International solar energy prices continue diving Clinton 10 solar plans to

Polaris solar PV net news: United States presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s political point was elected United States added 500 million solar panels installed in 10 years, it sounds like quite a large number of obviously spend a lot of budget, however, this huge project as the international solar energy prices continue to fall, expect to spend budgets will also be cheaper.

United States itself, the United States national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) published by the “United States first quarter of 2016, solar PV system costs” (U.S.Solar Photovoltaic System Cost Benchmark:Q12016), including installation labour costs, administrative costs, and so on all aspects of the application costs, and total costs of manufacturers ‘ profits, the first quarter of 2016 United States cost per watt of solar energy in the residential, Business dropped 6%, 4%, and grid-level plan has dropped 20%. Grid plans cost year dropped by 20% pretty amazing, United States national renewable energy laboratory, said this is due to the bankruptcy sale price down by jumping from the upstream industry.

Residential systems fell to 2.93 dollars per watt, commercial system dropped to 2.13 dollars per watt, and fixed point panel power level system dropped to 1.42 dollars per watt, adding single axis where system down to $ 1.49 per watt.

In General, lower costs from all aspects, including hardware, module and inverter prices; in terms of marketing, point price for increased competition makes the competition in terms of management, installation and development often costs down; in terms of labour, productivity and optimal degree of upgrading.

The other hand, due to the hardware prices have fallen to a record low in recent years, the whole solar system costs from non-hardware related soft costs increasingly high proportion, first quarter of 2016 United States solar plan, residential systems 58% from soft costs, commercial systems 49% from soft costs, network-level systems 34% from soft costs.

Coming soon $ 1 per watt times

Soft costs include customer’s marketing costs, application install program administrative costs, financing costs, soft costs total costs an increasing proportion, is open to the possibility of policy instruments to further reduce costs, such as the simplification of administrative procedures, provide community housing project financing.

If you look to the United States than plans not only to calculate cost per watt of solar energy falling on a per-kilowatt cost (LCOS) or purchase price price decrease is also astounding, to 2016, near 5-month prices tumbled 25%.

August 2016 Chile’s biggest electricity supply tenders, due to abundant supplies of renewable energy supplier to replace the traditional energy bidder makes the bid price average from 2015 down 40%, when a record global low priced. Previously global solar minimum price for Dubai in May per degree 2.99 cents a kilowatt-hour, about NT $ 0.95 Yuan, Chile in this tender, Spain solar technology developer day package (SolarpackCorp.Tecnologica) under 120 million Watts (megawatt) solar power contracts, is priced at 2.91 cents for each kilowatt, breaking the record low of Dubai.

But by September, Abu Dhabi and the broken disk, 6 companies bid for 350 million watt plan, jinko Japan Marubeni cooperation team, 2.42 cents out of every kilowatt of ultra-low-cost bid.

Solar prices rate even industry veterans were amazed, in June 2015, the United States first solar (FirstSolar) former CEO Jim Hughes described the rapid decline of solar energy, said: “I can’t remember the last time I saw 7~8 cents each kilowatt price was when … … Now (2015) we often at the price of 5~6 cents bid, and begin to see the price of 4~5 cents, “he predicted,” within 10 years we will be talking about 3 cents for each kilowatt price. ”

He predicted more clearly a zero, but a year later, industry has in each 3 cents below list price. Back to the United States with the price per watt, bold industry expectations, $ 1 per watt the time will soon come.

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