Exploration for three years Shanxi province to ensure accurate household PV

Polaris solar PV net news: beginning in October 2014, National Energy Board, the State Council poverty alleviation Office selects, Anhui, Ningxia, Shanxi, Hebei, Gansu, Qinghai, 30 counties of the first photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation, this new model for poverty alleviation was concerned. In 2015, the PV poverty alleviation was central to defining the “Thirteen-Five” period accurate models for poverty alleviation, one of the foreseeable over the next five years will be even more in the spotlight. From now on, it will launch the “PV in action for poverty alleviation” column, focusing on pilot areas of good practice and good experience.

Recently, Shanxi province, in the issuance of interim measures for the PV project management (implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the methods) clearly stated: around the building of village-level (household) photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation, according to per 20-kilowatt subsidy of 100,000 yuan to support financial aid funds, the shortfall can be solved through Bank lending, corporate contributions or any other means which can enjoy 5% discount loans to support the project.

Reporter Bill, currently about 8500 Yuan per kilowatt of photovoltaic power station, 20-kilowatt power plant with a total price of approximately 170,000 yuan, government subsidy is already more than half the total, installed photovoltaic power generation system for residents to take the bulk of the cost pressures. It is clear that the method can solve the household PV power station construction funds, contribute to the advancement of PV for poverty alleviation.

It is understood that the national PV poverty-one of the first pilot province, since October 2014, selected linfen, in Shanxi province Datong cities of fenxi, daning, Jixian, Tianzhen, hunyuan 5 national focus of poverty-alleviation counties as a pilot. Today, Shanxi in PV on poverty alleviation has been explored for nearly three years, poverty alleviation model in continuous improvement and innovation, and achieved positive results.

Financing: financing safeguards put into

In Shanxi province that is located in the loess plateau of East, the vast majority of poor illumination adequate resources-barren slopes wide, photovoltaic power plant construction has a unique advantage. As everyone knows, the financing was an important bottleneck hindering the development of PV poverty.

Initial funding has always been photovoltaic projects to advance key link. Government financial aid is the most important of these. To this end, the Shanxi provincial finance for each photovoltaic pilot poverty alleviation project village set at 500,000 yuan of entire villages to advance project funds to support the building of 100-kilowatt village PV power plant. Linfen is the PV more successful pilot area for poverty alleviation, according to the Municipal Office for poverty alleviation related departments in charge, linfen, also this year at the national, provincial and municipal funds used for PV as a PV project-building capital, leveraged Bank loans, used to solve the problem of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation funds. Specifically, unified integrated PV assigned by the provincial poverty alleviation funds to poverty alleviation and development in linfen city investment company, to this capital to agriculture development bank loans. With 20 million Yuan funds as an example, you can issue a loan of 80 million Yuan, total capital reached 100 million Yuan.

According to the reporter, Shanxi this “capital + local government” matching models more successful. In linfen, build a village-level poverty alleviation power station 100-kilowatt, where central funds and local financial support, farmers have little burden is very popular.

In order to raise more funds, Shanxi and some parts take the form of participation in enterprise support. Tianzhen County, such as the 10 pilot village PV power plant construction gap funding, all by PV ground station construction enterprises for poverty alleviation Shanxi branch of China Huaneng new energy investment, the pattern is made by the provincial Government of Shanxi classic application of PPP model in the area of poverty alleviation, achieving an accurate poverty and “sustainable poverty alleviation”, this year’s photovoltaic an important form of financing for poverty alleviation in Shanxi province.

In addition, some villagers investment for shares. Specifically, was in PV to the alleviation of the village, villagers collected money, shareholder dividends, such as building photovoltaic power plants for poverty alleviation. It is understood that, at present, multi-channel solar financing for poverty alleviation in Shanxi province have achieved good results, successfully resolved the problem of difficulties in financing.

How to build a station: Government-led enterprises to actively participate in

Problems encountered in the construction of photovoltaic power station, is also a bottleneck restricting the building of photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation.

Chang Lin-Yang, Deputy Director of the Shanxi provincial poverty alleviation Office, attaches great importance to PV in Shanxi poverty alleviation work, in order to reduce the cost of investment system in the early input, concerns discourage investment, and create a good investment environment, attract more enterprises to participate in the power station construction for poverty alleviation. Poverty alleviation Office has set up a special team, is responsible for coordinating and rationalizing the relationship between local government, the power grid, banking and other sectors. Indexes, land, incorporation, financial, taxation, subsidy payments will receive priority.

