GCL energy Li Yahong duocuo simultaneously make concerted efforts to enhance

Polaris solar PV net news: October 31, 2016 – November 1, hosted by Polaris solar PV net “quality second PV power station ˙ equipment Forum PV 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar” held in Beijing AVIC hotel. From the domestic power plant investment units, electric power Design Institute, large financial institutions, photovoltaic power generation equipment business nearly 300 people took part in the event to discuss how the photovoltaic industry on the road to quality and efficiency way.

At the meeting, new GCL-poly energy holdings, Department of construction management General Manager Li Yahong entitled duocuo was published simultaneously, make concerted efforts, enhance the quality of PV’s speech.

GCL energy Li Yahong: duocuo simultaneously, make concerted efforts to enhance photovoltaic power plant quality

Figure for the PV quality ˙ PV equipment Forum 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar

GCL energy Li Yahong: duocuo simultaneously, make concerted efforts to enhance photovoltaic power plant quality

New GCL-poly energy holdings, Department of construction management General Manager Li Yahong

Following is the speech:

According to the theme of the Conference, today I am more focus from the engineering point of view, the development of photovoltaic industry, including some of the price of things, especially recent roller-coaster or cliff price, on some points.

Today most of our equipment manufacturing enterprises and experts from the engineering point of view, what can I do to get those things done, how to play out its value, final pursuit is to build a reliable, quality photovoltaic power plant.

GCL a total of five listed companies, originating from electrical gear start, eventually into power and clean energy generation in 2006, and transferred to the polysilicon industry, Concord Group now in the PV industry, a total of 3 listed companies.

First is in Hong Kong-listed GCL (HK3800), which is mainly based on polycrystalline silicon ingot slicing of listed companies. Second GCL integration are listed. I now the Concord new energy in the PV industry chain the ends of this piece, are mainly doing development of photovoltaic power plant construction and operation.

Refer to construction, Concord new energy photovoltaic building concept is simple. First of all, a platform, GCL beginning in 2011 to create project management platform and based on the characteristics of photovoltaic power stations on the system targeted optimization. Second based on this platform of two a rein, a rein quality, a rein change, behind I will mentioned quality and change, that is abandoned engineering management normal of security progress cost yiwai, actually is guarantee has cost most basic of factors, eventually we to got a can long cycle holds, can with operation profit of, and has Association Xin new energy features of PV power station, this target very clear.

Next, I mainly focusing on team building, work conditions and program management.

We designed this Concord has its own PV Design Institute, now less than 100 people, but our colleagues are focused on photovoltaic power plant design, others don’t, until now should have got more than 10 items of national patents, there are dozens of patents in the Declaration.

Of course, we also focused on the deep development of photovoltaic plant of construction-related products, focusing on application level, there is key fact is mastery of the PV field, field conditions based on a plant, a plant’s cost comes from the power station’s environment and external conditions involved.

First of all, our typical design. Association Xin Institute for PV power station various type of typical station District are out according to has typical design, we in optimization process in the, while is based on typical design with site actual of match made must of optimization, again has is based on technology of progress, using new equipment, eventually of results is how put good of things with best of match way with up, this is we pursuit of a target.

For design of border conditions of put control, this inside we has a defined, a power station of built involves development, and design also has construction operation several block, for cost of effect, we think development project by at external convenience conditions can accounted for to 50% of proportion, design to accounted for to 40%, left of 10% which only 6% to 7% is process in the engineering put control can brings of a benefits, left 3% to 4% is shipped dimension future how lasting put quality guarantee down, this is we think of a cost of constitute.

That is all of work we requirements do in front, so from equipment Shang,, we Association Xin now is take framework procurement strategy cooperation of way, we annual or said some equipment is half are to started once concentrated procurement, this concentrated procurement also not blind mining, because Association Xin now in run of power station has 100 several, has various of equipment in power station site run, we each quarter will has himself of shipped dimension team based on all equipment of run status, to returns and electricity for benchmark for seriously of analysis , Which means that these will form an important basis for the next round of centralized purchasing.

From Association Xin these years of development,, especially new energy, from 2014 in Hong Kong listed only began into fast development stage, certainly 2008, and 2009 Association Xin also do has some PV power station, like in Shanxi Datong, and Jiangsu Xuzhou, that when basically is test sex of, and no put it as a specifically of industry, from May 2014 in Hong Kong listed yihou, new energy of company established yihou only began mass to intervention to PV power station of development construction and operation in the. We started as a GCL is power, photovoltaic power plant when we were doing, seriously as a PV power plant to treat, so help us to guarantee quality and yield.

Just now also mentioned the recent “front-runner” project offers. In the “leaders” project, Concord got 360MW now. Shanxi yangquan “leader” project, GCL 0.61 Yuan, online comments the next morning said GCL is crazy. But as a participator, I know this is how things were. Normal we plans requirements in project development basic landing and will starts Qian to do this things, now for “lead who” project, even on which a plots are not clear, and can got also not clear, but ahead of will put early set prepared out, will all plots of all of conditions analysis clear, real put cost and not control of risk factors consider to, eventually in guarantee returns rate of situation Xia only reported out such of electric price. I simply report here, thank you!

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