Panasonic s new intelligent mirror beauty artifact history top

Panasonic's new intelligent mirror, beauty artifact history top

According to foreign media reports, the recent CEATEC 2016 Japan Electronics Show, Panasonic’s intelligent interactive mirror was redefined. The smart mirror is the biggest feature is that it can identify the user’s facial “defects”. For example, when a user in the makeup, the mirror through a combination of built-in printer inform users may need cosmetic to repair so-called “defect”. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

However it is worth noting is that the process takes a long time, because the printer needs a few minutes to make a user might use cosmetics and cosmetics also takes a whole day to dry, and then be able to provide to the user. In addition, printers to produce cosmetics are not the traditional cosmetics, it was not painted in the face, but through special equipment covering the face, in order to achieve the best make-up effects.

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Clearly, so long the makeup process is not suitable for the fast pace of the fashion industry, but in a cosmetics store, Dermatology clinics and hospitals, it could still come in handy.

In fact, smart mirror is not a new concept. As early as 2012, a Japanese enterprise called Seraku in a technology exhibition, shows a Android system based on the intelligent mirror, the product supports touch, when users washed by a touch screen to see news, weather and other information. But best of all, Panasonic building new products do not rigidly adhere to the real weather, information, news, and Conference had been achieved, such as product features, but for the beauty of the fashion industry, is a very subversive. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

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