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Polaris solar PV net news: October 31, 2016 – November 1, hosted by Polaris solar PV net “quality second PV power station ˙ equipment Forum PV 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar” held in Beijing AVIC hotel. From the domestic power plant investment units, electric power Design Institute, large financial institutions, photovoltaic power generation equipment business nearly 300 people took part in the event to discuss how the photovoltaic industry on the road to quality and efficiency way.

The meeting, the new Department of energy certification of China quality certification center Su Bojie published a theme leader in the CQC certification program implementation and development direction of speech.

Hello, below I give you a leader about CQC certification implementation, as well as future plans. As we all know, CQC leader introduced from 2015, now runs a one-year period, judging from this year’s operation, PV also has the industry’s other magazines, site leader certification is highly recognized. We leader implementation is designed to help you do the classification of enterprises, companies and products are recommended for the best community and industry.

About us leader in the certification of objects. Now so far from 2015, our main object is the photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic power plant equipment evaluation is mainly efficiency, adaptation to the environment, outdoor durability, attenuation and power; operating mechanism is to complement national policies on our products for quality management. Our management model will use the column name management, leader in certified information announced.

This are one of our photovoltaic leader certificate templates, there is now an enterprise are basically our leader’s identity, will be calibrating our products is first or second class, level is high, levels are low.

This is some of our concrete implementation of certification leader, some certification standards.

This is by 2016 the specific circumstances of our photovoltaic modules certification in the first half, because US companies are participating in the leader certification, data is updated in real time. So far, we are now certified businesses far more than these, model number and certificate number far more than now, the things we have been in the statistics, simply pull out the first half of our data now to show you.

On the basis of our professional support, bear is a national project, we, after all, is a national certified units, so on the qualification as well as projects we do is very good. Leader certification program when we do a lot of preparatory work and investment owners after we finish the certification can query specific information products, all investment property owners can be used as a reference not to blindly select products.

Following our leader certification for future development and new technologies. We now push this on several projects including new products, new indicators and new fields, new products, starting from the first half of this year, we have begun to push leader in PV modules, PV leader in double glass and I’ll explain another PV tracking systems who float on the new indicators in the outdoor demonstration plan.

In regard to new areas, our leading product certification as well as full life-cycle of photovoltaic systems have some plans.

You PV leader in implementation of the following specific documents than 2015, 2016 solar files do a more detailed provision, the new approach would essentially increase the double glass component certification specification. Double glass and components are also now some manufacturers push photovoltaic products, to their requirements as well as industry-specific use, we introduced the double glass system. About the difference between glass and double glazing, single glass just evaluation of efficiency of power generation, may have a direct relationship is only the efficiency of the data, but the double glass, two double glass and components can be evaluated, one of which is power efficiency, a performance evaluation. All enterprises are involved in these applications, files and rules, I will not detail specific.

Our application process is basically apply on the Web, certified engineers will receive all applications, product makes an evaluation and, finally, a certification process.

This is our double glass units under the leadership of, double glass and more complex than the single model and type of glass, especially double on the classification of glass in transparent and opaque, more suitable for a variety of products than a single glass. From different technical courses, single crystal and polycrystalline are different units, there are also different power type, and I have product model makes specific provisions.

When this is our leader certification to applicants to provide documents and information about these members might have provided, and specific certification. From us, just a report of written reports, from 2015 to 2016, it is a more subtle changes.

This is a sample of our double glass leadership certification requirements, sample time in addition to efficient rating, performance requirements, so that at the time of delivery is not just efficiency ratings for sample, sample requirements, in principle, at least to send 17 samples. Implementation when you do other certifications may be one of the two tests, send a 9.

CQC-technical specification the name of this is our own, some of it is our own file, double glass and leader certification this is what we do to adapt to the environment of the main considerations, and standards. This is when we are in the preparation of editing some of the units, we can look at, basically covers some mainstream PV enterprises of domestic and foreign producers, certification and materials, so that was open when we discussed this issue many times, sought a lot of views, will have double glass leader in certification services.

This is some of our specific meeting. You this is our double glass leader performance testing process now covers most of the special environment of test trials, the PID on the far left test now under high temperature conditions, PID effect is very easy, we also added a PID. In the Northwest and the area because the strong winds at the moment changes, dynamic load on components, we use dynamic load simulation test of the components, others like the Highlands area may the wind is very strong, we have also added a number of high-power ultraviolet test. Double glass test recently using compared more of place is PV farm, in farm inside do test words, inside rot of plant may will on test caused some effect, we put this test are added has in, so test series overall for on special of application link are consider to has, this several everyone can select do, some place, like in like South area sometimes Gale not is obviously, like some mountain scraping of are is is small of wind, so we on can said not do this test, can put this test removed.

