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All districts and counties (cities) people’s Government municipal government departments and units:

Agreed by the municipalities, Shenyang will now clean and renewable energy development plan (2016-2017) issued to you, please practice, conscientiously implement.

Office of the Shenyang municipal people’s Government

The October 11, 2016

Clean and renewable energy development plan, Shenyang City (2016-2017)

Improve the clean and renewable energy scale is the city speed up the adjustment of energy structure in an important way and means are important measures to improve the living environment, to promote sustainable development. For the carrying out of the Shenyang city people’s Government on the issuance of critical time of 2016 anti smog action plan notice (Shen Zheng (2016), 13th) spirit, combining city actual and plan are formulated.

A, guideline

According to municipal, and Municipal Government on implementation sky engineering, and advance sustainable development strategy requirements, to improved atmosphere environment quality and optimization energy structure for target, vigorously introduced and development clean and can renewable energy, gradually reduced and strictly control coal-fired consumption total, speed up clean and can renewable energy using, for makes I city to coal-fired mainly of pollution type energy structure gradually to to gas, and power, and wind, mainly of clean type energy structure change lay good based.

Second, objective

(A) the urban heating and electricity, natural gas and other clean energy alternatives in the field engineering. 2016 10 tons/hour within built-up areas (or 7MW) and the following coal-fired boilers, and have replaced conditions of coal-fired boilers in non built-up area networking or clean energy reform. To 10 tons/hour (or 7MW) more than networking or clean energy transformation conditions of coal-fired boiler, increase its efforts to promote the implementation of networking, alternative work to further improve gas distributed heating, electric heating, (water, air) the proportion of clean energy, such as heat source heat pump.

(B) increase the intensity of the introduction and utilization of natural gas. By 2017, the city’s consumption reached 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas. More than gas network to cover the city’s 70% Township.

(C) to speed up the wind, solar, biomass and other renewable energy scale, and strive to annual increments of 3%. By the end of 2017, the city’s total wind power installed capacity reached 1.2 million-kilowatt inhabitants MSW incineration power generation, biomass, landfill gas power generation, small hydropower and solar power and other renewable energy generation capacity of 400,000-kilowatt. Increase the intensity of crop straw comprehensive utilization of capacity-building, by 2016 the annual straw comprehensive utilization rate of 90%.

(D) to continue implementation of the national strategy of popularization and application of new energy vehicles, increase promotion of new energy vehicles. Gradually replacing diesel buses in the city for new energy vehicles. By 2017, the city’s new and updated not less than 5,000 new energy vehicles (standard).

Third, key tasks

(A) urban heating clean-energy heat supply project in the area.

1. “Coal to electricity”. Expand the “coal to electricity” in government agencies, large shopping malls and other public areas and scope of civil heating pilot, strive for new in 2016 “coal to electric” heating area of 1 million square meters. On the basis of pilot experience, 2017, and then added “coal to electric” heating area of 5 million square meters.

2. “Coal gas”. Implementation of Shenyang Yongsheng seven housing development company seven seas world of gas-fired boiler, Shenyang liming Aero Engine (Group) limited for the reconstruction project of small coal-fired boilers.

3. Other clean energy alternatives. Continue to promote water-source heat pump project, and relying on the city’s sewage treatment plant sewage generated from resources to promote the application of sewage source heat pump technology, progressive realization of industrialization and market scale.

Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, the construction Committee, the environmental protection agency, Department of finance, real estate, all districts and counties (cities).

(B) accelerating the construction of natural gas pipeline network, expanding the natural gas market. According to Northeast gas pipeline network construction plan, ready to receive Datang Fuxin coal-gas, Sino-Russian natural gas station of the East and the city construction of gas distribution networks, the implementation of existing old gas pipe network in urban area, expanded coverage of gas network, promoting the construction of distributed natural gas power station in due course. Speed up the natural gas vehicle application, steadily carry out the car of intercity passenger transport of liquefied natural gas and application of heavy transport. Further perfect the construction of LPG filling stations network, high-speed service and transport nodes in the conditions, the construction of liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas fueling station, until the end of 2017, collected from gas stations up to 120 seats.

Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, the construction Committee, the Department of transportation.

(C) accelerating the construction of kangping and faku areas wind farm. Actively promote the Xin Tun, North four children, she and other early wind farm project, to urge the provincial development and Reform Commission to include the item “Thirteen-Five” wind during approval of the plan, to approve annual new wind projects installed a 50,000-kilowatt, add new grid-connected capacity of 50,000-kilowatt.

Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, kangping, faku County Government.

(D) promote photovoltaic applications. Using the city’s abundant solar energy resources and building roof resources, support for schools, hospitals, government agencies and other public buildings as well as industrial buildings, residential buildings, such as building integrated photovoltaics-building project. Advance the huishan dairy group, GCL, the provincial science and technology museum construction of distributed solar power projects. By 2017, the city distributed PV installed capacity up to 200,000-kilowatt. Support camping area unreclaimed land, beaches and other unused resources centralized PV plants on the ground, advancing by two cows, Zhang Qiang, flowers and old reservoir terrestrial photovoltaic power station projects. To 2017 centralized PV power station installed capacity reached 50,000-kilowatt on the ground in the city.

Responsible unit: municipal development and Reform Commission, all districts and counties (cities).

(E) expand the scale of biomass energy utilization. Speed up the Tigers rushed for MSW incineration power plant, large work force garbage incineration power plant project, the Tigers rushed for MSW incineration power plant completed in 2017 and put into use, effects of garbage incineration power plant completed in 2018 and put into use. Two daily garbage in garbage incineration power plant 3000 tons each. Crop straw resource-rich rural areas, actively promoting straw straw gasification and solidification fuel, straw straw energy and chemical engineering construction, year of 1.5 million tons of straw utilization of energy.

Responsible unit: municipal Bureau of city administration, agricultural Commission, Department of finance, development and Reform Commission.

(Vi) to speed up the application of new energy vehicles. Relying on the country’s new energy vehicle demonstration cities, accelerate key technological breakthroughs and development of new energy vehicles, expand the scope of application of new energy vehicles, to encourage new taxi, bus, logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles to purchase new energy cars. By the end of 2017, new energy vehicles for achieving new and updated more than 5,000 cars and supporting building charging infrastructure.

Responsible unit: the municipal development and Reform Commission, Department of transportation, Department of finance, construction, urban management Bureau.

Four, safeguard measures

(A) strengthen organizational leadership. Regions to be fully aware of the accelerating importance of clean and renewable energy use, strengthen coordination, combined with the local resources to develop local area clean and renewable energy development targets and major tasks. Municipal development and Reform Commission as an integrated energy management Department, to strengthen guidance on regional coordination.

(B) strengthening policy support. Carrying out national and provincial on clean energy, new energy and renewable energy promotion policies and measures to actively seek national and provincial fiscal subsidies and preferential tax policies. Develop new energy buses in our city government subsidies, coal to gas project offers gas price policy, straw purchases and transportation subsidy policy, coordination of national and provincial government departments in implementing energy substitution policies.

(C) strengthening project management. For clean and renewable energy projects, all relevant departments in project approval, land use, priority support, strengthen the guidance services, municipal project-approval the green channel, on projects provincial approval to enhance communication with provincial government departments, accelerate project approvals.

(D) strengthen the propaganda. Using radio and TV, newspapers and other news media promoting development of clean and renewable energy utilization on the importance and urgency of energy conservation and emission reduction, improving people’s livelihood, improve energy, climate, environment and energy saving consciousness of hardship, and create a clean and good public opinion atmosphere for renewable energy use.

Original title: Office of the Shenyang municipal people’s Government on the issuance of clean and renewable energy development plan, Shenyang (2016-2017) notice

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