Japan October 2017 imported solar power bidding system

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan economy, trade and industry (METI) solar-powered fixed-price buy for fiscal year 2017 (FiT) rate, as well as project plan details the second Review Committee, held on October 24. Meeting a preliminary decision next October will import the solar system of bidding, through a competitive bidding system to boost prices.

According to reports in the Nikkei BP, Japan METI bid solar system’s promotional trip, initially developed for: early February 2017 bid packages, early May announcement bid project, launched its first bid in early September, and completed in early October. 2017 will be implemented for the first time solar bid 2018 is expected to implement the 2 bid (in summer and winter, respectively), were planning the bid three times.

Beyond 2019 solar bid, the bid three times before the consideration of the implementation situation and then make a decision.

Bid on programming, 2MW commercial power station as the basic threshold

METI preliminary fixed 2MW size commercial (business) solar power plant will be required to bid. 2MW threshold established in: over the scale of the solar project will be incorporated into more than 7000V ultra high voltage cables. JPEA responded, some dealers will use split utility to shrink, so hope to change a text field instead of device for consideration.

In terms of bid proposal, the Committee made the pay-as-bid (bid amount contracted) and uniformpricing (all bids to sign) two programmes. The former low bids, average bid price of all bids in the latter, and the signing. Members considered the pay-as-bid programme is more suitable for Japan.

2017-FIT rates do not reach resolution, details of the bid package and there are no concrete conclusions. But by produced province said, bid programme will contains following project: (1) the renewable energy of configuration, and (2) the renewable energy of electricity, and (3) bid who qualification, and (4) bid who margin, and (5) bid price ceiling, and (6) based on bid system by launched of electric price mechanism, and (7) participation bid of renewable energy system of sent distribution term, and (8) not bid who of application term… And so on, should wait for the official programme of FIT for the new year after the decision again.

Original title: Japan by 2017 to import solar power bidding system

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