Others, like Northwest was dry, conditions of the formation of PID is not obvious, PID can also does not do this is the specific testing requirements, if through our performance test certified components, it is good, this is done to several types of applications of the test environment was a simple classification. I said hot and humid places, tropical areas some damp heat test PID test, dry and hot area may be the thermal cycle, some areas may be relatively strong ultraviolet irradiated by high farm or if I just said those plants rot after some gas corrosion, salt this salt is very high, we’re just adding salt spray test.

PV module now leads the authentication features, mainly including terrestrial photovoltaic conversion efficiency components in the different regions or conversion efficiency under different weather conditions for integrated assessment. We will add a few extra test indicator, this particular indicator has high temperature, low temperature, there are standard OCT.

This is leading some of the most basic efficiency test of concrete projects, we can look at our efficiency from the sample number is divided into two groups, group is the temperature coefficient, one is doing electrical calibration of the test, so to speak are also considered more comprehensive.

This is our photovoltaic transformation efficiency of leading rating, from 2015 when we identified leadership certification program, has made this provision, Crystal more efficiency than efficiency higher, because single crystals from the technology course said its efficiency in the production process can better than ceramic, so we make some changes to the efficiency.

Also in black and white double glass component, we take into account the black and white double glass and components it light by absorption of light, may be different from other components, efficiency may be improved, in order to test our efficiency to 18.8, the efficiency is much higher than other single glass component, this is reasonable.

This is our double glass and leader of some cycles and time, this testing is time-consuming, considering, around 35 working days we can complete all of these tests.

Leader in certification and the certification of the basis is basically this: certification of these two complementary systems, Fundamentals is to eliminate backward production capacity, leader certification in the fundamentals should be considered on the basis of, fundamentals and leader certification can apply, leader certification certificate to slightly later than the fundamentals, this won’t cause too much impact on the enterprise.

There are many certification of enterprises and units, we have also to consider the burden of enterprises, which means that we now also finds that some of the other results of the certification unit, like the TC200 DH1000 test result must be approved for the country issued by the certification body certified the basis of results, slashed themselves with CBIT also has two years to produce the salt mist and ammonia certification of results, we are recognized.

Now we in the CQC do some of the basic draft, several meetings were held, because when people in power station applications, always wanted to capture more light as possible, so that components are always in a high State of efficiency, so that the automatic tracking system for us is a very important future directions.

Addition also has water Shang floating system, everyone now are know in Northwest, ground power station of application also has accounted for to you needed a are very tension, now Northwest can batch down these PV with to is compared more, so said we now is according to some both at home and abroad of institutions, also some enterprise to we do of feedback, they now feedback of things is wants to do water Shang floating, after all water of regional compared big, we can full using water regional. Some of these are Lakes floating on the water, we don’t have to stand in the ground, so we can save a lot of trouble.

That is to say, when we were floating in the water, safety requirements and other requirements, they may be made perfect, it is not a simple process, we now invite a number of experts on these things we do an evaluation, follow-up, we will continue to introduce specific practices to float on the water system.

This is an outdoor demonstration case analysis we do, everyone wants to know how long we can use, which places the first failure is used for a long time, what is the reason for the failure of, we should be everyone’s needs in order to do the empirical bases of the outdoor station. This is our outdoor demonstration base of data analysis, outdoors on the specific capacity and we will make an overall evaluation, you can see that using different materials and what effect different equipment components, because the outdoor demonstration was a long-term effect, probably running about a year to see the results.

Eventually if said outdoor empirical base made has yihou, last we application template probably is such of, that efficiency what is how many, this aspects will to a specific of assessment, last of when we will on these formed test has a ranking, these investment power station see we this report on will very of clear, you of products what is real using status in the power efficiency is how a status, electricity is how a status.

Now since we launched a long outdoor demonstration for some time, so far, we have now done 6 empirical base, the best we have acceptance of Qinghai province, Datong and we are involved in.

This is our basic specification requirements for solar outdoor demonstration, based on the standard outdoor demonstration programme. This outdoor demonstration test process is definitely on the formation of progress checks, and then conduct performance testing, and then really started outdoor demonstration experiments and data collection, after data collection has an analysis of test results, and finally do a test report based on data.

This is environment data and monitoring collection of data, we according to data acquisition of frequency also has a detection cycle are do has detailed of provides, this is we PV power products lead who certification inside of some MOBA, because many enterprise are in participation we outdoor empirical of plans, last,, we one years zhihou will issued a similar Yu lead who of certificate, certificate above will displayed power station efficiency is how many. Thank you very much!

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