Why Android 5.1 upgrade for Smartisan T1 will be very small?

January 4, 2016, at 19 o’clock, hammer sticky statement made by the official Forum of science and technology, such as Android 5.1 Smartisan T1 high configuration optimization of mobile phone is not obvious (the relatively low-end chip nut Mobile has very obvious performance boost), so Smartisan T1 will continue to maintain and upgrade of Smartisan based on Android 4.4 OS until May 19, 2017. FENDI iPhone 7 Cover

In other words, all the current Smartisan T1 users will never get the official Android 5.0/5.1 system, and after May 19, 2017, officials will stop Smartisan T1 system maintenance.

Why the nut mobile phone upgrade, and Smartisan T1 is not obvious?

Why Android 5.1 upgrade for Smartisan T1 will be very small?

Android compared to 5.1 for Android 4.4lai says greater improvement than the system supports 64-bit application, switch on the 64-bit SoC AArch64 features, and system default global open ART model, parameters, Smartisan T1 equipped with SoC to Xiao long 801, is a 32-bit processor, and nut was a new model mobile phone SoC Xiao long 615, But it does than Yu Xiaolong 801 on the performance gap still exists, most critical is the Xiao long 615 is a supported 64-bit SoC, and Xiao long 801 is a 32-bit. FENDI Cases

In other words even up to Android 5.1, by Yu Xiaolong 801 is only 32 bits, therefore does not support 64-bit applications and systems, and Xiao long nut phone 615 is supported.

But there is a problem, even if it is not supported by 64-bit systems, but Android 5.1 global ART model ART relative to not open the Android Smartisan on the T1 system optimization of 4.4.

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Android 5.1 What’s the nut mobile phone upgrade?

Why Android 5.1 upgrade for Smartisan T1 will be very small?

Although we all know Android 5.1 supports 64-bit application, and open the 64-bit SoC AArch64, but sadly, we will hand nuts on the phone found after upgrade to Android 5.1 does not support 64-bit, its Android 5.1 is 32-bit. Phone upgrade that is nuts to Android 5.1 system comes mainly from the global ART mode, and it Smartisan a T1 to Android 5.1 performance was similar to that of, in other words, since the nut Mobile Android 5.1 is a 32-bit, why Smartisan T1 is not 32-bit Android pushes 5.1? But we found that Smartisan T2 Android 5.1 is support for 64-bit.

Why Android 5.1 upgrade for Smartisan T1 will be very small?

Facts does as hammer official by said, Android 5.1 on Smartisan T1 this class of high configuration phone of optimization not obviously (on chip relative low-end of nuts phone is has very obviously of performance upgrade), but hammer official no put this performance upgrade of gap made to, official to out “Smartisan T1 cannot upgrade Android 5.1” is because performance upgrade than nuts phone this claims is not established of, Because the nut is currently introduced 32-bit Android5.1 phones and Smartisan T1 system optimization is almost unanimous.

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