Zhejiang Wenzhou exports solar power plants for the first time by Thailand

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, Yueqing, Wenzhou, a new energy production of a solar power plant because of quality problems, by Thailand customer returned products from the market or recall from consumers, a total of 152, value $ 15808. Now that the substandard products have been shipped back to the warehouse, this is the first return of the Wenzhou area of solar power equipment.

Investigations revealed that the solar power equipment made up of solar energy conversion and power output system, using solar energy to recharge built-in battery, output voltage is 220V can meet the electricity needs of an average family. Enterprises in September 2015, upon completion of the order, through the Shanghai port exported to Thailand, Thailand wholesale importers of Thailand’s major supermarkets. In February 2016, have received a customer complaint that product quality problems, largely the product of poor contact problem on the solar panels, junction boxes, Thailand consolidated the product off the shelves in the supermarket, stop selling, and called for all returns.

After analysis, result in the product being returned for three reasons: one is to purchase solar panels quality acceptance is not strict. Solar panels purchased parts of the product, at the time of sampling and acceptance, the lack of quality indicators for specific acceptance, not found in time of the solar quality. Second, problems in packing and shipping. Solar panels is bulky and fragile, pallet and container transport should be used, but the goods only with ordinary carton and shipped in bulk. If the transport is not appropriate, can easily lead to products such as solar panel is broken or bad quality. Third, after-sales service quality needs improving. The enterprise does not have to establish contingency plans for response to customer complaints, in dealing with customer complaints, the channels of communication are not smooth, fails to take positive and effective measures to eliminate product quality problems, resulting in return.

To this end, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind: enterprises should constantly improve the quality management system, and continued operation. Should not only strengthen the purchase of raw materials quality control, and the need to continue to improve the quality level of the product after-sales service. Meanwhile, should fully consider the transport impact on product quality, select the appropriate package according to the characteristics of the product and the mode of transport.

Original title: export of solar power generation equipment, Wenzhou, Zhejiang was the first time Thailand return

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