Photovoltaic power generation demonstration base in wuhai city Inner Mongolia

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to national development reform Board National Energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views (sent modified energy [2016]1163,), and national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification (country can fully new can [2016]166,), and on issued PV power lead technology base work convergence Conference summary of of notification (country can fully new can [2016] No. 409) documentation requirements, wuhai municipal people’s Government of wuhai city, Inner Mongolia national photovoltaic power generation demonstration base of advanced technology in mining subsidence area 2016 project and 2016 General PV projects commissioned and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources assessment in public. This assessment follows the principle of openness, fairness, impartiality and good faith, welcomes investment from qualified investors.

The assessment notice and related information in the wuhai City Government website and hydropower water conservancy Planning Institute Web site.

A basic condition

1. investment: the wuhai municipal people’s Government

2. appraising companies: hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute

3. selecting the number: PV base PVP-NMWH/SDG-2016-01;

Normal PV project PVN-NMWH/SDG-2016-01.

4. project location: wuhai city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region territory.

5. project description: to promote transformation and upgrading of national PV industry, leading the decline in electricity prices, adjust the industrial structure is dominated by coal-fired power, building State of the art technology in coal mining areas, wuhai city in photovoltaic power generation demonstration bases, synchronized with normal PV project on indicators-building.

2016 plans construction of photovoltaic base capacity is 500,000-kilowatt, according to the overall layout of photovoltaic base planning, haibowan district building, and wuda 250,000-kilowatt, BA-building 100,000-kilowatt, three areas were divided into 7 single items, including: project 100,000-kilowatt 3, 50,000-kilowatt, 4.

Ordinary solar indicators project-building capacity of 40,000-kilowatt, including: 20,000-kilowatt, 1, 10,000-kilowatt, 2.

Construction period ending December 2017, development and operation for a period of 25 (25) years (not including the building period).

6. selecting the best content:

Building advanced technology in mining subsidence area in wuhai photovoltaic power generation demonstration base 2016 7 PV, 3 of which monomer capacity for 100,000-kilowatt, 4 projects unit capacity of 50,000-kilowatt.

2016 3 common PV, wuhai city, of which 1 project unit capacity of 20,000-kilowatt, 2 project unit capacity of 10,000-kilowatt.

Second, investment agency certification

PV project:

1. the investor must have a separate legal personality, does not accept the Consortium.

2. a group only in the name of the group, or specify a wholly-owned subsidiary or holding companies to participate in project proposals, and only declare base project (500,000-kilowatt) or normal PV project (40,000-kilowatt) is one of them.

3. the registered capital of more than 500 million Yuan RMB and statistics as of December 31, 2015.

4. performance: as of June 30, 2016, today investors holding grid PV capacity of not less than 200,000-kilowatt, registered address, wuhai city in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and investors of not less than 100,000-kilowatt. (Performance at home and abroad to provide complete and valid proof).

5. the investment firm commitments in wuhai city to set up wholly-owned company as the subject of project development and construction of the project, construction in line with the national energy departments “leader” plan of photovoltaic power plant. Have been incorporated into the annual construction scale, do not enter the substantive stage of engineering construction projects shall not be transferred to other investors and investors unable to build, should apply to the State development and Reform Commission removed from annual scale and to wuhai municipal development and Reform Commission, apply for revocation of registration. During the construction period because of merger and reorganization of enterprises, Division of adjustments within the same group and other reasons need to change investment or stake, or adjust the site, project investors should apply to the wuhai municipal development and Reform Commission, received approval to be implemented by changes or adjustments. Apart from the share transfer between wholly-owned subsidiaries within the group, and investors in the right to development until the date of ownership transfer of project put into commercial operation shall be carried out after the run, wholly-owned subsidiaries within the group equity transfer should be given permission to wuhai municipal development and Reform Commission.

6. investor commitments the main device (solar cells, PV modules, inverters) and efficiency of the system shall meet the technical requirements.

7. the wuhai municipal people’s Government for the investment to provide procedures for the green channel, and the entire collection of photovoltaic base stations and lines, information management systems, roads, water and electricity supply, subsidence, radiation observation system and the power prediction system as a unified construction and operation of public infrastructure.

8. investment commitments follow the same provisions of photovoltaic base construction of public facilities, the construction of public facilities, according to the base uniform technical requirements, construction, management, operation, evaluation and cost-sharing (uniform tendering).

9. investors are all credit behavior and profitability of reselling items on January 1, 2013, high prices so far had sold (0.3 w/above) photovoltaic project in the early acts.

10. investment commitments confirm the declared price when performing investment. According to the progress of the investment files required to complete the project development and progress without the required filing and the time frame is not required (including the overall progress and progress) completed stage construction, wuhai municipal people’s Government has the right to return, without any financial compensation. Investors in the right to development to the project put into commercial operation after the date of share transfer should not be conducted.

11. other than the credit requirements except where noted above by June 30, 2016.

Normal PV project:

12. participation in the enterprise registration scope of assessment should include new energy and power development, construction, operation and other related content.

13. the registered capital shall not be less than 5 million Yuan.

14. non-defaulting credit.

15. prepared to participate in selecting the best options for their own projects, participate in appraising projects should have clearly defined the site coordinates and site agreement, proof of land on the nature of the land.

16. power grid enterprises issued by the project access to the substation access volume documents.

Third, investors submitted information of the time and place

1. the investor purchased assessment information date: September 30, 2016, 9:00 to 11:00, 14:00 to 17:00 (Beijing time).

2. investor information documents submission date: October 25, 2016 9:00-11:00 (Beijing time).

3. investor buying assessment information location: North ring Ding men Wai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing Hotel Conference Room four-story fifth Phoenix exhibition.

4. place of submission: October 20, 2016 on 17:00 inform all potential investors to evaluate information (through the purchase of selecting the file registration email and mobile phone number), and subsequent announcements by hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources sites.

5. assessment contact: Lv Song.

6. selecting the best contact phone: 010-51973613/13717596911. (Monday to Friday, 9:00~11:00).

7. selecting the best contact email: [email protected]

Four others: potential investors please contact assessment contact for more information.

Original title: wuhai city, Inner Mongolia national photovoltaic power generation demonstration base of advanced technology in coal mining areas and normal PV project 2016 evaluation files

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