GCL energy Li Yahong duocuo simultaneously make concerted efforts to enhance

Polaris solar PV net news: October 31, 2016 – November 1, hosted by Polaris solar PV net “quality second PV power station ˙ equipment Forum PV 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar” held in Beijing AVIC hotel. From the domestic power plant investment units, electric power Design Institute, large financial institutions, photovoltaic power generation equipment business nearly 300 people took part in the event to discuss how the photovoltaic industry on the road to quality and efficiency way.

At the meeting, new GCL-poly energy holdings, Department of construction management General Manager Li Yahong entitled duocuo was published simultaneously, make concerted efforts, enhance the quality of PV’s speech.

GCL energy Li Yahong: duocuo simultaneously, make concerted efforts to enhance photovoltaic power plant quality

Figure for the PV quality ˙ PV equipment Forum 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar

GCL energy Li Yahong: duocuo simultaneously, make concerted efforts to enhance photovoltaic power plant quality

New GCL-poly energy holdings, Department of construction management General Manager Li Yahong

Following is the speech:

According to the theme of the Conference, today I am more focus from the engineering point of view, the development of photovoltaic industry, including some of the price of things, especially recent roller-coaster or cliff price, on some points.

Today most of our equipment manufacturing enterprises and experts from the engineering point of view, what can I do to get those things done, how to play out its value, final pursuit is to build a reliable, quality photovoltaic power plant.

GCL a total of five listed companies, originating from electrical gear start, eventually into power and clean energy generation in 2006, and transferred to the polysilicon industry, Concord Group now in the PV industry, a total of 3 listed companies.

First is in Hong Kong-listed GCL (HK3800), which is mainly based on polycrystalline silicon ingot slicing of listed companies. Second GCL integration are listed. I now the Concord new energy in the PV industry chain the ends of this piece, are mainly doing development of photovoltaic power plant construction and operation.

Refer to construction, Concord new energy photovoltaic building concept is simple. First of all, a platform, GCL beginning in 2011 to create project management platform and based on the characteristics of photovoltaic power stations on the system targeted optimization. Second based on this platform of two a rein, a rein quality, a rein change, behind I will mentioned quality and change, that is abandoned engineering management normal of security progress cost yiwai, actually is guarantee has cost most basic of factors, eventually we to got a can long cycle holds, can with operation profit of, and has Association Xin new energy features of PV power station, this target very clear.

Next, I mainly focusing on team building, work conditions and program management.

We designed this Concord has its own PV Design Institute, now less than 100 people, but our colleagues are focused on photovoltaic power plant design, others don’t, until now should have got more than 10 items of national patents, there are dozens of patents in the Declaration.

Of course, we also focused on the deep development of photovoltaic plant of construction-related products, focusing on application level, there is key fact is mastery of the PV field, field conditions based on a plant, a plant’s cost comes from the power station’s environment and external conditions involved.

First of all, our typical design. Association Xin Institute for PV power station various type of typical station District are out according to has typical design, we in optimization process in the, while is based on typical design with site actual of match made must of optimization, again has is based on technology of progress, using new equipment, eventually of results is how put good of things with best of match way with up, this is we pursuit of a target.

For design of border conditions of put control, this inside we has a defined, a power station of built involves development, and design also has construction operation several block, for cost of effect, we think development project by at external convenience conditions can accounted for to 50% of proportion, design to accounted for to 40%, left of 10% which only 6% to 7% is process in the engineering put control can brings of a benefits, left 3% to 4% is shipped dimension future how lasting put quality guarantee down, this is we think of a cost of constitute.

That is all of work we requirements do in front, so from equipment Shang,, we Association Xin now is take framework procurement strategy cooperation of way, we annual or said some equipment is half are to started once concentrated procurement, this concentrated procurement also not blind mining, because Association Xin now in run of power station has 100 several, has various of equipment in power station site run, we each quarter will has himself of shipped dimension team based on all equipment of run status, to returns and electricity for benchmark for seriously of analysis , Which means that these will form an important basis for the next round of centralized purchasing.

From Association Xin these years of development,, especially new energy, from 2014 in Hong Kong listed only began into fast development stage, certainly 2008, and 2009 Association Xin also do has some PV power station, like in Shanxi Datong, and Jiangsu Xuzhou, that when basically is test sex of, and no put it as a specifically of industry, from May 2014 in Hong Kong listed yihou, new energy of company established yihou only began mass to intervention to PV power station of development construction and operation in the. We started as a GCL is power, photovoltaic power plant when we were doing, seriously as a PV power plant to treat, so help us to guarantee quality and yield.

Just now also mentioned the recent “front-runner” project offers. In the “leaders” project, Concord got 360MW now. Shanxi yangquan “leader” project, GCL 0.61 Yuan, online comments the next morning said GCL is crazy. But as a participator, I know this is how things were. Normal we plans requirements in project development basic landing and will starts Qian to do this things, now for “lead who” project, even on which a plots are not clear, and can got also not clear, but ahead of will put early set prepared out, will all plots of all of conditions analysis clear, real put cost and not control of risk factors consider to, eventually in guarantee returns rate of situation Xia only reported out such of electric price. I simply report here, thank you!


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Just in the nationwide celebration chop/singles today, millet 2/2s phone also ushered in a semi-official Android 5.0 Lollipop (lollipop) update.

MIUI development team this morning in the official Forum has released Android 5.0 card packs, Evergreen millet, 2/2s, become a member of millet in the first helicopter to 5.0 (m not satisfied with the 3, rice 4). Now take a look at the old bottles old and new results.

Brushing machines

Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Brushing machine said the upgrade, supports all versions of millet and millet 2 2s, has now found bug is abnormal Bluetooth headset phone, CDMA Telecom cards are less than perfect. The test coincided with the Telecom’s version of millet 2s, measured telecommunication card no signal …

Card size is 186m, you can guess from the size system is pure exaggeration. And brushing machine package and publish the corresponding Recovery image (CWM, you can use “mobile Uncle Toolbox” straight flush. Of course, or you can download friends again other machines produced by the recovery Flash package, with official brush brushes into.

Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

After entering the CWM undergo the normal pairs (not assured San Qing), can be brushed into the card package. Worth noting is that you need to open Advanced settings “double system of coexistence”, and brush in one of the system the system. Before the restart, there will be comfort “fix root permissions” prompt, but the repair failed root pass (probably author’s pose or model no)


System and interface

Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

From the lock screen and never saw the desktop 5.0, remove dial, contacts and settings icons, other Android 4.4 and almost look alike.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Desktop application into the app called Launcher3, its logical integration and streamlining. Add only Widget and click on settings to change tablecloth, use drawer is not full screen (real drawers), did not apply the sort filter.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Notification bar background to a transparent, put the second drop down shortcut button “drag”. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity will be displayed directly, click on the list name to view details. Inside the flashlight shortcuts, press and won’t jump to the details page.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

MIUI 6 quit the settings button on the resurrection, Task Manager called to press Home key. Tab of the task list is a bit like mobile versions of chrome, right corner of the card has a close button, slide the can still close the task.

Android 5.0 upgrade, I most satisfied with is the new/task manager mechanism. Although a fewer number of tasks that can see a single page, but moving animation “TM really cool”, with hand and task switching speed, enough to kill MIUI5/6 the back.

Valentino iPhone plus case

Background is now able to write down all open applications (also retained after restart), you can head up nearly 100 task card swipe on a test machine with spectacular scenarios. System exit status of a record like iOS, even long before open the browser page, as long as there is no manual scavenging, the open will still be loaded when the page.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review
Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Sets of cards for the page and the font size increases, but has little content and 4.4 respectively. Click or press the project exquisite response to animation. Notification settings are integrated into sound, and can manage application notice.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Developer options in business as usual, repeatedly click on the version number, lollipop animation and can be called to open the developer option. 5.0 by default run in ART mode, so developers no toggle button in the options.

