Hot crazy First only Sun and sea vegetable farm

Polaris solar PV net news: in Australia Southern California desert Sun farm successfully using only sunlight and seawater species out of 17,000 tonnes of tomatoes.

Hot crazy! First only Sun and sea vegetable farm

This is the first full use of sunlight and seawater farms. An international team of scientists spent six years studying, only to find no need freshwater, soil and unnecessary energy from the power grid will be able to grow crops. As resources become more scarce, when eventually we have to adjust to life.

The team said “the traditional use of groundwater for irrigation in greenhouse by gas thermal power and cooling. Sun greenhouses can turn seawater and sunlight into energy and water. Then we can use this sustainable carbon dioxide and nutrients to maximize plant growth. ”

In 2014, the farm opened in Port Augusta, 20 hectares of commercial establishments. Its basic concepts through the use of 2 kilometers on the Spencer Gulf of reduced crop production in the process of energy and fresh water consumption.

After water was shipped to a farm, can experience in the solar plant desalting process into fresh water.

Vegetable roots growing in coconut skins, to make crops under the high temperature of 48 degrees Celsius to keep cool on hot days, the team at the bottom of their pads with water-soaked cardboard. Sun hot enough to make the plant through the winter.

Grow vegetables indoors this can also avoid the use of pesticides, since close monitoring of these crop growing conditions, allows them to live in a controlled pest-free environment.

These are very good, but the team’s real breakthrough is that this huge farms using only solar energy.

Rather than installing solar panels in each place, they created 23,000 mirrors, these mirrors to concentrate sunlight on a fixed Tower, Tower generators for electricity.

Although this system is very efficient, but now the team is to connect it on the grid just in case. The team said: “we use solar energy to produce fresh water for irrigation. We can converts solar energy into electricity for heating and cooling in our greenhouse. We can use water to clean the air ventilation and disinfection to control pests. ”

Although all of this is still in its early stages, but experts said Sun farm system would become Freshwater scarcity, land solution after droughts and higher energy costs.

The farm also has some drawbacks, of course. First, the researchers did not disclose whether the system of collecting sunlight will bring negative effects to the other animals in the desert. United States solar power plants similar to the mirror ashes of birds passing over more than 6,000 a year.

The farm’s cost is also very high, about $ 200 million. But the team known as compared to conventional farms, they are able to more accurately predict the consumption of farm, such huge costs to eventually recover.

Original title: Farm Frenzy: the first uses only Sun and sea vegetable farm

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