Tianzhen County, do better in this regard. According to understand, the County PV poverty index through sent modified Council coordination solution; by with land will by poverty do coordination land sector, by poverty power station policy solution with to index and rental standard, by project location Government Organization land circulation; while, PV poverty power station in the County also enjoys highest level grid priority, by months settlement, ensure power station as soon as possible enjoys returns for paid poverty paragraph; PV power station of capital credit only need power station project future power 80% returns right can to national import and export Bank handle loan.

In addition, in order to ensure the quality of PV power stations for poverty alleviation, Shanxi also requires construction businesses must purchase advanced technology, national testing and certification bodies the certification of quality products and, by way of bidding, select a high quality enterprise unified management and maintenance of photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation, and from power plants in the future take a certain portion of the proceeds of payment the successful bidder of the normal maintenance.

It is understood. In February this year, luliang city of jinneng group PV project cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held. According to agreement planning, both this year will take village level distributed, and village level concentrated type, and households with distributed and large station construction 4 species way, first in Lin, and XING, and Mesa, and shilou, 4 County 975 a poverty village construction PV poverty power station, zhihou also will has 6 a counties relay started 25 a poverty village pilot work, ensure lüliang city 10 a counties of 1000 a poverty village years full started PV poverty power station construction. Can be said that this is a typical case in Shanxi PV to the alleviation of the enterprise.

This reporter has learned, other than those outside of China, Jin, Yingli, the Hina group, Luan group, with the coal enterprises have also been involved in Shanxi province, and is actively seeking to participate in the construction of photovoltaic projects, pilot work smoothly as a whole, the strong momentum.

Reporter noted that, from the perspective of other provinces of the country poverty-PV, Shanxi province’s “Government-led and market-oriented operation” pattern of poverty, is one of more deep understanding of national PV industry mode of pro-poor policies, and also one countries approved PV model for poverty alleviation, and other parts of the country experience.

How to support precise aid returns to the home

Wang Sicheng, a researcher at the national development and Reform Commission’s energy Institute said in an interview, pro-poor completion of the power station, how to guarantee profits PV poverty reduction the main issues currently faced.

It is understood that the poverty alleviation Office of Shanxi province at the beginning of the pilot, made it clear the village 100-kilowatt station owned land collectively owned by villages, power stations all owned by the village collective dominance. More than 10 MW of concentrated PV self-financing by the company building on the ground, owned investment companies, investment enterprise annual photovoltaic power plant a certain proportion of the proceeds support poverty alleviation and development.

To ensure accurate input PV pro-poor income poverty alleviation, the measures also explicitly requested: PV asset for poverty alleviation, focused support without increasing capacity-poorest out of poverty, appropriate support poor village increased economic revenues. Protection filing State incapacity the poor a 3000 Yuan per household per year. In addition, village-level solar power station for poverty alleviation owned land collectively owned by villages, village collectives may hold a stake. Proceeds to repay the loan and the operation and maintenance of the project, but most of the proceeds directly to the incapacity of eligible households, few can be use as a village collective welfare funds. Household PV power station owned the poor for poverty alleviation, and proceeds to the poor. This is clearly for the first time how PV benefits for poverty alleviation in Shanxi province.

Have a stable income, and poverty is very important.

“Poverty alleviation lies in accurate, precise, and success is accurate. “This is a poor industry used to say a few words.

PV of Shanxi poverty alleviation effort on precision, this from linfen, poverty can be seen in the pilot.

According to understand, linfen main from following eight a aspects clear has PV poverty income management approach and using into: a is 0~3sui children integrated development project; II is warm student engineering; three is out workers personnel accident disability insurance; four is elderly life grants; five is agricultural technology model project; six is improved project village based facilities and the other public project; seven is to support professional cooperatives and leading enterprise mainly support industry poverty; eight is poverty small credit or established village level mutual funds. Project village funds, and submit an application by the village collective, poverty reduction departments approved the arrangement effectively play the efficiency of Fund utilization.

According to JI Yao Qu village Committee Director Zhang Deshui introduction, past villagers rely primarily on corn, millet, grains, crops and fruits such as apples, basic life guarantees, in strong support of the Government, after nearly two years of development, has an increasing number of households received actual earnings from the photovoltaic project, photovoltaic power plant has become the people’s “treasure Bowl”.

Original title: Shanxi province, to ensure accurate household PV benefits for poverty alleviation?

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