Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Just in the nationwide celebration chop/singles today, millet 2/2s phone also ushered in a semi-official Android 5.0 Lollipop (lollipop) update.

MIUI development team this morning in the official Forum has released Android 5.0 card packs, Evergreen millet, 2/2s, become a member of millet in the first helicopter to 5.0 (m not satisfied with the 3, rice 4). Now take a look at the old bottles old and new results.

Brushing machines

Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Brushing machine said the upgrade, supports all versions of millet and millet 2 2s, has now found bug is abnormal Bluetooth headset phone, CDMA Telecom cards are less than perfect. The test coincided with the Telecom’s version of millet 2s, measured telecommunication card no signal …

Card size is 186m, you can guess from the size system is pure exaggeration. And brushing machine package and publish the corresponding Recovery image (CWM, you can use “mobile Uncle Toolbox” straight flush. Of course, or you can download friends again other machines produced by the recovery Flash package, with official brush brushes into.

Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

After entering the CWM undergo the normal pairs (not assured San Qing), can be brushed into the card package. Worth noting is that you need to open Advanced settings “double system of coexistence”, and brush in one of the system the system. Before the restart, there will be comfort “fix root permissions” prompt, but the repair failed root pass (probably author’s pose or model no)


System and interface

Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

From the lock screen and never saw the desktop 5.0, remove dial, contacts and settings icons, other Android 4.4 and almost look alike.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Desktop application into the app called Launcher3, its logical integration and streamlining. Add only Widget and click on settings to change tablecloth, use drawer is not full screen (real drawers), did not apply the sort filter.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Notification bar background to a transparent, put the second drop down shortcut button “drag”. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity will be displayed directly, click on the list name to view details. Inside the flashlight shortcuts, press and won’t jump to the details page.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

MIUI 6 quit the settings button on the resurrection, Task Manager called to press Home key. Tab of the task list is a bit like mobile versions of chrome, right corner of the card has a close button, slide the can still close the task.

Android 5.0 upgrade, I most satisfied with is the new/task manager mechanism. Although a fewer number of tasks that can see a single page, but moving animation “TM really cool”, with hand and task switching speed, enough to kill MIUI5/6 the back.

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Background is now able to write down all open applications (also retained after restart), you can head up nearly 100 task card swipe on a test machine with spectacular scenarios. System exit status of a record like iOS, even long before open the browser page, as long as there is no manual scavenging, the open will still be loaded when the page.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review
Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Sets of cards for the page and the font size increases, but has little content and 4.4 respectively. Click or press the project exquisite response to animation. Notification settings are integrated into sound, and can manage application notice.


Original oil war for another two years, millet 2s Android 5.0 hands-on review

Developer options in business as usual, repeatedly click on the version number, lollipop animation and can be called to open the developer option. 5.0 by default run in ART mode, so developers no toggle button in the options.

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Click the volume button can call out scene Manager (left). In the power options, and more energy-saving Assistant. After open the notification bar will be red (right), the CPU block and limit the background traffic, specific effects, subject to detailed tests.

Details bomb style interface has improved slightly, program management, are more comfortable with it. In addition, all applications are consolidated using a slide out from the bottom of the animation effect, appears to be more comfortable.

Official application

Because it is extremely compact, since the app only 16. Among them, the changes are “dialing, address book, calculator, clock, camera” 5.

New dial can only be described as handsome, almost all secondary pages are half screen or popup form, Permanent Representative to the search box at the top and a pair of phone records (folding), slide the switch.


Right call out camera interface settings menu, paddling to the left called the Gallery, also support up and down stroking deleting photos, editing features have changed a little.

However, not all features such as HDR and Panorama, but the set-up seems to be better than the MIUI bring their own cameras, the delay shorter and better Imaging (waiting for follow-up detailed comparison).


Also changed the way the keyboard, there is no spacing between the keys, looks more relaxed, but native keyboard does not support Chinese.


By contrast, clocks, computers, contacts, more just to change a skin, layout and function has not changed much.



Fluency and performance

Direct feeling of the new system are: fast and handsome. Handsome is derived from the wealth of exquisite new cutscenes; fast is due to touch with hand performance and faster response times. On the experience and speed than MIUI 4/5/6, faster than the official native 4.1 many, few Caton.

In addition, more delicate cutscene, but with faster playback speed (same speed is 1 time, but still faster than 4.4 and MIUI 6 animation of a document), easier to create “illusions”.

GPU monitor, while the red line has remained high, but rarely break through the green line, even better than this year many of the flagship.


Help of the Art oil and streamlining of the system, the system can be described as God’s smooth, then Android 2.3 for millet 1 style. Installation close to 60 consecutive applications, during which almost do not feel Caton from applications installed in the background.

Available memory is also maintained at a high level for a long time, then open above all, come to di30-40ge when speed began to decay, but the task switching speed is still fast.



Last run-verify use. Tutu version 5.2 runs into 3030;GFXBench 3.0 1080P Guan Ping for 314 in Manhattan (5.1fps), Guan Ping 823 t-Rex (14.7fps); Geekbench3 solo 647, multicore 2144;CF-Bench total 21627; PI 38.687 seconds; day spider 1184.9.

All the runs are not cleaning up the background and continuous, scores may be lower than normal, but because Flash forgot MIUI runs under 6 minutes before, so can not be compared, only to later make up _ (: з “∠) _ 

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Compatibility/fever/battery life

111 in the screenshot above (16 native applications), Flash back only master Lu, Tutu crash 1, compatibility is good. But strangely, millet and millet millet system home desktop cannot be installed, while Baidu optimization known slag or install …


New systems the heating control is better, even running MIUI does not occur under high temperature for a long time (which may be automatically reduced frequency? )。 Power consumption is faster than MIUI6, use a 3100mAh battery m 2s, almost 2 and a half clock continuous high frequency power 30% (including running, application to open and download).


When Google launches, I also think that Android5.0 just change a skin. But the actual use, of ART switched on by default, and the underlying system optimization, so that the new system can squeeze more hardware performance. Brief summary is that you can let the machine run faster and more comfortable, and interface animation is done pleasing proportions.

Optimization of the performance of the new system, Nexus6 and Nexus 9 hard to reflect on these monsters, but on low-end models may have a surprising effect. Eat better than each time you upgrade your hardware iOS,Android 5.0 does conscience.

Although millet 2 only marks the beginning of open beta system, but the system is more stable. In addition to Bluetooth headsets calling card support, telecommunications, as well as some outside the application adapter unable to temporarily met only small bug attached to computer data cable will not power on. Telecommunications card if not fatal, it already has as daily-use the capabilities of the system. Running MIUI m 2 of 6 a bit difficult again for two years (between _,  ̄)


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