Xinjiang Hami national comprehensive energy base best experimental field

Polaris solar PV net news: ancient Western City in all seasons, but now mostly lost in the sands of history, prosperity has few Hami is one of them. In the course of the tianshan mountain crosses stand in the world of the historic city, with its geographic advantage, human resources are not unrelated, and its strong momentum in the modernization process, rather than in the way of industrialization of “the butterfly effect” has a direct relationship. Now Hami is extremely rich outpouring of energy resources is accelerating out of the great vitality, comprehensive energy base in Hami synchronization becomes an important part of the national energy development strategy.

Recently, this reporter visited in Hami City County, Hami in Xinjiang, in the Northwest and the country’s energy strategy an irreplaceable special value. In China energy resources and load Center reverse distribution of established pattern in the, sat hold mass, and multiple, and high quality energy resources of Hami is located in Xinjiang “East door”, is full Xinjiang most close mainland energy elimination na market of energy main region, is Xinjiang first article special high pressure power outside sent line of beginning, coupled with Central, and autonomous regions of tries their best to support, main economic index years lead Xinjiang of Hami now has full into “special high pressure times”, and “high-speed rail times” and “port annual clearance times”, Has been fully upgraded to silk road economic belt core area of important growth pole, the new comprehensive energy base, Xinjiang’s Deputy, a comprehensive transportation hub in central cities, the new field of industrialization.

Unparalleled resources, unique geographical advantages, combined with an unprecedented level of hardware and software support, this once prosperous millennium the silk city is leveraging the energy shines once again Western, a “national integrated energy model base” perfect piece of experimental plots.

Xinjiang Hami: national comprehensive energy base, best experimental field


Hami from Hami melon, sweet and delicious cantaloupes are just one of the many bright business card of this historical city. In the energy industry in the eyes of Hami is a veritable “energy” resource highlights and balanced, particularly traditional and renewable sources of energy “wings fly together”, amazing high quality coal, oil and gas and mineral resources reserves, sufficient to show disdain for the national scenery resources of high quality massive.

Hami in Xinjiang tianshan and Altay mountains and Kunlun mountains at the junction of San Shan, Hami, Eastern tianshan mountains, across the cutting for the two big blocks, Hami, this unique geological structures that shaped the Kiwi on the surface beauty, more were buried under the surface rich in coal and other mineral resources.

Reporters get the latest official statistics show that predict 570.8 billion tons of coal resources in Hami area, ranks first in the moyu, respectively to the moyu and 1/4 and 1/8 of the country’s total coal reserves, the current annual capacity of close to 50 million tons, while more than 500 billion cubic meters of coal-bed gas resources is predicted. Up to now, three pond Lake, naomaohu, Hami balikun dananhu and four Western mining area master plan has received national approval, the total scale of 220.85 million tons/year. According to the regional coal industry development “Thirteen-Five” program, Hami coal capacity by 2020 of 95.05 million tons/year.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Hami Wei Zhongyong introduced, Hami WINS in large reserves of coal, and more in high quality, low sulfur and low phosphorus, low ash powder, high calorific value of “three-low and one high” characteristics, building billion-ton coal production base of deep processing of coal-and oil-rich base conditions. In one of seven mine in Hami balikun, the best quality coal calorific value of more than 7000 kcal.

Coal development and utilization of clean and efficient coal industry development in the future will become an important trend. Hami in Xinjiang took the lead in innovation in open-pit mines Green Mining environmental protection pilot project, commissioned by the State General Administration of work safety supervision information sciences experts study on green mining-related standards in the Hami, to fundamentally solve the eco-environmental problems of open pit coal mining, coal mining green. According to Hami related planning and research, “Thirteen-Five” will insisted security, and green, and intensive, and efficient of principles, to improve coal clean efficient using level, relies on three Tang Lake and naomaohu mine rich of rich oil coal resources, focus development coal grading points quality using, building to rich oil coal pyrolysis for based, coal tar added hydrogen, and pyrolysis gas methane of and half Coke power integration development of coal chemical cycle economic system, exploration low water coal base clean fuel development way, build autonomous regions focus of modern coal chemical production model base. Three Tang Lake mine coal reserves big, is containing oil coal, and rich oil coal, especially hanshuiquan, and kumusu, three Tang Lake mine West partition coal containing oil rate average over 13% above, was coal design master Dai Shaokang as national rare of quality and number double excellent of quality coal base, he also think three Tang Lake mine is China added hydrogen directly liquefied or more cogeneration coal of integration industry of ideal raw materials base. At present, Beijing, 8 million tons/year of comprehensive utilization of coal quality project have placed country coal processing “Thirteen-Five” program.