  Valentino iPhone 6s plus case

Click the volume button can call out scene Manager (left). In the power options, and more energy-saving Assistant. After open the notification bar will be red (right), the CPU block and limit the background traffic, specific effects, subject to detailed tests.

Details bomb style interface has improved slightly, program management, are more comfortable with it. In addition, all applications are consolidated using a slide out from the bottom of the animation effect, appears to be more comfortable.

Official application

Because it is extremely compact, since the app only 16. Among them, the changes are “dialing, address book, calculator, clock, camera” 5.

New dial can only be described as handsome, almost all secondary pages are half screen or popup form, Permanent Representative to the search box at the top and a pair of phone records (folding), slide the switch.


Right call out camera interface settings menu, paddling to the left called the Gallery, also support up and down stroking deleting photos, editing features have changed a little.

However, not all features such as HDR and Panorama, but the set-up seems to be better than the MIUI bring their own cameras, the delay shorter and better Imaging (waiting for follow-up detailed comparison).


Also changed the way the keyboard, there is no spacing between the keys, looks more relaxed, but native keyboard does not support Chinese.


By contrast, clocks, computers, contacts, more just to change a skin, layout and function has not changed much.



Fluency and performance

Direct feeling of the new system are: fast and handsome. Handsome is derived from the wealth of exquisite new cutscenes; fast is due to touch with hand performance and faster response times. On the experience and speed than MIUI 4/5/6, faster than the official native 4.1 many, few Caton.

In addition, more delicate cutscene, but with faster playback speed (same speed is 1 time, but still faster than 4.4 and MIUI 6 animation of a document), easier to create “illusions”.

GPU monitor, while the red line has remained high, but rarely break through the green line, even better than this year many of the flagship.


Help of the Art oil and streamlining of the system, the system can be described as God’s smooth, then Android 2.3 for millet 1 style. Installation close to 60 consecutive applications, during which almost do not feel Caton from applications installed in the background.

Available memory is also maintained at a high level for a long time, then open above all, come to di30-40ge when speed began to decay, but the task switching speed is still fast.



Last run-verify use. Tutu version 5.2 runs into 3030;GFXBench 3.0 1080P Guan Ping for 314 in Manhattan (5.1fps), Guan Ping 823 t-Rex (14.7fps); Geekbench3 solo 647, multicore 2144;CF-Bench total 21627; PI 38.687 seconds; day spider 1184.9.

All the runs are not cleaning up the background and continuous, scores may be lower than normal, but because Flash forgot MIUI runs under 6 minutes before, so can not be compared, only to later make up _ (: з “∠) _ 

  Valentino iPhone plus case

Compatibility/fever/battery life


111 in the screenshot above (16 native applications), Flash back only master Lu, Tutu crash 1, compatibility is good. But strangely, millet and millet millet system home desktop cannot be installed, while Baidu optimization known slag or install …


New systems the heating control is better, even running MIUI does not occur under high temperature for a long time (which may be automatically reduced frequency? )。 Power consumption is faster than MIUI6, use a 3100mAh battery m 2s, almost 2 and a half clock continuous high frequency power 30% (including running, application to open and download).


When Google launches, I also think that Android5.0 just change a skin. But the actual use, of ART switched on by default, and the underlying system optimization, so that the new system can squeeze more hardware performance. Brief summary is that you can let the machine run faster and more comfortable, and interface animation is done pleasing proportions.

Optimization of the performance of the new system, Nexus6 and Nexus 9 hard to reflect on these monsters, but on low-end models may have a surprising effect. Eat better than each time you upgrade your hardware iOS,Android 5.0 does conscience.

Although millet 2 only marks the beginning of open beta system, but the system is more stable. In addition to Bluetooth headsets calling card support, telecommunications, as well as some outside the application adapter unable to temporarily met only small bug attached to computer data cable will not power on. Telecommunications card if not fatal, it already has as daily-use the capabilities of the system. Running MIUI m 2 of 6 a bit difficult again for two years (between _,  ̄)


Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

China quality certification center Su Bojie CQC leader certification program

Polaris solar PV net news: October 31, 2016 – November 1, hosted by Polaris solar PV net “quality second PV power station ˙ equipment Forum PV 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar” held in Beijing AVIC hotel. From the domestic power plant investment units, electric power Design Institute, large financial institutions, photovoltaic power generation equipment business nearly 300 people took part in the event to discuss how the photovoltaic industry on the road to quality and efficiency way.

The meeting, the new Department of energy certification of China quality certification center Su Bojie published a theme leader in the CQC certification program implementation and development direction of speech.

Hello, below I give you a leader about CQC certification implementation, as well as future plans. As we all know, CQC leader introduced from 2015, now runs a one-year period, judging from this year’s operation, PV also has the industry’s other magazines, site leader certification is highly recognized. We leader implementation is designed to help you do the classification of enterprises, companies and products are recommended for the best community and industry.

About us leader in the certification of objects. Now so far from 2015, our main object is the photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic power plant equipment evaluation is mainly efficiency, adaptation to the environment, outdoor durability, attenuation and power; operating mechanism is to complement national policies on our products for quality management. Our management model will use the column name management, leader in certified information announced.

This are one of our photovoltaic leader certificate templates, there is now an enterprise are basically our leader’s identity, will be calibrating our products is first or second class, level is high, levels are low.

This is some of our concrete implementation of certification leader, some certification standards.

This is by 2016 the specific circumstances of our photovoltaic modules certification in the first half, because US companies are participating in the leader certification, data is updated in real time. So far, we are now certified businesses far more than these, model number and certificate number far more than now, the things we have been in the statistics, simply pull out the first half of our data now to show you.

On the basis of our professional support, bear is a national project, we, after all, is a national certified units, so on the qualification as well as projects we do is very good. Leader certification program when we do a lot of preparatory work and investment owners after we finish the certification can query specific information products, all investment property owners can be used as a reference not to blindly select products.

Following our leader certification for future development and new technologies. We now push this on several projects including new products, new indicators and new fields, new products, starting from the first half of this year, we have begun to push leader in PV modules, PV leader in double glass and I’ll explain another PV tracking systems who float on the new indicators in the outdoor demonstration plan.

In regard to new areas, our leading product certification as well as full life-cycle of photovoltaic systems have some plans.

You PV leader in implementation of the following specific documents than 2015, 2016 solar files do a more detailed provision, the new approach would essentially increase the double glass component certification specification. Double glass and components are also now some manufacturers push photovoltaic products, to their requirements as well as industry-specific use, we introduced the double glass system. About the difference between glass and double glazing, single glass just evaluation of efficiency of power generation, may have a direct relationship is only the efficiency of the data, but the double glass, two double glass and components can be evaluated, one of which is power efficiency, a performance evaluation. All enterprises are involved in these applications, files and rules, I will not detail specific.

Our application process is basically apply on the Web, certified engineers will receive all applications, product makes an evaluation and, finally, a certification process.

This is our double glass units under the leadership of, double glass and more complex than the single model and type of glass, especially double on the classification of glass in transparent and opaque, more suitable for a variety of products than a single glass. From different technical courses, single crystal and polycrystalline are different units, there are also different power type, and I have product model makes specific provisions.

When this is our leader certification to applicants to provide documents and information about these members might have provided, and specific certification. From us, just a report of written reports, from 2015 to 2016, it is a more subtle changes.

This is a sample of our double glass leadership certification requirements, sample time in addition to efficient rating, performance requirements, so that at the time of delivery is not just efficiency ratings for sample, sample requirements, in principle, at least to send 17 samples. Implementation when you do other certifications may be one of the two tests, send a 9.

