Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission issued the 2016 Olympics

Polaris solar PV net news: Zhangjiakou City development and Reform Commission, State grid power company in North Hebei province:

According to national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification (country can new can (2016) 166th,) requirements, for put Olympic welcome bin corridor PV power project construction into high standards, and quality model engineering, by County, Zhangjiakou City, development reform Board declared, and hydropower water planning design total hospital review and online publicity, and reported by national energy Council agreed, now will 2016 Olympic welcome bin corridor PV power project grid plans be issued, and will about matters notification following:

Principle, scheduling

Arrangements have been included in the Olympic Games welcome Gallery of photovoltaic power generation project construction plan, with operating conditions of the project. Give priority to technical standards for advanced, has led the demonstration projects prioritize environmental protection measures to implement, eco friendly environment project; landscape design priorities, comply with the overall corridor landscape design projects give priority to progress faster in the early, in June 2017, put into operation before the end of the project. Specific project plan see annex.

Second, the requirement

A uniform price standard. Planned project are specialists in the field after the bidding criteria, namely when the project is put into operation a local Internet access standard electricity prices by 0.03 Yuan/kWh based on implementation.

Second, strict construction standards, speed up the project. Project Unit to Zhangjiakou Olympic welcome Corridor project in accordance with the construction standards and project implementation plan, accelerating the construction of projects, ensuring that completed and put into operation before June 30, 2017. During the construction of the project, I will organize experts to assess the project. Or assessment standards project fails to build, network performance will be reduced.

Three is network service. Power companies should be based on the principle to streamline processes and improve efficiency, according to relevant provisions and time requirements, issued by project network views and support out of the construction, ensure that project completed timely operation.

Annex: the 2016 Olympic Games welcome Gallery schedule of grid-connected PV power generation projects

Development and Reform Commission of Hebei province

The October 24, 2016

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