The CBRC Green poor credit balance of 7 26 trillion yuan was only 0 41

Polaris solar PV net news: China is leading the world in green finance development. On September 2, the CBRC held the press conference green finance topics, Inspector of the policy Research Council of the CBRC Ye Yanfei, said at the end of June 2016, 21 major banking institutions to green credit balance reaches 7.26 trillion, 9% per cent of the loan. One energy-saving, environmental protection, new energy, strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles totaled 1.69 trillion yuan of loans, energy saving and environmental protection projects and services loans 5.57 trillion yuan.

According to Ye Yanfei introduction, current green credit is divided into two categories: one is the production side, that is, energy conservation products and equipment (such as the new energy enterprises), and that such loans were 1.69 trillion yuan. Is the second largest category of eco-friendly items, namely environmental protection products, equipment used to produce effect of energy saving and emission reduction projects, this part of the loans is 5.57 trillion yuan.

For the second type of environmental projects, the loan balance is the largest proportion of green transport projects, energy saving and environmental protection projects of the 47.6% in the same period.

“Green transportation projects including railways, urban rail construction projects and urban electric vehicle projects, including highway projects for energy-saving lamps and so on. “Ye Yanfei said.

Second category is renewable and clean energy projects, accounted for more than 26.4%. Big part now is water and electricity from renewable sources, followed by wind power, solar power, such as coal to gas, but nuclear power project was not among them.

Other projects in categories industry respectively energy saving and environmental protection projects, waste disposal pollution control projects, conservation and ecological repair project, recycling projects, and disaster prevention and control in rural and urban water projects, construction projects, such as energy-saving and green buildings, energy saving and environmental protection services.

“These green credits resulting from projects the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, equivalent to an annual saving of 187 million tons of standard coal, and 435 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions (equivalent to Beijing’s 70,000 taxis stopping 293). “Ye Yanfei said.

In addition, green credit asset quality is also better controlled, by the end of June, 21 green banking financial institutions credit balance is about more than 22 billion yuan of bad loans and bad 0.41%.

Original title: the CBRC: Green poor credit balance of 7.26 trillion yuan was only 0.41%

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