CQC-technical specification the name of this is our own, some of it is our own file, double glass and leader certification this is what we do to adapt to the environment of the main considerations, and standards. This is when we are in the preparation of editing some of the units, we can look at, basically covers some mainstream PV enterprises of domestic and foreign producers, certification and materials, so that was open when we discussed this issue many times, sought a lot of views, will have double glass leader in certification services.

This is some of our specific meeting. You this is our double glass leader performance testing process now covers most of the special environment of test trials, the PID on the far left test now under high temperature conditions, PID effect is very easy, we also added a PID. In the Northwest and the area because the strong winds at the moment changes, dynamic load on components, we use dynamic load simulation test of the components, others like the Highlands area may the wind is very strong, we have also added a number of high-power ultraviolet test. Double glass test recently using compared more of place is PV farm, in farm inside do test words, inside rot of plant may will on test caused some effect, we put this test are added has in, so test series overall for on special of application link are consider to has, this several everyone can select do, some place, like in like South area sometimes Gale not is obviously, like some mountain scraping of are is is small of wind, so we on can said not do this test, can put this test removed.

Others, like Northwest was dry, conditions of the formation of PID is not obvious, PID can also does not do this is the specific testing requirements, if through our performance test certified components, it is good, this is done to several types of applications of the test environment was a simple classification. I said hot and humid places, tropical areas some damp heat test PID test, dry and hot area may be the thermal cycle, some areas may be relatively strong ultraviolet irradiated by high farm or if I just said those plants rot after some gas corrosion, salt this salt is very high, we’re just adding salt spray test.

PV module now leads the authentication features, mainly including terrestrial photovoltaic conversion efficiency components in the different regions or conversion efficiency under different weather conditions for integrated assessment. We will add a few extra test indicator, this particular indicator has high temperature, low temperature, there are standard OCT.

This is leading some of the most basic efficiency test of concrete projects, we can look at our efficiency from the sample number is divided into two groups, group is the temperature coefficient, one is doing electrical calibration of the test, so to speak are also considered more comprehensive.

This is our photovoltaic transformation efficiency of leading rating, from 2015 when we identified leadership certification program, has made this provision, Crystal more efficiency than efficiency higher, because single crystals from the technology course said its efficiency in the production process can better than ceramic, so we make some changes to the efficiency.

Also in black and white double glass component, we take into account the black and white double glass and components it light by absorption of light, may be different from other components, efficiency may be improved, in order to test our efficiency to 18.8, the efficiency is much higher than other single glass component, this is reasonable.

This is our double glass and leader of some cycles and time, this testing is time-consuming, considering, around 35 working days we can complete all of these tests.

Leader in certification and the certification of the basis is basically this: certification of these two complementary systems, Fundamentals is to eliminate backward production capacity, leader certification in the fundamentals should be considered on the basis of, fundamentals and leader certification can apply, leader certification certificate to slightly later than the fundamentals, this won’t cause too much impact on the enterprise.

There are many certification of enterprises and units, we have also to consider the burden of enterprises, which means that we now also finds that some of the other results of the certification unit, like the TC200 DH1000 test result must be approved for the country issued by the certification body certified the basis of results, slashed themselves with CBIT also has two years to produce the salt mist and ammonia certification of results, we are recognized.

Now we in the CQC do some of the basic draft, several meetings were held, because when people in power station applications, always wanted to capture more light as possible, so that components are always in a high State of efficiency, so that the automatic tracking system for us is a very important future directions.

Addition also has water Shang floating system, everyone now are know in Northwest, ground power station of application also has accounted for to you needed a are very tension, now Northwest can batch down these PV with to is compared more, so said we now is according to some both at home and abroad of institutions, also some enterprise to we do of feedback, they now feedback of things is wants to do water Shang floating, after all water of regional compared big, we can full using water regional. Some of these are Lakes floating on the water, we don’t have to stand in the ground, so we can save a lot of trouble.

That is to say, when we were floating in the water, safety requirements and other requirements, they may be made perfect, it is not a simple process, we now invite a number of experts on these things we do an evaluation, follow-up, we will continue to introduce specific practices to float on the water system.

This is an outdoor demonstration case analysis we do, everyone wants to know how long we can use, which places the first failure is used for a long time, what is the reason for the failure of, we should be everyone’s needs in order to do the empirical bases of the outdoor station. This is our outdoor demonstration base of data analysis, outdoors on the specific capacity and we will make an overall evaluation, you can see that using different materials and what effect different equipment components, because the outdoor demonstration was a long-term effect, probably running about a year to see the results.

Eventually if said outdoor empirical base made has yihou, last we application template probably is such of, that efficiency what is how many, this aspects will to a specific of assessment, last of when we will on these formed test has a ranking, these investment power station see we this report on will very of clear, you of products what is real using status in the power efficiency is how a status, electricity is how a status.

Now since we launched a long outdoor demonstration for some time, so far, we have now done 6 empirical base, the best we have acceptance of Qinghai province, Datong and we are involved in.

This is our basic specification requirements for solar outdoor demonstration, based on the standard outdoor demonstration programme. This outdoor demonstration test process is definitely on the formation of progress checks, and then conduct performance testing, and then really started outdoor demonstration experiments and data collection, after data collection has an analysis of test results, and finally do a test report based on data.

This is environment data and monitoring collection of data, we according to data acquisition of frequency also has a detection cycle are do has detailed of provides, this is we PV power products lead who certification inside of some MOBA, because many enterprise are in participation we outdoor empirical of plans, last,, we one years zhihou will issued a similar Yu lead who of certificate, certificate above will displayed power station efficiency is how many. Thank you very much!

Inner Mongolia wuhai PV leader base investor publication electricity prices

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to national development reform Board National Energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views (sent modified energy [2016]1163,), and national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification (country can fully new can [2016]166,), and on PV power lead technology base work coordination will of Conference summary of (country can fully new can [2016]409,) file requirements, Wuhai municipal people’s Government delegates and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water conservancy to wuhai PV “leader” base for public evaluation.

This assessment based on the principles of openness, fairness and justice, subject to registration, assessment procedures, recommended 7 companies as national PV demonstration base of advanced technology in mining subsidence area in wuhai 2016 project investors, will now evaluate recommended enterprises publicity in order are as follows.

Publicity deadline is November 4, 2016. If there are objections, before 17:00 November 4, 2016 to wuhai municipal development and Reform Commission. publicity deadline recommended enterprises selected project sites before 18:00 November 9, 2016, signed a development agreement before 18:00 on November 16, 2016, or ranked in order by the developer replacement.

Contact person: Zhao Xiaoning Cao Gang

Contact phone: 0473-3959039

Email: [email protected]

Inner Mongolia wuhai PV

Original title: national advanced technology in mining subsidence area in wuhai photovoltaic power generation demonstration base 2016 Project investor publication

Involved in the Group reorganization solar hero Peng Xiaofeng made a comeback

Polaris solar PV net news: State-owned enterprises as the first domestic bond default, Baoding tianwei Group (hereinafter the Group) draft bankruptcy reorganization in court after 9 months has finally been published. New financial reporter was informed only on October 8, administrator has issued a draft plan. Worth noting is that failures in new energy fighting the LDK Peng Xiaofeng, Chairman of the company, as the restructuring of the group, control group destiny.

Involved in the Group reorganization solar hero Peng Xiaofeng made a comeback?

Directly as the Group restructuring is a private enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and its shareholders are PV companies listed overseas SPI. Peng Xiaofeng, Chairman of SPI. Earlier, the LDK group entered bankruptcy reorganization proceedings. The photovoltaic field of well-known entrepreneurs never give up this industry, has been seeking to make a comeback after many fell to the opportunity.

Under the draft restructuring, ordinary creditors final repayment rate was 30%, but payments began after 5 years, 8 years; while secured creditors can get 100% pay off, but 90% also has the above schedule. In addition, the creditor will have a debt-for-equity offer 30% of the amount but not more than pay off the debt.