Meanwhile, in the transition to clean energy has become irreversible in the grand strategy today, “Fame” Hami of more strategic.

Hami official first prepared in June this year of the annual energy report, Hami Prefecture (2015), according to the local wind resource is rich, regional wind power technology development accounted for 60% per cent of total development of the moyu (62.9%). In this context, the seven qianwanqianwa of the national planning wind power base, the moyu planning nine wind farms in the Hami “only three”. Reporters in technical reserves can be developed up to 16 million-kilowatt of Southeast of Hami wind the interview that, the total installed capacity 2 million-kilowatt qianwanqianwa wind power base of a project has been put into production in October 2014, all grid-connected. By the end of 2015, Hami wind assembling machine has reached 7.469 million kilowatts, accounted for half of total electricity installed capacity (51.2%), has approved the scale has exceeded qianwanqianwa (10.98 million-kilowatt).

First places as Xinjiang usher in sunshine, Hami also has to show disdain for the country’s energy resources. According to the reporter, Hami region hours more than 3,000 hours of sunshine all year round, individual areas such as Hami se, Star Canyon sunshine hours up to 3500 hours, known as the “solar city” of Lhasa or up to 350 hours. Meanwhile, Hami average annual solar radiation up to 6214.66 MJ/m², Interannual variability and stability, belonging to the national energy resources, one of the most privileged areas.

According to the reporter, current solar development focused on Cheng Zi photovoltaic Park in Hami, 1 million-kilowatt size, the Park currently has attracted 27 enterprises to develop a total of 34 projects, which have been produced, 32, size 780,000-kilowatt. Up to now, the Hami region has been approved today, filing of PV installed capacity has reached 1.81 million-kilowatt.

Meanwhile, in order to effectively address new energy left for Hami wind, abandon light problems, guaranteed renewable mass access, Hami, in line with local conditions, plan “Thirteen-Five” focus on the development of solar-thermal power generation and energy storage industry.

Reporters in the interview that, currently, Hami, Northwest electric power Design Institute has been commissioned to carry out the planning preparation and thermal monitoring, in a bid to build the national solar thermal power generation base in Hami. Xinjiang’s first solar-thermal project in the engineering 2x50MW Tower-type solar thermal power generation demonstration projects have now been located in Yiwu County in Hami, currently are accelerating early procedures, strive for years to start construction.

In the area of energy storage, Hami planned energy Internet + projects in naomaohu area, building 20MWx5h compressed-air energy storage devices, as well as energy management control system. According to measuring, the project of built can achieved wind, and light, and gas, and storage can variety new energy and clean energy of complementary coordination using, dang scenery electric reasonable deployment Hou, can makes abandoned wind abandoned light rate by 30% drop for 0.19%, can makes wind electric and PV using hours number respectively upgrade 630 hours and 138 hours, significantly improve grid system of elimination na capacity and energy using efficiency. Now relevant parties actively promote the work of the earlier stage of the project, plans to “Thirteen-Five” completed and put into operation.

Both soft and hard

Homeopathy for, leveraging power. In recent years, relying on local resources and geographical advantages, homeopathy punches, Hami Prefecture of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Government-related companies, work together to produce a complete industry chain of the energy industry, “national comprehensive energy base” increasingly clear outlines of and corresponding policies and facilities are being improved.

Subject to the limited absorptive capacities in the region, coupled with the cost disadvantage of long distance transport of primary energy, such as coal, electro-chemical energy and then sent to become Xinjiang eliminate huge amounts of energy products the first choice. Thanks to the load closer to the mainland market advantage, Hami, plenty of power, “Jiang delivered” the natural beneficiaries of the strategy.

On January 27, 2014, starting with Hami of Xinjiang Hami, extra high voltage cable road–minus 800,000 volts-Zhengzhou HVDC transmission project put into operation in the South. Hazheng line the most special is that for the first time with “fire-wind” strapping on a large scale to dissolve the new energy in the Western region, including its supporting power supply 8 million-kilowatt 1.25 million-kilowatt wind power, photovoltaic, and 4 in power plant with a total installed capacity of 6.6 million-kilowatt, including the largest coal power project–Shenhua dananhu 4×66 kilowatt power plant.

