Zhao Yonghong how to jump out of the super low price of the photovoltaic industry

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, often hear the phrase, “a Chinese participation in the industry, from big to do bad, very fast indeed. ”。

“630” in the future, photovoltaic industry hit a staggering low price bidding has been raised outside the industry buzz, which included similar concerns about the industry Outlook point of view.

In these discussions, both deplored and discontent. For example, lamenting their own products better to buy someone else’s cheapest on the market, and so, companies either spell lower prices or shut down; also sound good, believe that the PV industry cannot always count on subsidies, prices downward, market mechanisms was essential. Even when bidding did not appear when low prices, also denounced it contrary to the laws of the market.

As a PV of the green industry, don’t only rely on hand-to-hand combat price wars before moving forward to develop? I could not help thinking.

Free markets need boundaries

“Innovation in the enterprise-centered, market-oriented, the Governments set up the platform”. In recent years, a variety of factors, we are increasingly concerned about how to play the market, reducing government intervention to achieve free competition. Speaking of market mechanisms, we tend to think of “planned” relatively “free sex”.

So, in order to achieve sound development of industries, we need the kind of market mechanism? Or rather, what we need “free”?

Is enterprise in complete freedom of competition is no line around the price of fighting it?

In my opinion, any freedom is relative to a certain boundaries. Free movement without borders, like a beach and the sloshing of the water, it is difficult to move forward.

Free flow of markets is a baptism, King defeated Jaco reciprocating, consumers will gradually deepen understanding of product quality and market operation mechanism, there would be more perfect. Alibaba Group’s Taobao, is a typical example of this.

A fashion friend told me that a garment from appearing in ads to Taobao shop has the same imitation products sales, can even be no more than 10 hours. However, he encountered fake questions at the same time, some consumers are changing consumption habits, from cheap treasure go to quality cats of days are more secure, and gradually built up a cat’s boundaries.

In other words, after the chaos of the early experience, with products, customer diversification, in consumer products and interactive market mechanisms play a role started and promoted market access to the evolution and the evolution of new, low-price and low-quality products were difficult to ruling the market.

Benign mechanism may promote to become a collision, optimization, an invisible boundary, make results more and more reasonable.

Recently, the photovoltaic industry, many people often say that the words were: “Oh, distributed the roof is the only option now. ”

But, in my opinion, this crowd people, distributed in full swing in the market at the moment, it already has some “bad” taste before: Contracting, design, and construction of the project, more chaos.

Come all of a sudden so many investors and developers, pushing towards more distributed PV applications when the general public, author concerns about quality are more intense, especially in quality and after-sale service are two key aspects of the project.

Indeed, shorter period of “chaos”, “evolution” a necessary stage. But we need to reflect on that, why does every new “way out” will eventually become narrow?

It seems we have become used to this cycle, always had a hard time after a trip out in a new direction, soon the team didn’t squeeze in the grueling competition, causing market chaos, then who is to play without it.

Industry for many years, this narrow circle seem to have been in the PV industry has not changed. Perhaps, it is time to rethink the thinking behind the current market mechanism problem.

Avoid thinking

As PV, and we of course hope that PV can be realized as soon as possible and cheap Internet access is no longer dependent on Government subsidies, the market development. This is undeniable.

From a macro point of view, whether State subsidies or the electricity reform, and the imminent launch of the carbon trading market, shows optimization ideas regarding the clean development mechanism, the Government is very clear. At present bidding system is widely used by companies in the industry originally was part of a market mechanism.

However, when all our attention was “price” this factor is about looks perfect the market mechanism, but away from the original design intent, and became “the cheaper the better”, a line-oriented.

That may indeed be reasons for low price of bidding continued.

Zhao Yonghong: how to jump out of the super low price of the photovoltaic industry,

Association of government guidance, construction of Hangzhou City, where business support renewable energy development and utilization management platform, monitoring the city’s overall performance as well as operation and maintenance of each project, identification of effective practices to help sound development of local markets.

Successive bid low prices also led to a market beset by procurement staff, if the purchase price of the new lot of low, how do I explain to the boss? Therefore, each price bidding “lows”, before churning the market’s nerves.

In today’s market, whether buyers or sellers, openings must first of all ask “price”. However, PV applications is a long-term investment, in addition to the price, there are many dimensions to consider, such as income, stability, etc. Corresponds to the concrete roof of a distributed project, product quality, system performance, security, reliability, day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, service speed, are all important factors that need careful consideration.

I attended a training class, a teacher might use “thinking” to criticize certain business practices. Consider the problem of a line, or self-mutilation or does not play with each other, there is no third option.

Current PV market, whether in such a “thinking”?

Especially in this kind of market Cliff diving stage, PV projects bidding, might try to think beyond the “price” line, to see what else is being ignored but critical dimensions.

We need to open the pattern, open pluralist thinking, to set qualified roofing distributed project request: low cost, good benefits, good stability. And, also from the system as a whole to consider these requirements.

If the price of this line to think about, you probably like to conversion efficiency on the hero, unavoidably biased.

Quiet Zhiyuan

Flowing river meets Boulder, a moment of stagnation or change flow direction does not affect it will eventually flow into the sea, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Photovoltaic market, a momentary confusion or is not entirely a bad thing, but how to achieve healthy and sustainable development, in order to avoid the perpetuation of bad money drives out good money, but it is something we must always be vigilant.

I think that, without having to reach into the market by the Government to place each stone, each channel is clear. As long as the set boundaries and rules of the market, then, believe in free enterprise and market, I believe it will continue optimization in mobile.

Market needs diversity and optimization of market mechanisms, also need to have multiple modes.

In fact, understand the importance roof distributed quality, operation and maintenance of investors, and there are plenty of experts, carefully optimized installation and operation/maintenance levels of service developers and experts alone. Just that they are drowning in too impetuous and hot low price bidding, or no chance to enter the bidding.

Market demand is diverse, including worry, calm, smart, simple, follow, stubborn, loving said, will listen to, and so on. We need to show more possibilities to the market by allowing the market to see the difference. To set a boundary system conducive to market development, to promote sustainable development in the market.

In terms of promoting market diversification, Hangzhou City, where the author, enabling private enterprise, promoting innovation in the market has done a lot of beneficial exploration. In recent years, the author’s Guild and with local government authorities, settled down to do three main things:

First, discover and promote good, good projects, good products and good practices for your business, let the market know not the cheaper the better;

Second, seriously study and earnestly organize distributed enterprise, strengthen exchanges and cooperation and resource sharing, provide practical work for the market, more and more good projects;

Third, the talent to develop plans to upgrade their professional standards, improve service quality, mining enterprises and experts in intelligence, completes the specification under the guidance of the PV to cultivate talents, cultivating professional talents for the and.

Distributed need meditation slow to do, walk fast or far, different choices and get different results. In fact, most of the time, less is more; slow, that is fast.

An enterprise or an industry or a busy or lonely, and could not explain what, only go far, lived longer, is King.

(Author of Zhejiang Province PV industry technology innovation Strategic Alliance Secretary-General, Hangzhou City solar energy Photovoltaic Industry Association Secretary-General, the renewable energy industry association, Hangzhou City)

Original title: Zhao Yonghong: how to jump out of the super low price of the photovoltaic industry, “narrow circle”

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