Measured in existing programmes, restructuring in the short term only cost about 400 million yuan in cash to pry tianwei assets of 4.7 billion yuan, creditors that restructuring programme of intention.

The first meeting of creditors vote on the draft will be held on November 2, according to the creditor communications in the near future, this version’s reorganization plan is unlikely to be passed. But the law, if creditors voting out rationalisation plan can be modified, but if the vote twice to no avail, or management of the debtor may apply for mandatory adjudication by the Court.

Creditors worry is that banks, businesses and the courts there is a big difference in value, also enterprises set a low recovery rate in the past, backed up by strong Court Conference for creditors to accept the rationalisation plan does not reflect reality, the creditors in a relatively weak position.

The group involves the right debt 8.838 billion yuan. According to the new reporter, as of October 8, 2016, there are 61 creditors declared claims amount amounted to 13.48 billion yuan, by the court adjudicating the 8.838 billion yuan, including financial security debt amounted to 2.134 billion yuan.

Creditors of 56 companies and most financial institutions. Including the agricultural Bank of China, the State Development Bank, Bank of communications, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and a number of banking institutions; public Boshi Fund, Fund, ICBC also has accounts of products involved.

30% discharge rate with 8-year repayment period

Restructuring after the Bill is issued, the creditor to challenge the debt restructuring offer programmes.

According to the draft of bankruptcy restructuring, 30% out of the ordinary creditors as a credit amount, the remaining 70% exemption. 30% part will amortize, 8 years after the approval of the reorganization plan to pay off, 5th year periodic cash payments, without interest during the repayment period.

Claims secured with property, although it is anticipated that the settlement was 100%, but within 6 months of the approval of the reorganization plan will be cash only settlement 10%, the remaining 90% will be paid in accordance with 8 years of general creditors to pay off.

Common claims in the small claims, which claims less than 1 million will receive full settlement, and within 6 months. Workers ‘ claims and tax claims will be paid.

Within a year of the reorganization plan approved, creditors have an opportunity to choose not to 30% of the amount more than pay off the debt-for-equity, creditor debt-for-equity is not selected within the option period, performed as cash settlement.

Guangda asset evaluation based on limited (hereinafter referred to as Hebei in the Everbright) providing reports, the group assets after adjustments and the reduction in value of 3.7546 billion yuan, according to estimates, management left the ordinary creditor bankruptcy scenario is 14.93%. Managers also mentioned in the draft, this actual repayment rate may be much lower than forecast ratio solvency analysis.

One creditor told caixin said, given the draft restructuring of 30% higher than the liquidation, but probably 8 years discount rate is considered.

But creditors were satisfied that the assets of the calculations may be underestimated and so depress estimated recovery rate, in the reforming party recovery rate of bankruptcy reorganization plan to widen the gap.

Creditors a reason for these questions is this assessment of the administrator below the appraised value of restructuring and reorganization for the Group’s overall value to 4.716 billion yuan. In addition, the assessment of qualifications is also a creditor of the queries mentioned above another reason.

A bank creditors to finance new reporters, decided when creditors did not participate in the asset evaluation agencies, but is specified by the administrator. And because the Group of assets held by a large part of shares of listed companies, rating agencies do not have the securities practice qualification, their professional capabilities cannot be accepted.

Thus, creditors reach a consensus at a recent briefing, hoping to hire a third-party authority to re-evaluate assets, and hope the Manager will issue a detailed assessment of files, rather than disclose the results.

It is understood that part holds the same electric group of the assets (600550. SH) 22.96% a total of 352 million shares, others are land and equipment.

Peng Xiaofeng appeared in reforming

Tianwei group investment in private enterprises in the reforming party for a beauty too (Suzhou) Limited (hereinafter referred to as the United States too) in its controlling shareholder, SPI new energy technology holdings (hereinafter the SPI), is a company registered in the Cayman Islands, the United States NASDAQ-listed companies, the main business focused on new sources of energy (PV) power generation. Jiangsu green treasure of a security is owned by SPI finance leasing company (hereinafter referred to as the green treasure).

According to the new reporter, collected in the process of restructuring, including investment capital of 5 companies submitted a letter to the Manager, but for a variety of reasons to quit, leaving only the United States is investment.

Restructure the draft said restructuring will increase capital investment of about 3.2 billion yuan, for the Group and its subsidiaries are expansion, technological renovation and construction, implement comprehensive save machine subsidiary of tianwei group. Funding from the United States on the one hand too invested (Suzhou) limited its own funds and investments from shareholders and partners.

But creditors worried is that restructuring, shareholders and guarantee financial strength are not actually strong, is likely to be used in the future establishment of its assets valued at 4.7 billion yuan to pry a lever for financing, realize the capital investment of 3.2 billion yuan. Once the final inventory of assets failed, will bring another group of creditor’s creditor, the existing damage to the interests of creditors.

According to the inspection report, us too group registration the paid-up capital for us $ 56.314 million, at the end of June 2016, the company’s assets totaled 842 million Yuan, liabilities totaled 498 million Yuan-7.1012 million yuan in net profit. Controlling shareholder of SPI while the United States listed company, but its share price has risen from $ 18/share plunge in January this year, from the current $ 2.52 per unit.

Sponsor green treasures of strength has come into question. According to the inspection report, green treasure registration paid up capital of US $ 44,999,980, as of late July 2016, the company’s total assets of 320 million Yuan, debt totals 125 million Yuan-17.9899 million yuan in net profit.

Worth noting is that SPI is also the Chairman of the same into the bankruptcy reorganization of former Chairman Peng Xiaofeng of LDK group.

Peng Xiaofeng’s name is no stranger to financial institutions and capital markets, he was Chairman of Chinese photovoltaic leader LDK LDK, also ranked sixth on the 2007 hurun China rich list. Most talked about is the fail twice in the photovoltaic industry and was facing personal bankruptcy, but still looking to make a comeback and get Shi Yuzhu, Xu jiayin, who invested.

Although the experience is thrilling, but the Group of creditors, Peng Xiaofeng good business stories is not activating the safeguarding of assets, or even instead. “Peng Xiaofeng has not given up the PV industry, is looking for a comeback, but he was also a heavy bet on people, not sure if it also wants to use tianwei to a bet, and is pulling all creditors to gamble with him. “The creditors said.

The draft, after the reorganization, the group subjects of law unchanged, but the original contributor rights zero, restructuring and creditors of the debt-for-equity becomes the Group’s shareholders. New corporate Board of Directors, composed of members from 9, reforming party nominated 7, debt-for-equity shareholders to nominate 2 people.

While creditors hope to creditors appoint additional directors on the basis of this veto, supervisors appointed by the creditors, and thus able to participate in the company’s management decisions.

Problems left over by history

Some creditors to restructure programmes unutterable trust, have been questioning the group trying to escape debts.

Tianwei group formerly known as the Baoding transformer plant was established in 1958, restructured in 1995 for State-owned enterprises. In January 2008, the Commission put the group transfers to the central group. Main power transmission and transformation equipment, PV and wind power equipment manufacturing, registered capital: 2.109 billion yuan.

2013, in order to keep electric listed companies ‘ resources, soldiers loaded group had electrical and asset restructuring the group, photovoltaics, wind power and other new energy listed companies in industries all stripping of excess, the replacement to the group.

In December 2014, the electrical shed bad assets again, Yingli solar 7% per cent to 389 million Yuan were sold to the group. New financial reporter learned that, 2012, 2013 and 2014 1-September, Yingli-650 million net profit, respectively,-440 million-200 million Yuan.

End of 2013 start electric merged within the new energy subsidiary, into clean power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturer, since 2014 smooth losses, stock delisting has withdrawn its alert, bonds have also resumed trading. Accordingly, tianwei new energy business profitability deteriorated and provision for impairment losses increased, until the insolvent.

