Liang Zhipeng Thirteen Five is the critical period of industrialization of solar

Polaris solar PV net news: “with solar-thermal power generation benchmark price introduced, first solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects to determine, in 2016, can be said to be industrialized development of solar-thermal power generation in the first year. “National Energy Board new energy and renewable energy Secretary Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua recently,” ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ during the development of solar-thermal power generation industry’s core objective is to develop technology, forming equipment manufacturing capacity, thereby reducing costs to achieve large-scale development. ”

“Development of solar-thermal power generation industry, be sure to drive up manufacturing capacity, this is the core goal”

Solar thermal power generation, a new technology as the use of solar energy, may be achieved through thermal continuous, stable power supply, overcoming the disadvantages of wind power, solar power can not be adjusted. In addition, solar-thermal power generation through cogeneration of central heating in some areas to reduce coal-fired thermal power plant.

According to Liang Zhipeng introduces, in the 80 ‘s, International has conducted research on solar thermal power generation experiments, but subject to immature technology, high cost, and effects, the slow development of solar-thermal power generation.

The past five years, the international renewable energy development to a new stage, Spain and the United States, such as the rapid development of solar-thermal power generation, single capacity has reached 130,000-kilowatt, provides a large power supply, and price of solar-thermal power is gradually reduced. Liang Zhipeng said: “solar thermal power generation technology to improve the reliability, market demand for clean energy urgency of upgrading, promoting the development of the solar thermal power industry, but the biggest driver of solar-thermal power generation is the environment. In response to global climate change, emissions such as carbon dioxide, to bring important opportunities for renewable energy development, solar-thermal power generation. “In our country in the past five years, solar-thermal power generation usher in opportunity, related research institutes and enterprises to see the prospects for solar-thermal power, active solar thermal power technology research and development.

“However, is internally testing solar thermal power generation projects, no large-scale engineering projects and equipment industry chain has not yet been established, high cost, solar-thermal power industry system has not yet been formed. “Liang Zhipeng said,” to achieve commercial development requirements in the future, there must be capacity-building 50,000-kilowatt, 100,000-kilowatt, long-term level of 200,000-kilowatt units, further construction of 500,000 to 600,000-kilowatt solar thermal power plants. Must achieve a certain scale to solve problems, to play an effective role of solar-thermal power generation. “To support the development of solar-thermal power industry, opening up new areas of clean, low-carbon energy development, in September this year, the National Energy Board issued the notice on the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects, determines the first solar thermal power generation demonstration projects a total of 20, a total installed capacity of 1.35 million-kilowatt.

“National Energy Board highest rated competitive solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects for solar-thermal power generation industry, is of great significance in promoting the industrialization development. “Liang Zhipeng said,” through 20 projects amounts to 1.35 million-kilowatt demonstration project will promote the integration of manufacturing, development, design, construction enterprise, create device integrators. It is specifically the project investment development business bundle has some relation with technical equipment provided, collaborative innovation and raw materials on, forming technology and complete sets of manufacturing systems, lower costs by manufacturing in China, promote the scale application of solar thermal power generation. Meanwhile, to avoid the technology is immature and costs are still very high project development, introduction of foreign equipment that could lead to blindness, rushing headlong into mass action. At an appropriate scale, promoting technological progress, at a relatively small cost to build solar thermal power generation industry. “” 20 demonstration projects, equipment supply company is home to 7~8, a company to supply up to 3 projects, scattered to avoid concentration of risk, as well as competition, everyone had the opportunity to see who better. By the end of 2018 model after the project is completed, you can compare technologies, equipment and engineering level, any good? Among these, the core technology and equipment, the key is to make advanced equipment. “Liang Zhipeng said.

According to reports, the development of solar-thermal power, can also promote industrial upgrading, expansion of manufacturing industry of new areas to promote precision control technology, data, data processing capabilities. Meanwhile, through international cooperation, strengthened with the United States, and Spain, and Italy and other countries, in solar-thermal power tracking technologies, molten salt heat storage technology, Tower, heat exchanger manufacturing aspects complement each other, accelerating the development of solar-thermal power generation technology and the global accelerate applications.

Liang Zhipeng, said: “in 2016, can be said to be industrialized development of solar-thermal power generation for the first year. Projects were launched this year in accordance with commercial requirements, single to reach the standard of 50,000-kilowatt, 100,000-kilowatt, the beginning of this year to the large-scale development. Development of solar-thermal power generation industry, must carry, equipment manufacturing capacity, this is the core goal. The ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ period is the development of solar-thermal power industry technology and key period of forming equipment manufacturing capacity. ”

“Existing light and heat the benchmark price will help promote technological innovation and reduce costs”

“At present the price of solar-thermal power generation was the highest in the scale application of renewable energy. In the same area, photovoltaic electricity price is 0.8 Yuan/kWh, solar-thermal power generation of electricity price is 1.15 Yuan/kWh. We hope that by forming local technologies and equipment, enhance the capacity throughout the industry, so as to reduce costs and achieve large-scale development. “Liang Zhipeng said.

In early September, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice of benchmark price policies on solar thermal power, authorized solar thermal power generation benchmark price of 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour, and clearly these prices only apply to the National Energy Board in 2016 organizations implement 20 demonstration projects. While encouraging the departments of local Government on solar thermal power generation enterprises to take tax breaks, subsidies, green credit, land concessions and other measures, both duocuo support of the solar thermal power industry.

“Support from national heat to light industry mainly fixed-price policy, 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour the benchmark price for the enterprise to be reassured, it is a more appropriate price, corporate needs to make an effort to achieve, conducive to the promotion of technological innovation and lower costs. “Liang Zhipeng said.

According to reports, establish a unified national solar thermal power generation of benchmark price policy, guide enterprises to comparison and selection of the use of advanced technologies, develop high quality light and heat resources, both light heat power industry appropriate scale of development of economy of research and testing, but also to prevent related industries rely on heavily subsidized blind expansion.

Liang Zhipeng said: “a nationwide price for the fledgling solar-thermal industry, has an early lead, helped enterprises in the development of the resource best, provide conditions for light and heat to reduce costs in the future. “For the future development direction of solar thermal industry, Liang Zhipeng said:” solar thermal power generation through heat storage to achieve continuous, stable power supply so that it can in such areas as new energy power generation base in the future play a role in regulating power, new energy generation does not need to rely solely on fossil fuels to achieve stability, promote delivery bases. “In addition, Liang Zhipeng stressed:” solar thermal development is different from photovoltaic and wind power. In China, wind electric development is international Shang has mass application of conditions Xia expand of, PV development is domestic has strong manufacturing capacity carried out of, and light hot industry, currently in technology system and the manufacturing capacity aspects are more lack, based on this, more should focused on light hot industry of specification ordered development, will national of support concentrated in advantage technology, and advantage Enterprise Shang, cannot rushing headlong into mass action, caused resources of waste. At present, through demonstration projects to improve technology, equipment manufacturing, and industrial capacity. ”

Original title: Zhipeng Liang: “Thirteen-Five” is a critical period of industrialization of solar thermal power generation

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