According to Hami power staff, as of now, Zheng when the line has accumulated delivery capacity has reached 54 billion-kilowatt, expects this year’s delivery capacity in 3.1 million-kilowatt hours, a strong boost to renewable energy industrialized development and utilization in Xinjiang, while further strengthening the important position of Xinjiang in China’s energy landscape.

It is understood, and Zheng lines, planning of “Xinjiang electricity delivery” third channel–North of Hami to xinyang, Henan ± 800,000 volts high voltage direct current transmission project, has been agreed and reported to the energy Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Government of the autonomous region, is expected to include “Thirteen-Five” power development plan and speed up the implementation.

After power supply and delivery broke through, Hami, in the “Twelve-Five” has built the moyu only during qualifications of electronic stock trading trading platform, Xinjiang’s first clean energy technology Research Institute, the national information public service platform for comprehensive energy base, Hami, effectively enhance the energy industry’s “soft power.”

Xinjiang coal trade center formerly known as the Xinjiang coal Exchange in 2012, incorporated in Hami. After four years of development, the Exchange’s registered capital increased from 20 million Yuan at the beginning of the establishment to the present level of 567 million Yuan. On April 7 this year, e-commerce platform developed by the Xinjiang coal trade center system was officially put into operation, has developed corporate member 35, successful marriage of Internet and traditional marketing of coal industry, innovation-driven upgrade integrated service platform. According to the Xinjiang coal trade center planning 2016 platform will complete the volume of 3.5 million tons of coal trade, this number will double by 2018, 7 million tons of coal trading volume. Wei Zhongyong told reporters that the successful operation of Xinjiang’s coal trade center, marked “along the way” core adds a modern element market, have gradually established and norms in Hami, Xinjiang coal and competitive market structures and systems, the sustained and healthy development of coal industry in Xinjiang has actively promoted.

Xinjiang clean energy technology Research Institute was set up by the strategic vision to overcome the multiple challenges of private non-Enterprise Research Institute. According to Xinjiang clean energy Institute Dean Yang Xuejun introduced, since April 8, 2014 official registered settled in Hami yilai, Institute around Hami new energy development, and coal clean efficient using, theme active application subject research, implementation project development, so far has get 3 items invention patent, and 6 items practical new patent, get autonomous regions and place research project 3 items, while and related enterprise close collaboration, for example joint goldwind technology in Hami success established wind electric global monitoring center, and Completed research on solar energy concentrating solar thermal (CSP) power generation technology development studies, and so on. 2015 new energy industry of Henan Institute of incorporated in Hami. Institute formed yilai, around Hami new energy development, and coal clean efficient using, theme, through application subject research, implementation project development, provides human resources support, engaged in technology service, carried out research cooperation, declared patent results, founded technology enterprise, various mode, widely service Yu regional energy industry development, full play model Guide and radiation led role, is good to promote has Hami energy industry transformation upgrade and economic development by resources rely on type to innovation drive type of change, For the sustainable development of energy resources in Hami area provides solid support.

Also, for advance Hami integrated energy base technology innovation, improve integrated energy regulatory level, according to national energy Council arrangements, Hami delegate hydropower water planning design total hospital planning design construction has national first integrated energy base information public service platform (Hami), platform contains energy resources using and industry development show, and industry run real-time monitoring, and new energy power project power forecast forecast, and “big data” application and cloud platform five a application module. Can achieved on various energy resources distribution, industry planning layout, and construction utilization progress, and run situation, information for query, and monitoring, and analysis and processing, for new energy development enterprise provides wind electric, and PV power engineering power forecast forecast service, for grid scheduling sector provides power scheduling run information support, and through WEB, and mobile terminal, and big screen, way to government sector, and Xinjiang grid scheduling sector and the energy development, and equipment manufacturing enterprise, provides big data service. The platform is national first to city level administrative integrated energy base information management platform, is show global first special high pressure channel across district outside sent elimination na of large new energy power model base and integrated energy using base construction results of important window, is domestic first on “Internet + integrated energy base” of major exploration, on upgrade China energy industry management level has important led and model role.

Under the multiple-bullish multimedia, Hami, the energy industry has formed a huge centripetal force. According to press reports, by the end of 2015, has more than 20 coal enterprises, 10 power companies, 55 new energy enterprises, 14 coal chemical company and 17 equipment manufacturing company located in Hami.