When despite the explain why bankruptcy reorganization, the group said to be original because of the environmental impact of new energy market as a whole, tianwei new energy subsidiary, atrophy, caused by overcapacity in the market. But market analysts, the Group solvency, cannot be explained simply by industry downturn, more because the Group of reckless investment, management deficiencies.

For example, the National Audit Office 2014 soldiers loaded during the Group’s audit, and found that it belongs to the Group of new energy investment decisions, such as specifications, poor performance, and even serious losses, and so on.

From 2008 to 2012, the Group of 21 new energy in fixed asset investment projects, there are 20 without the consideration of the Board of Directors statutory programs, such as involving 15.275 billion yuan investment.

From 2010 to 2012, the group without the approval of the national development and Reform Commission arbitrarily raised its investment plan, overseas energy investment project implemented by design flaws and other reasons was forced to shut down, bankruptcy and liquidation.

Until the end of 2012, the Group has 3 Ultra plans to invest 285 million yuan of investment projects, reported to the authorities for not according to stipulations; 11 projects started construction without soldiers with Group approval, involving investment of 2.485 billion yuan.

Original title: into the Group reorganization solar hero Peng Xiaofeng comeback?

Photovoltaic signs looming out of the Qingdao City intends to sell two new energy

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Qingdao property exchange disclosures show, Qingdao City Qingdao City new energy investment group limited company, intends to transfer its stakes in two energy companies, namely the Qingdao City abundant solar small-town agricultural development limited 92% equity and Hebei Heng Bo new energy technology limited 49% equity.

Announcement, both companies registered time on May 6, 2014, with registered capital of 184 million Yuan and 49.68 million Yuan respectively. Qingdao Sheng sells solar photovoltaic equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance, Hebei Heng Bo the main design of solar and wind energy projects.

Reported 2015 do not have the two companies operating expenditure and receipt, 2016 is profitable, which hold the first 3 quarters of Qingdao City earned 32.73 million Yuan, Hebei Heng Bo profit 823,600 Yuan. Why transfer of stakes in two performance company, contacted city of Qingdao, but received no response.

Noteworthy is that from the perspective of property right trading platform, recent case render increased trend of transferring photovoltaic business equity, such as the Beijing equity exchange was published on October 17, “Jiangsu-German joint investment advisory limited transfer of Yantai Delian new energy limited 100% equity”, “Jiangsu sumec-transfer of new energy development co, pingyi County, Jincheng photovoltaic power generation limited 100% equity” of the two notices.

From published reports, both transfers done remarkably well, Yantai Delian first 8 months of the year net profits of 5.3368 million Yuan, pingyi County, Jincheng 7.3734 million net profit. In addition, listed companies, there have been similar cases, such as aerospace electromechanical August had announced that, in order to improve the overall efficiency of space PV industry chain to ensure return on investment and ability to keep the company rolling development of photovoltaic power stations, company through transfer of property rights exchanges held by Department of Justice too solar power company limited, Sun zhengjiang v 100% stake in power company.

In this regard, insiders said, and found new energy projects such as wind power, hydropower, photovoltaic power generation relied too much on Government subsidies, the intense competition in the industry. More noteworthy is that this month, the national development and Reform Commission and identified the year 2017 solar power subsidies lowered standards, makes the project operating under increasing pressure. Part of the photovoltaic capital at this time choose Exit, or forced to do so.

Original title: photovoltaic signs looming out of the Qingdao City intends to sell two new energy subsidiaries

Japan October 2017 imported solar power bidding system

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan economy, trade and industry (METI) solar-powered fixed-price buy for fiscal year 2017 (FiT) rate, as well as project plan details the second Review Committee, held on October 24. Meeting a preliminary decision next October will import the solar system of bidding, through a competitive bidding system to boost prices.

According to reports in the Nikkei BP, Japan METI bid solar system’s promotional trip, initially developed for: early February 2017 bid packages, early May announcement bid project, launched its first bid in early September, and completed in early October. 2017 will be implemented for the first time solar bid 2018 is expected to implement the 2 bid (in summer and winter, respectively), were planning the bid three times.

Beyond 2019 solar bid, the bid three times before the consideration of the implementation situation and then make a decision.

Bid on programming, 2MW commercial power station as the basic threshold

METI preliminary fixed 2MW size commercial (business) solar power plant will be required to bid. 2MW threshold established in: over the scale of the solar project will be incorporated into more than 7000V ultra high voltage cables. JPEA responded, some dealers will use split utility to shrink, so hope to change a text field instead of device for consideration.

In terms of bid proposal, the Committee made the pay-as-bid (bid amount contracted) and uniformpricing (all bids to sign) two programmes. The former low bids, average bid price of all bids in the latter, and the signing. Members considered the pay-as-bid programme is more suitable for Japan.

2017-FIT rates do not reach resolution, details of the bid package and there are no concrete conclusions. But by produced province said, bid programme will contains following project: (1) the renewable energy of configuration, and (2) the renewable energy of electricity, and (3) bid who qualification, and (4) bid who margin, and (5) bid price ceiling, and (6) based on bid system by launched of electric price mechanism, and (7) participation bid of renewable energy system of sent distribution term, and (8) not bid who of application term… And so on, should wait for the official programme of FIT for the new year after the decision again.

Original title: Japan by 2017 to import solar power bidding system

Polaris solar PV NET week news highlights 10 24 10 28

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. National Energy Board between trans-regional province of renewable energy increases stock trading rules (draft for soliciting opinions)

The reporter learns, before the National Energy Board General Secretary published the cross-regional province renewable energy increases stock trading rules (draft for soliciting opinions). The plan States that, Delta stock trades by means of trans-regional power transmission channels, the buyer (including utilities, power user, the sale of electricity company) and the seller (hydroelectric, wind, solar and other renewable power enterprises) through cross-regional spot trading system between the province, the power increase of the long-term contracts based on spot trading.

For more details

2. Inner Mongolia wuhai PV “leader” base investor publication electricity prices into “0.4” era

This assessment based on the principles of openness, fairness and justice, subject to registration, assessment procedures, recommended 7 companies as national PV demonstration base of advanced technology in mining subsidence area in wuhai 2016 project investors, will now evaluate recommended enterprises publicity in order are as follows. Publicity deadline is November 4, 2016.

For more details

3.3 enterprises selected for 2016, wuhai city common PV investors

This assessment based on the principles of openness, fairness and justice, subject to registration, assessment procedures, recommend 3 companies as 2016, wuhai city common PV investors evaluate recommended enterprises are: Meng Gen take PV, wuhai city of agricultural science and technology development company, Inner Mongolia energy new energy development co, Ltd, Qingdao changsheng power solar technology co., Ltd.

For more details

4. the Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission on the pay cut of grid-connected PV power generation projects program (the first) notice

Included in the plan has not been started or is unable to release plans completed construction project shall be indicators of reduced size. At the end of September, the province included in the grid plan still projects 4, cancel its 45,000 kW grid index; not in accordance with the scale of release plans completed construction project 2, reducing the grid index 35,000 kilowatts.

For more details

5. Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission issued the 2016 Olympics guest gallery of grid-connected PV projects planned

Involved in project-related requirements: uniform price standard. Planned project are specialists in the field after the bidding criteria, namely when the project is put into operation a local Internet access standard electricity prices by 0.03 Yuan/kWh based on implementation.

For more details

6.2016 first 500MW of Qinghai province ordinary PV scale indicator project bid result announcement

Given that the bid has ended, the bid Committee, according to the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission about 2016, in Qinghai province, the first ordinary PV scale target projects within the programme of work of the notice (blue/modified energy (2016) No. 703), now projects that score in the top three list of bidders in public as follows:

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Market review

1. the national energy Bureau plans to push the upgrade version PV “leaders” program

In promoting China’s PV industry technology progress, the National Energy Board will be introduced with major new policy ideas. The existing “leader” on the basis, will launch an upgraded version of “leader plans” for large-scale production capacity due to high costs, market obstacles such as cognitive capacity advanced technology not yet released key support to help advance technological breakthrough “technology lock” bottleneck.

