the payment of Government funds. “Yuqiang said, the current real economy downward, cut electricity prices demand strong, now raise the additional renewable electricity price comparison difficult.

In he seems, can renewable energy method need further perfect, first on refused to paid can renewable energy additional of behavior due clear of held punishment provides, while subsidies sources aspects of legal provides has ambiguity, 20th article provides has can renewable energy electric price subsidies funds from electric price additional, but in 24th article and provides has can renewable energy development fund source both including national financial arrangements of special funds, also including electric price additional, such on caused has in actual implementation in the, about sector unable to.

Xie Changjun, Deputy General Manager of the State power Group also said renewable energy legislation has some problems, some legal provisions are also not perfect, theory from practice, failed to guide the local government scientific developing renewable energies development plan at the same time, lack of environmental legislation.

Yuqiang revealed that China’s current renewable energy pricing policies and subsidies needed to make adjustments to improve, first price of two parts-the coal benchmark prices and subsidies to separate in order to meet the needs of the current electricity market reform. Meanwhile, fixed price subsidies subsidies and gradually reduce the standards, while subsidizing the direction will change, more tend to be distributed. In addition, advance quotas and green certificate trading mechanism, market subsidy standard, the ultimate goal is to eliminate subsidies.

Original title: subsidy funding gap this year will exceed 60 billion renewable energy subsidies reform brewing

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