New energy policy or renewal of photovoltaic plates full strength

Polaris solar PV net news: in the United States in the first televised debate of presidential candidates, some view the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton gained the upper hand, and that’s likely to remain United States of the new energy policy, so as to benefit the future of new energy industry development. Affected by this impact, 26th stocks photovoltaic plates line up, leading shares such as first solar rose significantly.

Xilalili new energy

Market analysts said the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidates from Trump’s point of view, if Hillary wins likely to guarantee the continuation of the current new energy policies. In the first of two, statistics show that people prefer Hillary Clinton are doing relatively well.

Climate change, Hillary Clinton believes that climate change is true, development of clean energy sources can save the Earth, can also create jobs; and Donald Trump think climate change is greatly exaggerated, or even false. For the oil and gas industry, believe that Clinton should be limited onshore oil and gas development and does not approve of offshore oil and gas development, oppose oil and gas development in the Arctic; Trump argues that the oil and gas industry should be managed to support local development in all oil and gas resources. For coal, Hillary believes that removal of coal by mainstream energy status, recommended $ 30 billion to help the coal industry restructuring Trump believes that should support the mainstream energy status of coal miners to return to work. For renewable energy, she said, and strive to achieve by 2025 renewable power generation reached 25% per cent; and Trump said that Government should not interfere with all kinds of innovation in energy technologies, however, solar “very expensive”. For a carbon tax, Clinton said no words Trump opposed carbon taxes will lead United States massive unemployment. Paris climate agreement, and the Obama administration “clean electric power plan”, Hillary Clinton expressed support and Trump were opposed.

Thus two widely divergent in the new energy. Reuters Ipsos poll showed that among likely voters, about half considered the candidates ‘ TV debates about their voting intentions. So the debate just ended, the Los Angeles Times, CNBC television and many United States traditional media will invariably will wear the Crown of victory to Hillary’s head. United States cable news network (CNN) poll shows 62% TV viewers saw Clinton in the United States in the first televised debate of the presidential election won only 27% viewers think Trump WINS.

Photovoltaic plates full strength

Because Clinton prevailed, for the US stock market is stronger direct impact is 27th photovoltaic plates full. The first solar (FSLR) rose $ 4.94% to $ 39.09, SunPower (SPWR) gained 5.2% to us $ 8.7, SolarCity (SCTY) ended up $ 0.05% to $ 19.99.

Insiders also said that apart from the election factor, recently announced good results from the solar stocks provided support.

First solar announced earlier in the second quarter of this year, when revenue increased by 65% year to $ 896 million, and earnings per share of $ 0.93. Gross profit margins rose to 18.4% from 17% in the same period last year. According to a Bloomberg survey, market analysts had expected its revenue to $ 788 million, earnings per share of $ 0.50. First solar first quarter loss this year of $ 62.3 million. First solar will be 2015 shipment since April on the expected 2.6GW-2.8GW to 2.8GW-2.9GW. And 2015 revenue is expected to reach 3.5 billion-US $ 3.6 billion, better than analysts ‘ estimates of US $ 3.44 billion; earnings per share forecast of $ 3.30-3.60 dollars, better than analysts ‘ estimates of $ 2.36. 2015 gross margin will be 21%-22%.

Market analysts said first solar and United States cooperation SunPower solar plant is one of the reasons for its good results from it. Announced in February this year the cooperation of Yieldco the two plans. The so-called Yieldco, since the company spun off a series of renewable energy power plant investment plans can create a stable cash flow, recent solar industry caused a Yieldco investment fever.

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