Anhui Huaibei leader solar PV base 9 winners public enterprise finalists

Polaris solar PV net news: project name: 2016 mining subsidence area in Huaibei, Anhui Province, national PV demonstration of advanced technology base construction

Item number: 2016FAJZ3473/JG2016-02-1227

Tender: open tender

Tender notice release date: September 14, 2016

Bid opening date: October 9, 2016

Anhui Huaibei

Bid evaluation Committee: Wang Jixue, and Li Qiang, and Liu Yang, and Ma Lihua, and of houguan, and Yanping Wang, and Wang Yongzhi

The tenderer name: Bureau of Anhui Province energy

Address: 6/f, Hefei city, Anhui

Contact person: Wang Yongzhi

Contact: 0551-62636753

Tender agent name: Anhui bidding group company limited

Address: Anhui Province, Hefei baohe road 236 bidding group building

Project Manager: Cheng peng, Zhu Zezhong contact phone number: 0551-62220221

Publicity: October 10, 2016 until October 13, 2016

If a bidder disagrees with the above results, during the public notice period, in writing to the tender, Anhui Province, challenged the group, contact person: Cheng peng, Zhu Zezhong phone: 0551-62220221, 0551-62220276.

If a bidder disagrees with the views on the question, should be submitted in writing to the Bureau of Anhui Province energy complaints contact person: Wang Yongzhi, Tel: 0551-62636753.

Hereby notice.

Energy Bureau of Anhui Province

Anhui bidding group company limited

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