Downward pressure due to excess supply of solar cells will last

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan company sets new energy State (EnergyTrend) announced on September 19, because of sluggish demand, supply chains in the solar panel and solar cell prices in 2016 fell below its lowest levels in the second quarter.

And, solar cell (Ege) and silicon wafer market in September before the end. Only from the current market analysis, the vast majority of solar cell manufacturers are making no profit.

The company forecast in 2017, the whole supply chain from silicon to solar panels, 18~35% total supply will exceed demand, there will be a serious oversupply.

Despite stagnating demand in the second quarter, but the vast majority of companies are still optimistic. Because, according to their hypothesis, the market down just a cyclical blip.

The company believes the markets down sharply in the second quarter, because a solar construction boom in China in the first quarter. Appeared in the first quarter of 2016, China PV power plant building boom ahead of consumption demand, the Panel supply and demand tensions. After the construction boom at the end of June, China as the world’s largest solar market, demand slumped, dragging down the growth of the global market.

In 2016, and 2017 for the fourth quarter as a whole, India market is expected to continue to grow, becoming rare new force on the global market. In addition to India, but in South America, the Middle East and other emerging markets will slowly expand.

However, due to changes in energy policy of the United States and Japan stagnant demand, in 2017, the total demand is expected to stagnate. Even optimistic speculation in the market of China, it is estimated that only unchanged from 2016.

Global PV market will be zero for the first time, the battery market will step into a plateau. Set state market in 2017 and scale of new energy is 63.7GW, only 2016 63.4GW 0.3GW. Moreover, this situation is not limited to 2017, and may last until 2018.

Set state energy believes that after the market in the next six months hit bottom, due to the seasonal demand and local pick up of China’s market-driven, market up slightly. However, due to the strong growth in the supply of, will keep prices continue downward trend, from 2016 during the fourth quarter of 2017, estimates buyer’s market will continue.

Original title: research firm forecast: downward pressure due to excess supply of solar cells will last

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