From centralized to distributed PV and wind power development is no longer size

Polaris solar PV net news: National Energy Board new energy and renewable energy Secretary Zhu Ming in 2016, recently pointed out that on the opening ceremony of the Beijing International wind power Conference and exhibition, renewable energy and wind power of the “Thirteen-Five” plan has been completed.

National Energy Board new energy and renewable energy Division Chief during the meeting, Li Peng also said that the “Thirteen-Five” period, we had a very big idea, is the wind turbine as a whole as well as in the development of new energy industry, no longer guided by the scale, no longer focus only on the size of the new, more attention should be paid, in particular from on-site and nearby.

And this new change of direction in energy development, China renewable energy society Vice President Meng Xiangan, includes two aspects, one is from a simple scale shift to quality and efficiency; the second is subsidised by the high transition to a competitive basis to reduce subsidies.

Meng Xiangan said in an interview, in fact, this shift in wind or solar power has a certain scale, but there are a lot of problems.

“Typical is abandoned, abandoning the wind is very serious, almost two years and there is no significant improvement. Hard building wind farms or solar power plants, a significant proportion has abandoned wind, abandoned. “Meng Xiangan said.

According to the data issued by the National Energy Board, national wind power mean to abandon wind rate of 21% in the first half, rose 6%. In addition, the data also show that first half of the year, national grid company cumulative amount of abandoned photoelectric 3.305 billion kWh, rose 91%; abandoned light was 12.1%, up 2.05%.

“In fact, this capacity problem in the end. Installed in our country there are many, but electricity production has some gaps. It also reflects a problem of efficiency and effectiveness. “Meng Xiangan stressed, therefore, can not simply the pursuit of installed base, or whether it should output how many more output, need, rather than abandon the wind up.

It is understood that the installed capacity of wind power in China has ranked first in the world. But the data shows that in 2015, China’s wind power total power 3.3%, and the whole of Europe has more than 11%. By contrast, China’s wind power from Europe, wind power is still a big gap.

In addition, the subsidy arrears should not be neglected in this regard. According to Meng Xiangan introduced subsidy shortfall of as much as 55 billion in the first half of this year. May reach 60 billion by the end of this year. In his view, the consequences of such subsidies indentations are wind power, optical price owed to the Internet. Also affects the efficiency of enterprises and even losses.

Meng Xiangan also told reporters that “the ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘, has been articulated in wind power wind turbine to parity. May have stopped subsidies for another four or five years, which means that in the future to market mechanisms, rather than relying on policy to promote, relying on subsidies to development. Since leaving the market mechanism, the quality and efficiency must be pursued. It also shows that China’s wind power and photovoltaic are going to mature. ”

This shift in direction of new energy development in Meng Xiangan, first is to rely on progress of science and technology, as well as through the expansion of market, to reduce the cost of power generation. In addition, the implementation of policies is particularly important. Do not default, not abandon, not abandon wind light. Power grid should be timely acquisitions, to transportation, to dissolve. For wind power, photovoltaic development to create a favorable market environment and policy environment.

Is in need of attention, on the “captive” use of wind power and renewable energy, is also more concern of the outside world. Meng Xiangan told reporters that in this regard we need to pay attention to the issue includes two points. First, we must pay attention to strengthening the reform of electric power system. Due to the nearest in-place using wind and new energy compared to conventional power systems, with disruptive change.

He explains, the traditional system is centralized, single, and distributed are now dispersed, bi-directional. This concentrated dispersion, changed from a single bi-directional changes, means that the system must be reformed, for the acceptance of renewable power grid construction work.

In addition, in the management to be more careful, more cumbersome. Under the new circumstances, and to pay attention to scientific management. Meng Xiangan said, the last provisions of the electricity Act, electricity service only establish an electricity service organizations. There are now numerous distributed, for the future on the mechanism of power management and construction caused a lot of trouble. Issues involve how reform of electric power system.

“The focus of electric power system reform is to establish a market mechanism, power grid in the past both buy and sell electricity generation away from power users. In future, power generation and power users can trade directly. “For example, he road, such as the establishment of a small wind farms, electricity bought directly, do not need to go through the grid. These for the power system and power grid is disruptive, so more needs to strengthen the reform of electric power system.

Some industry insiders said in an interview, policy implementation still needs local government and other related departments have enough attention on renewable energy, strengthen their supervision work.

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