2016 PV power plant project in Heilongjiang province construction investment

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According to national development reform Board, and national energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views (sent modified energy [2016]1163,), and national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification (country can new can [2016]166,) and Heilongjiang provincial government about requirements, for promote PV power Health ordered development, China International Engineering Advisory company by Heilongjiang Province development and Reform Committee delegate, Configuration of PV power station construction scale of resources through market tenders for 2016, PV power plant project in Heilongjiang province construction investment of domestic public tender, eligible bidders are welcome to bid.

1, tender content:

(1) project location:

This tender construction of photovoltaic power generation project in Heilongjiang province. For guarantee province PV power poverty task of completed, this times tender construction locations range not including has into national PV power poverty focus implementation range of 20 a counties (City) (yanshou, and tailai, and Gannan, and baiquan, and suibin County, and raohe, and lindian County, and Huanan, and huachuan, and tangyuan, and Fuyuan city, and tongjiang, and fen, and hailun, and Fuyu, and kedong, and longjiang, and Mingshui, and qinggang, and wangkui), in national reply province PV power poverty construction scale plans Hou, Organize PV pro-poor investment tenders.

(2) tender total:

This tender for total national energy Board new [2016 issued by Heilongjiang province, 2016]166 PV 300,000-kilowatt scale; according to the State documents, by reducing the scale of electricity price increases; in 2014, 2015 through open tender to determine PV power plant project in Heilongjiang province construction investment construction recovered but fails to implement them.

Construction of this tender PV Unit size 20,000-kilowatt, the same bidder can bid up to 2 separate building sites of the project.

(3) successful investors determine:

Total size of this tender under the tender, determined according to the score, from highest to lowest bid investors. After qualifying for the investor, such as competitive meet of the People’s Republic of China tendering and relevant provisions of the law, this tender is automatically terminated.

2, the bidder should have the condition:

(1) bidders are required to be in the People’s Republic of China territory legally registered, has an independent legal personality of enterprises.

(2) land occupied by the bidders project should meet the PV power station construction requirements.

(3) the bidder shall have investment, construction, operation, and management of photovoltaic power plant conditions.

(4) bidders in the same cross-ownership relationship exists between legal representative or the legal entity, funded or partially funded the formation of subsidiaries and the parent company participating in tenders, are treated as a single bidder.

(5) this tender does not accept more than two (including two) corporate joint bids.

3, the relevant requirements:

(1) the same bidders if bid is more than 2 items unit, all bids by annulment.

(2) the bidder’s bid, must be independent of investment and construction, and during construction of the project, investors and the proportion of equity and construction scale and place of construction, primary content may not be changed, otherwise according to the laws and regulations dealing with national, provincial, and investment within three years (including cross shareholding relationship exists between corporate affiliates) shall participate in the PV power station in Heilongjiang province to bid.

(3) the bidder after award, to speed up the construction work of the project to ensure the grid before the end of 2017.

(4) bidders in the selection of the project construction site, construction of Heilongjiang ecological requirements should be considered, efficient use of land resources, not agricultural photovoltaic power station construction projects on the ground.

4, entries:

From October 11, 2016, until October 15, 2016, 9:00-16:30 (Beijing time). Need to provide the following information and a copy of the bid application affix its official seal: copy of business license, power of Attorney, the legal representative is the client’s credentials. Receive fax application, but must provide the stamped information copy after registration.

5, location:

18th, Hengshan Road, xiangfang district, Harbin, far East Consortium building, a 10-story.

6, purchase the tender documents of the time and place:

October 11, 2016 bidders until October 15, 2016, 9:00-16:30 (Beijing time), to the 18th, Hengshan Road, xiangfang district, Harbin, far East Consortium building, a 10-story purchase of tender documents, tender document price 1000 Yuan per set, file service is non refundable.

7, the tender closing time and opening hours:

As described in the tender documents.

8, place and opening locations:

As described in the tender documents.

Client: Heilongjiang provincial development and Reform Commission

Address: Zhongshan Road, Nan¡¯gang district, Harbin No. 202

Contact person: Wang gang

Contact phone: 0451-82627432

Tendering agent: China International Engineering Consulting Corporation

Address: 32nd chegongzhuang xilu, Haidian District, Beijing West Road,

Zip code: 100048 (Beijing headquarters)

Office of the Heilongjiang Province: 18th, Hengshan Road, xiangfang district, Harbin a, far East Plaza, 10 floor

Zip code: 150036 (Beijing Office)

Contact person: Zhu Haoyu 13611351640 (Beijing headquarters)

Miao Wang 13766802038 (Beijing Office)

Phone: 0451-82367153

Fax: 0451-82367163

Email: [email protected]

Original title: 2016 PV power plant project in Heilongjiang province construction investment tenders

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