Hung Wei PV ordered price cuts is out

Polaris solar PV net news: on October 25, wuhai PV leader in base price bid events crowding the screen, less than two months later, PV bid pricing from 6.0 to 4.0 times without hesitation.

Let old red is particularly exciting, ranked in the top two of the lower price is Yingli 0.45 Yuan and GCL 0.48 Yuan, troubled Yingli expressed by the exclamation point in the old red ink mountain to Miao Liansheng big flag? Negative! Miao Liansheng stepped back, but Yingli’s heroism is not reduced.

It’s just a joke, really deny the Mr Zhu to Miao Liansheng big flag? Advocates of price wars, is a strong negative articles out of many friends, especially PGO views as representative of the Secretary General Zhou Yuan: “the price cut is inevitable, but must be ordered.” Conviction that the market is not to transfer the people’s aspirations, so old deep red, asked: “can be listed under the condition of market-oriented and orderly price case? ”

Station in hope PV power early achieved cheap Internet of angle, especially station in PV is completely market industry must more encourages market phenomenon of angle, from 2012 began, old red always is Miao Liansheng banner of price big flag of firm supporters, always station in has many industry friends are of opposite; station in hope PV industry health development of angle, old red and ever not hope PV industry “ordered competition”, but and friends are different of is, against fantasy, more care how achieved “ordered competition”?

Two days ago, see Gao jifan PV Conference speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition in China, again called for: “healthy and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry, needs an orderly competition within the industry and industry to cooperate fully.” Old red and help micro-high total: “just don’t understand ‘ orderly competition ‘ how? “General Gao replied:” this is not policy can be resolved, require industry efforts, China is not easy. ”

Because they are not simple negation of the old red, but the same thoughts, this old red little emotional rally, many think. After clarifying the logic of forming their own views, old red high back is always a sentence: “full cooperation is not talk out of, is out. ”

On October 25, a friend said, “I don’t believe killed four hairy pricing can work, the bastard, not the bottom line. “This let old red inevitably produced two points intuition: first, the friends of language so somewhat” dirt “, and mood so somewhat” boosting “, should is because this quotes serious to damage has he of interests; second, 0.45 and 0.48 Yuan quotes is how is of account, and British Lee and Association Xin is die also is to live shut you fart thing Ah, China PV industry need this price! It’s like when a notice poor performance of listed companies, there will be a large number of people thrown in stock, on the one hand we have a common aspiration, hope the price will not drop too low to allow their losses too large; other people rushed to dump stocks after respectively, hope it wasn’t the lowest selling of shares. And so with “the bastard, no bottom line” stock price when it was lower than a stock’s value will drop. It is the only “no line” when low stock valuations have to all live without it when investors will reach a tacit agreement, forming the “full cooperation” will only be commenced under the future valuation of the enterprise “orderly competition”. This process must be accompanied by a large number of investors at a loss of the game.

The investments of an enterprise, so is an industrial investment, current photovoltaic power bid is all the more true because mid 2011 PV industry downturn cycle has had such experience.

In 2011, the global PV module production capacity above 60GW global installation 27.5GW supply more than 1 time, photovoltaic industry entered a period of brutal consolidation. When China PV industry managers, people loudly called for “orderly competition”, but still cannot stop the PV prices plunged more than 60%, so there will be a second half of 2012, PV industry in the first half of 2013 global industry-wide losses and painful situation. It is this not based on people’s good wishes for the transfer of market behavior, and Karl Marx called “invisible hand” continued role of, which makes the capacity 2015 global PV 61GW, the actual installation 59GW, achieved initial balance of supply and demand.

On the 25th bid event, a report in the new energy grid “decisive battle” was, old red agreed to battle begins, but this is just the beginning, the real battle yet to come. Real battle is for ongoing price competition, enterprises not to, a large number of companies going bankrupt, the battle for the results, “orderly competition” may be coming. So the “orderly competition” is not called for, but playing out.

Original title: photovoltaic “ordered price cuts” is out

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