Indonesia will continue in 2017 and subsidy to support new energy industry

Polaris solar PV net news: province of Indonesia’s energy and mineral resources, said next year will continue to grant subsidies to support new energy industry. Subsidy of about 1 trillion RP 100 billion.

Indonesia’s new ˙ renewable energy Council Chief said the subsidies would supplement the ˙ renewable energy purchase prices and State-owned PLN electricity production cost of electricity the difference by PLN to facilitate acquisitions. Congress has previously said subsidies to enterprises is not suitable and therefore cancelled.

The Agency and Congress to discuss resolution of the seventh Committee, adding the subsidy and electricity subsidies in General, even without adding the use of subsidies is also confirmed by the PLN company.

It is reported that small hydro-electric power subsidies 520 billion rupees, power supply 302,420-kilowatt, photovoltaic subsidy RS 205 billion power supply 145,000-kilowatt, biomass power generation subsidy of 302 billion rupees, power supply 42,800-kilowatt, waste incineration and generating electricity subsidies 7.7 billion rupees, power supply is 1600-kilowatt.

Original title: Indonesia next year will continue to grant subsidies to support new energy industry

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