On this basis, Hami energy industry chain to continue extending down to the manufacturing sector, especially in PV and wind power equipment, electrical equipment, oil and coal mining machinery and equipment manufacturing, has become a reliable production capacity.

According to understand, in wind electric equipment manufacturing field, currently Hami has has introduced goldwind, and sea loaded, and South car, and North car, 11 Home wind machine equipment manufacturing enterprise, wind electric equipment industry key parts localized manufacturing rate has super 70%, formed annual wind machine 5 million-kilowatt (about 2500 Taiwan/sets), and Tower tube 3.6 million-kilowatt (about 2600 Taiwan/sets), production capacity, became current full Xinjiang maximum, and industry chain most full of new energy equipment manufacturing base; PV and electrical equipment manufacturing introduced Xinjiang rongxin, and TBEA and other 3 companies, has an annual production capacity of solar PV inverters and matching production capacity such as high and low-voltage distribution Cabinet, combiner box 1 million-kilowatt; oil and coal chemical equipment and mining machinery manufacture to introduce blue stone weight loading, Chinese machinery, such as petroleum and coal, chemical and mining machinery and equipment manufacturing industry 3, and has formed a scale of equipment capacity.

Meanwhile, the perfect channel iron deposit, Hami from Hami, one side supporting the benign development of the energy industry. Because of the location advantages, and in individual country-supported development strategy of Xinjiang in the traffic pattern has always been in Hami as the core fulcrum. Silk Road economic belt of Xinjiang on the question at the autonomous region level layout concept of the three channels, two major corridors in the North, will be trans-Hami. At present, with the Lanzhou-Xinjiang railway second double line, Harrow railway, from Jiayuguan to Alashankou railway electrification, Hami-ejina railway opened, Hami, have successfully entered the “era of high-speed rail” for energy resources, materials, equipment delivery and inside it create a great convenience.

Ready to punch

Reporter in interview in the understand to, in national and Xinjiang autonomous regions of planning in the, “Thirteen-Five” during Hami in energy field of development direction has was clear for “three base a channel two Center”, that national large coal coal electric base, and national wind electric and PV power base, and national rich oil coal points quality using model base, and national energy resources land big channel, and regional coal transportation and the trading pricing Center and supply regional modern equipment manufacturing center, eventually to this for based, will Hami playing caused national large integrated energy base.

For achieved this a grand strategy target, Hami Government developed has series subdivision index: to 2020 years limited, coal capacity reached 85 million tons; thermal power voted shipped 12 million-kilowatt; formed 4 article outside sent channel (2 article DC special high pressure and 2 article Exchange super high pressure outside lost channel), outside lost capacity reached 23.5 million-kilowatt, which coal electric and can renewable energy power playing bundle outside sent capacity reached 16 million-kilowatt; wind electric scale reached 12.5 million-kilowatt above, and PV power scale reached 2.7 million-kilowatt, and Solar-thermal power installed capacity reached 200,000-kilowatt, and so on.

As Xinjiang Deputy Center City, Hami of development demands also get has autonomous regions level of height attention and support, especially this year February Hami official withdrawal to set city, this means with Hami will further enjoy national on prefecture-level city in industrial development, and city based facilities construction, aspects of corresponding offers policy, Government exercise functions of flexibility also will sharply upgrade, eventually are will good Yu Hami construction national integrated energy base.

Worth noting is that Hami unique location also determines the “in and out”, forging international chain of strength. Reporters in the interview that, Hami, adjacent to the govi-Altay of Mongolia, which rich in iron ore, coal, related resources, products are sold through Hami in laoyemiao port in Xinjiang, Xinjiang bayi iron steel, important raw material base of JIU steel group. In addition, because of the power infrastructure of Mongolia, mining is difficult to meet our needs, to ensure a stable supply of raw materials, Chinese enterprises have made a feasibility study of power market in Mongolia, Hami planned to power delivery projects in Mongolia.

Can be concluded is that resource endowment highlights and “in and out” Hami in Xinjiang has become the map of energy industry flourished in a mirror. At least in “national comprehensive energy base” dimension, the youngest cities in the economic belt along the Silk Road has become a forerunner of all conditions, comprehensive energy base in Hami as a base for national new energy deserves it.

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