Canada Ontario disclosure of various types of power cost PV is the most

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to Ontario Power Council announced of the province power structure and cost, nuclear power accounted for than highest, reached 58%, its units cost for 0.068 Canadian dollars/kWh; hydropower accounted for than 23%, cost only for 0.057 Canadian dollars/kWh, in various power in the minimum; gas power accounted for than 9%, cost 0.140 Canadian dollars/kWh; wind electric accounted for than 8%, cost for 0.133 Canadian dollars/kWh; and solar power only accounted for total electricity of 2%, Cost up to c $ 0.481/kWh.

Canada Ontario disclosure of various types of power cost: PV is the most expensive

This shows that the international average low-cost power in the country may not be low, optimizing energy structure should be adapted to local conditions.

Original title: Canada Ontario Power cost disclosure: water, nuclear power is the cheapest PV is still your very

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