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2. photovoltaic products in short supply upstream prices surge

This week without electricity prices next year will fall on 630 or 930 of the uncertainty factor, components and raw materials continued to drive in the Middle order, and rapid promotion. Because of the industry is still in a wait-and-see November conditions last week, has been finalized this week November price, makes weekly gain significantly, gains are expected to spread to mid-November.

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3. PV module costs down corporations out of “subsidy-dependent”

Recent news shows that cost per kilowatt photovoltaic modules is expected to in the next four quarters dropped to 0.29 Yuan, although this is good news for PV companies, but prices also mean less subsidies, corporate income will also decrease in the short term, it also forced PV companies emerge from years of dependence on Government subsidies as soon as possible, in order to achieve profit themselves.

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4. why Northwest of tight supplies of coal price increases are still abandoned wind up queer?

Entering the second half of the year, domestic prices way up, tightening of coal for power plants. However, domestic clean energy utilization of wind power and photovoltaic power generation has failed to improve, especially in the wind energy and solar energy-rich Northwest, prevailing in every province to abandon wind up phenomenon. Reason for this strange phenomenon? Provinces that how to deal with discards wind up light problem?

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5. the world’s first! Installed capacity of solar power output has surpassed traditional thermal power plant

Beijing time on October 26, according to foreign media reports, the latest data shows, now has gone beyond the total installed capacity of solar power generation, ranking first in the world.

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6. normalized photovoltaic power in the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai province

Qaidam Basin in Qinghai province, with abundant solar energy resources and desertification land area advantage, take new energy policies “free ride”, “Twelve-Five” has been played since the domestic focus on grid-connected photovoltaic power generation sector “lead” role. However, with the rapid increase in installed capacity, and new energy is becoming more and more prominent.

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Enterprise version

1. Dragon photoelectric expects continued losses in the first three quarter days “protective shell” or only a year left

From the initial listing is good for PV equipment industry in China by outsiders “future stars” to today’s busy seeking to protect shell, 7 years time, Jiangsu Hua Sheng Tian long photoelectricity equipment limited (hereinafter referred to as Dragon photoelectric) seems to take a trip, “roller coaster”.

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2. continuous restructuring failed in the cloud network expects a loss of 30 million Yuan this year

Cloud on October 26 in third-quarter reports third quarter operating income was 24.7457 million Yuan, down 70.36%, belonging to the shareholders of listed companies ‘ net profits-4.4409 million Yuan, an increase of 89.48%.

For more details

3. “11 Super debt” cases at first instance: investors GCL integration intended to appeal

The reporter learns, on October 24, the intermediate people’s Court in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, the first-instance judgment, GCL integrated technology Corporation to “11 Super debt” investor compensation loss amounts ranging from thousands of Yuan to hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

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4. the Tesla to make up vertically integrated energy company

United States electric-car maker Tesla, released on October 26 after earnings beat market expectations, not only revenue jumped, and ended after 13 consecutive quarters of losses per cent realized a profit of $ 22 million. Tesla right now is promoting the merger with Sun City, continue direction to the vertically integrated energy companies.

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5. into the Group reorganization solar hero Peng Xiaofeng comeback?

State-owned enterprises as the first domestic bond default, Baoding tianwei Group (hereinafter the Group) draft bankruptcy reorganization in court after 9 months has finally been published. New financial reporter was informed only on October 8, administrator has issued a draft plan. Worth noting is that failures in new energy fighting the LDK Peng Xiaofeng, Chairman of the company, as the restructuring of the group, control group destiny.

For more details

6. LDK bankruptcy reorganization affect the persistence of Star technology provision for bad debts over three quarters of net profit

Former LDK LDK Solar PV giant company is now in bankruptcy reorganization, involving tens of billions of Yuan in satisfaction of the debt, overhaul impact on creditors should not be ignored.

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Hubei Province included in the 2014 and 2015 the size indicator PV table

Polaris solar PV net news: City, State, municipal development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), the PV-related investment companies:

According to national development reform Board on perfect land wind electric PV power Internet benchmark electric price policy of notification (sent modified price [2015]3044,), and national energy Council on on 2014, and 2015 PV construction implementation programme eventually confirmed of letter of requirements, and I province 2014 years, and 2015 PV power station remaining scale index adjustment distribution of principles, I Council organization on June 30, 2016 Qian has grid PV power station grid situation for has site verification. Determined by the Secretary Office, has already built on-grid PV power station in 2014 and 2015 the size indicators as follows:

A, issued by the National Energy Board in our province scale indicators. Issued by the National Energy Board 2014 PV scale target 400,000-kilowatt in our province, 2015 index scale PV power station 500,000-kilowatt in 2015, photovoltaic power plant in the second half increased the scale indicator 150,000-kilowatt, amounted to 1.05 million-kilowatt.

Second, the scale index distribution in 2014 and 2015. Suizhou, Hubei Crystal star is a company of high-tech zone Xihe 30MWp photovoltaic power stations, such as 10 items were 400,000-kilowatt in 2014 scale indicators (see annex 1) ; The second is the xinyiguang discovery of Qi Li ping (phase II) 50MWp agro-industrial park 9 projects, such as inclusion of 505,000 kilowatts of photovoltaic power station in 2015 the size indicators (see annex 2); third, the Qi group and 100MWp light complementary PV 4 projects, such as 150,000-kilowatt in the year 2015 increase scale indicators (see annex 3).

Third, with regard to other network into the project’s disposal. Prior to June 30, 2016 and network into, but not included in the scale target projects, will be taken into account in the annual scale target later. Part of 2014 registered items that are eligible for inclusion in the scale indicator criteria, in accordance with the regulations completed and put into operation before the end of December 2016, annual scale indicators taken into account at a later time.


1, included in the 2014 PV scale target directory

Hubei Province included in the 2014 and 2015 the size indicator PV (table)

Hubei Province included in the 2014 and 2015 the size indicator PV (table)

2, included in the 2015 PV scale target directory

Hubei Province included in the 2014 and 2015 the size indicator PV (table)

Hubei Province included in the 2014 and 2015 the size indicator PV (table)

3, size increases included in the 2015 PV power station index directory

Hubei Province included in the 2014 and 2015 the size indicator PV (table)

Original title: energy Bureau of Hubei Province in the 2014 and 2015 the size indicator released on notification of PV power station

3 companies wuhai city wins the 2016 General PV investors

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to autonomous regions NDRC forward national development and Reform Committee National Energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views (sent modified energy [2016]1163,), and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, development and Reform Committee on issued < inner mongolia autonomous region, general pv power station project competitive configuration pilot approach > of notification (within sent modified energy word [2016]902,) and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, development and Reform Commission about 2016-normal PV power station construction allocation notice (send energy inside [2016]903), wuhai city development and Reform Commission, wuhai city 2016 General PV publicly evaluate the delegate and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources.

This assessment based on the principles of openness, fairness and justice, subject to registration, assessment procedures, recommend 3 companies as 2016, wuhai city common PV investors evaluate recommended enterprises are: Meng Gen take PV, wuhai city of agricultural science and technology development company, Inner Mongolia energy new energy development co, Ltd, Qingdao changsheng power solar technology co., Ltd.

Publicity deadline is November 1, 2016. If there are objections, before 17:00 November 1, 2016 to wuhai municipal development and Reform Commission. Publicity deadline recommended enterprise development agreement was signed on November 3, 2016 on 18:00, or ranked in order by the developer replacement.

