Photovoltaic signs looming out of the Qingdao City intends to sell two new energy

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Qingdao property exchange disclosures show, Qingdao City Qingdao City new energy investment group limited company, intends to transfer its stakes in two energy companies, namely the Qingdao City abundant solar small-town agricultural development limited 92% equity and Hebei Heng Bo new energy technology limited 49% equity.

Announcement, both companies registered time on May 6, 2014, with registered capital of 184 million Yuan and 49.68 million Yuan respectively. Qingdao Sheng sells solar photovoltaic equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance, Hebei Heng Bo the main design of solar and wind energy projects.

Reported 2015 do not have the two companies operating expenditure and receipt, 2016 is profitable, which hold the first 3 quarters of Qingdao City earned 32.73 million Yuan, Hebei Heng Bo profit 823,600 Yuan. Why transfer of stakes in two performance company, contacted city of Qingdao, but received no response.

Noteworthy is that from the perspective of property right trading platform, recent case render increased trend of transferring photovoltaic business equity, such as the Beijing equity exchange was published on October 17, “Jiangsu-German joint investment advisory limited transfer of Yantai Delian new energy limited 100% equity”, “Jiangsu sumec-transfer of new energy development co, pingyi County, Jincheng photovoltaic power generation limited 100% equity” of the two notices.

From published reports, both transfers done remarkably well, Yantai Delian first 8 months of the year net profits of 5.3368 million Yuan, pingyi County, Jincheng 7.3734 million net profit. In addition, listed companies, there have been similar cases, such as aerospace electromechanical August had announced that, in order to improve the overall efficiency of space PV industry chain to ensure return on investment and ability to keep the company rolling development of photovoltaic power stations, company through transfer of property rights exchanges held by Department of Justice too solar power company limited, Sun zhengjiang v 100% stake in power company.

In this regard, insiders said, and found new energy projects such as wind power, hydropower, photovoltaic power generation relied too much on Government subsidies, the intense competition in the industry. More noteworthy is that this month, the national development and Reform Commission and identified the year 2017 solar power subsidies lowered standards, makes the project operating under increasing pressure. Part of the photovoltaic capital at this time choose Exit, or forced to do so.

Original title: photovoltaic signs looming out of the Qingdao City intends to sell two new energy subsidiaries

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