Panasonic jointly upon a successful acquisition of SolarCity Tesla will produce

Polaris solar PV net news: Tesla (Tesla) and Matsushita (Panasonic) has agreed to Farrow in New York (Buffalo) production of solar energy products. The agreement does not really have a binding letter of intent, depends entirely on the Tesla can buy SolarCity. On Tesla’s official blog announced a partnership on both sides, on the compatibility of future Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack solar systems of energy storage in the joint production of photovoltaic cells and modules, Tesla’s new products will be released October 28.

Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer, JBStraubel said in a statement: “for increased cooperation and Panasonic and we are very excited, we are trying to promote the consolidation of Tesla and SolarCity. Together with solar market, we will be the best combination of cost to speed up the production of efficient and reliable solar cells and modules. ”

Original title: acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla and Panasonic to produce solar cells and modules

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