Argentina solar renewable tender bid price of 5 97 cents

Polaris solar PV net news: Argentina has over 60% electricity from fossil fuels, renewable energy generation capacity currently only 682 million Watts (megawatt), far less than neighboring Chile 4.8 GW (gigawatt), Argentina to catch up, renewable energy bid on October 7, 2016 knots early, the biggest winners are wind power, followed by solar energy, both the bid price of less than 6 cents.

Argentina’s renewable of large tenders, are in Argentina began to push for energy reform, plans to develop renewable power for the first time since the tender, tender reached 1,109 megawatts of generating capacity, final 17 bids case, wind power accounted for 12 pieces, a total of 708 million Watts, solar accounted for 4, a total of 400 million Watts, and bio fuels 1, 1 million watts. Among them, envision energy scored 4, China wind energy plan, Spain IsoluxCorsan, FieldFare scored 1 solar plan.

In terms of price, bid price 5.94 cents for each kilowatt of wind energy, solar energy bid averaged 5.97 cents. Wind energy manufacturers minimum asking price of 4.91 cents for each kilowatt, solar energy for 5.9 cents/kWh for biomass and 11 cents. 11.11 cents for each kilowatt hydroelectric scheme at the lowest price, and therefore could not be the successful bidder.

The wind won the bid price below the 2015 Brazil 6.237 cents for each kilowatt, showing wind energy costs continue to trend downward. Argentina is currently more than 10 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity prices, wind energy price have steadily below grid parity.

Argentina faces energy shortages since 2011, shale oil and gas development and there is, in order to achieve energy itself, the Government actively promoting renewable energy, including legislation requires that industrial users in 2017, 8% of electricity comes from renewables, in 2025 and to reach 20%. Now Argentina has only 1.8% of electricity come from renewable sources.

Tendering process manufacturers to participate in active, all of the 1,109 megawatts, 123 projects have bid, the total bid size of 6,366 megawatts, nearly 6 times, scale of scale for wind energy tender bidding 7 times, 10 times times for solar energy.

Argentina hopes that by this tender can lead to 15~20 billion-dollar investments, after the knot, a total of 17 projects to introduce investment of 1.8 billion dollars, slightly less than had been expected.

Original title: Argentina renewable energy tenders, bid price per unit less than 6 cents

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