Contact person: Zhao Xiaoning Cao Gang

Contact phone: 0473-3959039

Email: [email protected]

Original title: 2016 General PV investors, wuhai city public


2016 early, millet on launched three paragraph machine, red meters 2A, red meters 3 and Red meters Note3 full Netcom version, millet 5 also exposure out has mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 of run points; from Korea of Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 also have “campaign”; hard disk manufacturers a game a, launched Super 10 TB of products; VR equipment of price gradually exposure, HTC seems most your; also has resistance exercises of Mesa 2 and CAT S50, meet special crowd need. Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case



No. 20160121 love machine • hard (Tencent)

No. 20160121 love machine • hard (youku)

No. 20160121 love machine • hard (b) Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

Sinovideo China debt liquidation results have disappointed with bank creditors

Polaris solar PV net news: at this stage, China poly silicon and wafer maker LDK Solar (LDK Solar) over its main subsidiary was going through bankruptcy and reorganization. The repayment proposal in the company was twice rejected by creditors, a court in China in October this year were sent to sinovideo enforcement. Final results showed that LDK key creditors may only get very little funding. This situation may cause the future in the face of China’s banks more cautious about loans for PV applications. At present, sinovideo proposed repayment plans, creditors have to face very low repayment rate, far below the 2013 Suntech (Suntech) and 2014 Suri (Chaori) level when the bankruptcy reorganization.

Sinovideo China debt liquidation results have disappointed with bank creditors and return

Creditors are likely to shrink company valuation is particularly worrying. Compared to the insolvency administrator to a preliminary estimate, which are undergoing bankruptcy reorganization, company valuations have shrunk to 36%.

Because of claims the two sides fail to reach accord, a court in October this year, China issued enforcement to sinovideo book, this also means that the company’s final repayment plans will begin to take effect.

Current situation, despite the ongoing bankruptcy reorganization, LDK has no plans from the Chinese “exceeds” PV market withdrawal of part of photovoltaic capacity.

Here are a few groups of data:

They’re 6 billion dollars

LDK group three restructuring subsidiary debt, creditors of the $ 4 billion for the 12 Chinese banks and their branch offices

They’re 1.1 billion dollars

Insolvency given in the most recent valuation of the asset price, compared to the first preliminary assessment of lost 36%


Court enforcement of sending books, Jiangxi saiweigaoke repayment rates that are necessary.

Original title: sinovideo China debt liquidation results have disappointed with bank creditors and return

Hung Wei PV ordered price cuts is out

Polaris solar PV net news: on October 25, wuhai PV leader in base price bid events crowding the screen, less than two months later, PV bid pricing from 6.0 to 4.0 times without hesitation.

Let old red is particularly exciting, ranked in the top two of the lower price is Yingli 0.45 Yuan and GCL 0.48 Yuan, troubled Yingli expressed by the exclamation point in the old red ink mountain to Miao Liansheng big flag? Negative! Miao Liansheng stepped back, but Yingli’s heroism is not reduced.

It’s just a joke, really deny the Mr Zhu to Miao Liansheng big flag? Advocates of price wars, is a strong negative articles out of many friends, especially PGO views as representative of the Secretary General Zhou Yuan: “the price cut is inevitable, but must be ordered.” Conviction that the market is not to transfer the people’s aspirations, so old deep red, asked: “can be listed under the condition of market-oriented and orderly price case? ”

Station in hope PV power early achieved cheap Internet of angle, especially station in PV is completely market industry must more encourages market phenomenon of angle, from 2012 began, old red always is Miao Liansheng banner of price big flag of firm supporters, always station in has many industry friends are of opposite; station in hope PV industry health development of angle, old red and ever not hope PV industry “ordered competition”, but and friends are different of is, against fantasy, more care how achieved “ordered competition”?

Two days ago, see Gao jifan PV Conference speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition in China, again called for: “healthy and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry, needs an orderly competition within the industry and industry to cooperate fully.” Old red and help micro-high total: “just don’t understand ‘ orderly competition ‘ how? “General Gao replied:” this is not policy can be resolved, require industry efforts, China is not easy. ”

Because they are not simple negation of the old red, but the same thoughts, this old red little emotional rally, many think. After clarifying the logic of forming their own views, old red high back is always a sentence: “full cooperation is not talk out of, is out. ”

On October 25, a friend said, “I don’t believe killed four hairy pricing can work, the bastard, not the bottom line. “This let old red inevitably produced two points intuition: first, the friends of language so somewhat” dirt “, and mood so somewhat” boosting “, should is because this quotes serious to damage has he of interests; second, 0.45 and 0.48 Yuan quotes is how is of account, and British Lee and Association Xin is die also is to live shut you fart thing Ah, China PV industry need this price! It’s like when a notice poor performance of listed companies, there will be a large number of people thrown in stock, on the one hand we have a common aspiration, hope the price will not drop too low to allow their losses too large; other people rushed to dump stocks after respectively, hope it wasn’t the lowest selling of shares. And so with “the bastard, no bottom line” stock price when it was lower than a stock’s value will drop. It is the only “no line” when low stock valuations have to all live without it when investors will reach a tacit agreement, forming the “full cooperation” will only be commenced under the future valuation of the enterprise “orderly competition”. This process must be accompanied by a large number of investors at a loss of the game.

The investments of an enterprise, so is an industrial investment, current photovoltaic power bid is all the more true because mid 2011 PV industry downturn cycle has had such experience.

In 2011, the global PV module production capacity above 60GW global installation 27.5GW supply more than 1 time, photovoltaic industry entered a period of brutal consolidation. When China PV industry managers, people loudly called for “orderly competition”, but still cannot stop the PV prices plunged more than 60%, so there will be a second half of 2012, PV industry in the first half of 2013 global industry-wide losses and painful situation. It is this not based on people’s good wishes for the transfer of market behavior, and Karl Marx called “invisible hand” continued role of, which makes the capacity 2015 global PV 61GW, the actual installation 59GW, achieved initial balance of supply and demand.

On the 25th bid event, a report in the new energy grid “decisive battle” was, old red agreed to battle begins, but this is just the beginning, the real battle yet to come. Real battle is for ongoing price competition, enterprises not to, a large number of companies going bankrupt, the battle for the results, “orderly competition” may be coming. So the “orderly competition” is not called for, but playing out.

Original title: photovoltaic “ordered price cuts” is out

Sharp launches solar Chair conversion efficiency of up to 30 map

Polaris solar PV net news: sharp (Sharp) of a diversified, high-tech home appliances and commercial electrical equipment according to its place in the market, its solar energy technologies even in the case of sales performance has been declining, and should not be underestimated. Sharp’s latest cool Chair combined with efficient solar panels, power generation, energy storage, can also support USB charging!

Sharp launches solar Chair conversion efficiency of up to 30% (map)

Sharp’s new product is “solar charging station” concept for the launch of the design, combined with the high performance compound solar cells, lithium-ion battery energy storage devices, USB charging hole, to integrate these components in vacation wind cool Chair, to create a Chair can provide open space and power needs.

United States Department of energy put in 21 million to accelerate PV soft costs

Polaris solar PV net news: United States Department of energy (DOE) grant of $ 21.4 million development 17 projects, nine of which is designed to reduce the cost of installed solar soft, another eight specialized national and regional-level solar challenge project.

Although the cost of solar equipment, such as panels, inverter and support is declining at an alarming rate, but the soft costs (such as installation, license, network connection, etc) has been high. Because the United States has 50 separate State and 39,044 general purpose local government, very difficult to standardize these procedures.

Charlie Gay, Director of the Office of solar technology, says Dr soft cost is always the United States widely pervasive barriers in the development of solar energy, “find new ways to reduce these costs, and accelerate deployment of solar cells is still in the country, and that all Americans can afford solar key. ”

Original title: DOE to invest $ 21 million to accelerate use of solar

The world s first Installed capacity of solar power output has surpassed traditional

Polaris solar PV net news: Beijing time on October 26, according to foreign media reports, the latest data shows, now has gone beyond the total installed capacity of solar power generation, ranking first in the world.

