6-hour take you around the world, New York to Beijing takes only 2 hours from San Francisco to New York in just 45 minutes, you think Tesla is cool? No, no, no, so far Tesla, out of the same group of young Hyperloop or ETT (Evacuated Tube Transport) project is far more cool than the Tesla, noise than flight, price lower than tickets, construction costs are known as lower than trains, but these points are clouds, speed alone was known as more than the Jets a little is enough eyeballs.


Latest traffic Hyperloop manned transport system, can be viewed as high speed rail upgrades, Hyperloop originally D11 Conference published by the Tesla’s Elon Musk, Musk used to ridicule the existing California high-speed rail plan is the worst in the world’s most expensive projects, no one wanted the balls. Hyperloop is different from conventional railways, he uses technology similar to artillery and air power, are very interesting. Musk ideal transport systems 3-4 times faster than existing trains, even faster than the plane. Hyperloop preload after the solar panels of the system, gets energy systems consume more than enough, and the ability to store energy, filled, will last for up to a week.

  Cath Kidston Note 3 Case

Cath Kidston note 3 cases

Recently he showed ETT (Evacuated Tube Transport) projects, namely Hyperloop implementations. This can not train, he is a “capsule”, just like bullets when it launches, launches in the pipeline to a destination. Design on each “capsule” 183KG, 4.87 meters, capacity 4-6 people, the rear also has a trunk space, between the pipeline route can be directly attached to the existing high-speed rail viaduct, costs can be reduced a lot. ETT power using magnetic levitation technology, no friction in the whole environment, using Slingshot device launch, directly without interruption to their destinations. Design speed is 4000 miles (about 6400 km) every hour, from San Francisco to New York in just 45 minutes, just 2 hours from New York to Beijing, this was after lunch return mean? Cath Kidston note 3 cases



The company claimed than the expensive ticket prices, ETT can travel from San Francisco to New York cost was reduced to just under a $ 100, at present they will be set up for a length of 3 miles (about 5 km) pipeline to test “their capsule”.

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