Canada Ontario to stop buying more than 1000MW of renewable

Polaris solar PV net news: the Government of Ontario on Tuesday (September 27) that the Government will reduce purchasing renewable energy, a move that would save $ 3.8 billion for the Ontario (equivalent to us $ 2.86 billion).

Steven Glenn Thibeault said at a news conference, Ontario, a residential user is expected to save $ 2.45 per month tariff, but will directly benefit consumers remains unclear.

Government says it will immediately suspend the second round of large-scale renewable energy procurement process and Energy-from-Waste project, to stop buying more than 1000 megawatts of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, bio-energy, and so on.

Due to rising electricity bills are likely to affect the election of the Liberal Party Ontario Liberal Government has pledged to reduce electricity costs for residents.

GlennThibeault, September 1, independent electricity system operation planning prospects show the next decade an adequate electricity supply in Ontario.

Different from is reducing the use of renewable energy in Ontario, in Canada BC in Western Province, is planning to increase the utilization of renewable energy. Policy stems from the difference between the actual gap between the two provinces. In recent years has been the deficit impact of Ontario, Canada population, GDP, industry’s largest deficit of the provinces currently almost equal to the deficit in many small European countries. Ontario has become the world’s most indebted provincial governments. There are reports that, currently the province’s total debt is more than $ 300 billion and may rise before and after 2020 to $ 350 billion. Provincial governments must try to reduce costs.

Opposition parties have accused the Liberal Party Government to squander taxpayers ‘ money. At this point, the provincial Government also hopes to reduce stress before the provinces. This is also the time to reduce purchases of renewable energy one of the main reasons.

Original title: Canada Provincial Government: reduce to buy renewable energy

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