The International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energy sector official said: “last year, the average added 500,000 solar panels every day around the world. “The emerging economy’s great contributions to the development of renewable energy and green energy, and last year two out of every hour network of wind turbines to generate electricity.

From a data perspective, last year more than half of the installed capacity from renewable sources, which results in an increase of 15%, and last year reached 153,000 MW total installed electricity generation capacity (GW is equivalent to 1 billion watts).

Of course, the installed capacity is only a theoretical issue of power, but because of the particularity of wind and solar energy, the actual power generation effect will have a discount. However, even from the actual electricity production, renewable energy is rapidly narrowing the gap with traditional power plants.

“We are witnessing a global energy market reform, leading change is renewable and green energy. It is worth mentioning that, in the heart of the transformation is not developed, but emerging economies. “IEA head says Ringling.

According to the IEA, in less than six years, renewable energy generating capacity will be 28% per cent of total capacity, while national policies to encourage green energy also rose to 13% per cent.

In addition, countries around the world began to favor renewable energy and green energy but also because its costs are declining. IEA estimates in the next few years, will reduce the cost of solar and wind power, at least 15%.

After last year’s climate conference in Paris, countries around the world are tightening their own environmental policies, and reduce pollution emissions and diversification of energy supply in many countries of national policy. For China, the full embrace of renewable energy is one important way to solve the environmental pollution problem. According to the IEA estimates that China and India will become the most rapidly developing area of clean energy in the future. (Compile/Lv Jiahui)

Original title: solar power installed capacity has surpassed traditional thermal power plants rose to first in the world

Tianzhu power 200MWp distributed PV projects PV mounting systems cabling electrical

Polaris solar PV net news: tender: open tender

First, the tenderer: Tianjin building power engineering Ltd

Second, the investor: Le Yeguang Volt technology limited

Third, the scope of tendering and bid requirements:

1. project name: 200MWp distributed PV power generation projects

2. project location:, Dongying, laiwu, Shandong heze, liaocheng

3. project profile: see tender documents

4. tender scope: PV mounting systems and accessories (including aluminum, steel), cables, AC Conflux boxes, transformers, switchgear (including secondary protection systems and measurement and control equipment), bridge, subcontractor (with stand, solar modules, equipment installation, and lightning protection and earthing of the cable installation, debugging, etc).

5. sources of funding: self-funded

6. payment methods: see tender documents

Four, the bidder shall have the following qualifications:

1. bidders as finalists by the national grid company, in line with the standards of the power industry.

2. the bidder must have the People’s Republic of China independent legal personality, there are legitimate and valid business license, and through ISO9000 quality system certification.

3. the enterprises registered capital of more than 5 million.

4. bids should have three years experience in photovoltaic production and delivery experience (or labor service experience), for the past three years at least 20MWp sales (or construction) performance.

5. the services of the Department is in good condition: good bank credit and business reputation, without being closed or bankrupt State, and is not restructuring, takeovers and freezing of assets.

6. bidding three years not in any breach of contract or in the contract by or any contracts because of reasons of the applicants be released records.

7. this tender does not accept Agency bids. The two bidders for the same person of the legal representative and two or more legal entities, the parent company, wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies may not be in the project bidding.

8. this item does not accept the Consortium bid.

Access to five, the tender documents:

Where a bidder to bid on this, set the company name, product name, contact by mail, telephone, email sent to [email protected]

Tender documents in electronic form sent to the mailbox.

Purchase time:

Mounting: on October 27, 2016 until October 29, 2016 before 5 o’clock in the afternoon

Cabling, equipment, bridge: October 27, 2016 – November 6, 2016 before 5 o’clock in the afternoon

Subcontracting: telephone consultation

Price: RMB 300 per set (in words: three hundred Yuan)

Purchase form: bank wire transfer accounts to the tenderer, tender documents sale is not refundable.

Name: Cheng Peng

Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin Branch

Account number: 6217921500172757

Six, bid security:

Bidding in the tender documents, the applicant should be in accordance with the schedule in the submission of a bid bond before bidding, as described in the tender documents.

Seven, opening hours:

Opening time: see tender documents.

Bid opening location: Tianjin building conference room Power Engineering Ltd

Bidder’s legal representative or its authorized representative should attend the bid opening meeting promptly according to the requirements of the tender documents.

BA, contact:

The tender: Tianjin building power engineering Ltd

Tender organization departments: Department of Tianjin building power engineering Ltd-production

Address: Youyi road, Hexi District, Tianjin meijiang Convention Center building 21

(1) equipment and materials:

Contact phone: 022-58898987-8907


Contact person: Zhen Yi: 13752302346

Miss Emily LAU: 15900332386

Email: [email protected]

(2) the subcontractor:

Contact person: Zhang Ke solutions phone: 13821840618

Polaris solar network on October 24 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary October 24 news, “Thirteen-Five”: renewable energy needs “robust” tone, soaring prices and tight supplies why are abandoned in the northwest wind up queer? Dragon photoelectric expects continued losses in the first three quarter days “protective shell” time left for one year or, as follows:

“Thirteen-Five”: renewable energy needs “robust” tone

Tight supplies of coal price increases why are abandoned in the northwest wind up queer?

Dragon photoelectric expects continued losses in the first three quarter days “protective shell” or only a year left

Normalized photovoltaic power in the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai province

Wal-Mart vigorously developing own solar start energy storage

Japan: PV system costs down to 200,000 yen/kW

3 years increased by 15 times! 2015 global off-grid solar energy investment of $ 276 million

Lightning protection: ability of PV plants on the water?

Perovskite solar cell integrated new methods to improve efficiency of 20.3%

2025 Taiwan raise the share of renewable energy to 20%

Fujian “Thirteen-Five” energy development planning: 2020 PV installed capacity up to 900,000-kilowatt

Cool-temperate climates in China established the first national demonstration platform for photovoltaic systems

Tianjin Binhai thermal power projects approved national PPP model

Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission issued the 2016 Olympics

Polaris solar PV net news: Zhangjiakou City development and Reform Commission, State grid power company in North Hebei province:

According to national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification (country can new can (2016) 166th,) requirements, for put Olympic welcome bin corridor PV power project construction into high standards, and quality model engineering, by County, Zhangjiakou City, development reform Board declared, and hydropower water planning design total hospital review and online publicity, and reported by national energy Council agreed, now will 2016 Olympic welcome bin corridor PV power project grid plans be issued, and will about matters notification following:

Principle, scheduling

Arrangements have been included in the Olympic Games welcome Gallery of photovoltaic power generation project construction plan, with operating conditions of the project. Give priority to technical standards for advanced, has led the demonstration projects prioritize environmental protection measures to implement, eco friendly environment project; landscape design priorities, comply with the overall corridor landscape design projects give priority to progress faster in the early, in June 2017, put into operation before the end of the project. Specific project plan see annex.

Second, the requirement

A uniform price standard. Planned project are specialists in the field after the bidding criteria, namely when the project is put into operation a local Internet access standard electricity prices by 0.03 Yuan/kWh based on implementation.

Second, strict construction standards, speed up the project. Project Unit to Zhangjiakou Olympic welcome Corridor project in accordance with the construction standards and project implementation plan, accelerating the construction of projects, ensuring that completed and put into operation before June 30, 2017. During the construction of the project, I will organize experts to assess the project. Or assessment standards project fails to build, network performance will be reduced.

Three is network service. Power companies should be based on the principle to streamline processes and improve efficiency, according to relevant provisions and time requirements, issued by project network views and support out of the construction, ensure that project completed timely operation.

Annex: the 2016 Olympic Games welcome Gallery schedule of grid-connected PV power generation projects

Development and Reform Commission of Hebei province

The October 24, 2016