Mexico clean energy certificates have become a focus of public

Polaris solar PV net news: Mexico plans to increase the country’s low carbon electricity capacity, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, to achieve clean energy goals. In particular, the clean energy certificate mechanism requires that electricity consumers by purchasing clean points, to fulfill their emission reduction obligations. However, the basic structure of the market is to a large extent by regulators to build, so certificate pricing is still a big problem. In this article, we analyzed clean energy certificates of old and new players in the market fundamentals.

In 2018, the Mexico’s clean-energy certificates (CEL) mandatory requirement of around 15 million, also represents 15 million TWh of clean energy, the figure will rise by 2019 to 18 million. But up to now unknown, Mexico first auction only make 5.4 million certificates of clean energy, and buyers for Mexico State power company (CFE). It is understood that the State-owned power plants are planned for later this year, held second auction to buy 10.6 million of the certificates.

It is clear that the minimum standards of compliance with 2018 gap still existed between about 9 million. This certificate buyers could select up to 50% obligation postponed until 2019 to comply, to 2018 gap control in control of about 2.3 million.

Today, Mexico qualify for the clean energy generating capacity of a total of 1.8GW new certificates, mostly wind power capacity (652MW) and photovoltaic capacity (1GW). These items may help to fill in a short time Mexico clean energy certificates in the certification market gaps.

As an emerging clean energy markets, Mexico’s certificate there is considerable uncertainty in supply and demand, false certificate to predict the future price is meaningless. However, Mexico a new provision, in the first 4 years (2018-2021), the country’s clean energy certificates in the market price of the certificate shall not exceed $ 17.6.

Indeed, by introducing clean energy certificate mechanism, Mexico showed the country’s determination to vigorously develop clean energy markets. However, only if the certificate price hovering under $ 17.6, developers are hard to profit from sale of certificates, certificate alone it is difficult to really encourage developers of new commercial projects. At this stage, the clean energy certificate trading risk than benefit. Several groups of data:

► 5%

Mexico power consumption certificate requirements set for 2018, 2019 is 5.8%.


2018 Mexico certificate needs clean energy gap, the equivalent of 15 million TWh of clean energy.

► 5.4 million

At present, Mexico clean energy certificates in the certification market estimated at 5.4 million, and gap of around 9.9 million. This may result in some power cuts of up to 50% postponed until 2019 to fulfil, in 2018, the gap narrowed to 2.3 million.

Mexico clean energy certificates have become a focus of public

Original title: Mexico clean energy certificates have become a focus of public

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