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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1.2016, Hebei province, the first regular grid-connected PV power generation projects planned publicity

This plan all projects are documented and items that have been built with grid-connected conditions; one is priority assigned size and network into the 2014-2015 beyond the limits of national projects, a total of 11 projects, 116,400 kW;

Second, priorities have been included in 2015 or before incorporation subsidies, still targets gaps and built projects before July 15, a total of 29 projects, 461,000 kW;

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2. photovoltaic power generation demonstration base in wuhai city, Inner Mongolia coal mining subsidence area and normal PV project 2016 evaluation files

2016 plans construction of photovoltaic base capacity is 500,000-kilowatt, according to the overall layout of photovoltaic base planning, haibowan district building, and wuda 250,000-kilowatt, BA-building 100,000-kilowatt, three areas were divided into 7 single items, including: project 100,000-kilowatt 3, 50,000-kilowatt, 4.

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3. the price Bureau of Jiangsu provincial development and Reform Commission, on the determination of PV in 2016-province “leader” project inform

Through researching, Huai an Jin Chen Qiao 100MW Yue Kwong mutual complement photovoltaic power generation project (50MW), 8 projects (total 330MW than 30MW of annual construction of the my saved) for PV in 2016-province “leaders” project. Related matters are hereby notified as follows:

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4. the Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission on solar thermal power generation demonstration project construction notice

A review, by the National Energy Board organizational experts, the province has more than 4, 214,000 kW total project (refer to table) be included in the first batch of solar thermal power generation demonstration project.

Second, on request, various demonstration projects should be completed by September 30, the record. Zhangjiakou City development and Reform Commission hold organizations related enterprises, before September 26 will record required to submit relevant documents I.

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5. in yuexi County, Anhui Province, five towns 2016 distributed PV power plant implementation for poverty alleviation programmes

According to the national development and Reform Commission and the State Council poverty alleviation Office, National Energy Board, the National Development Bank, agricultural development Bank of China of the views on the implementation of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction, to complete my town 2016 solar project construction, accurate poverty eradication push in my town, poor capital efficiency into full play, created the 2016 five town distributed PV power plant implementation for poverty alleviation programme.

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Market review

1.2017 PV on-grid price reduced to 0.55, 0.65, 0.75?

As PV low bid spread, industry insiders are worried about Government increased price cutting “boots” is about to fall.

28th, Bloomberg reported, quoted people familiar with the matter said, parts of the national development and Reform Commission is considering 2017 PV electricity price declines from the original 2%, increased to about 13%. National development and Reform Commission to consider the third class of 2017 new benchmark resources area of PV price from 2016 to 0.98 down to about 0.85 Yuan per kilowatt hour.

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2. State quality inspection Administration: 6 batches of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is not meeting the prescribed standards

September 27, national quality General announced has 2016 3rd batch PV grid inverse variable device products quality national supervision checks results, total checks has Beijing, and Tianjin, and Hebei, and Shanghai, and Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, and Anhui, and Fujian, and Henan, and Hubei, and Hunan, and Guangdong, and Shaanxi, 13 a province, and municipalities 52 home enterprise production of 52 batch PV grid inverse variable device products, has 6 batch products not meet standard of provides.

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3. the sixth instalment grants directory published photovoltaic renewable electricity price rose to 36% per cent

“Sixth instalment of renewable electricity price list of additional funding began in February 2016 Declaration covering grid-connected power station before the end of February 2015. Once this batch of subsidies issued 2013-2015 initial synchronization of large power station operators will benefit from a larger, will greatly improve its cash flow, ease the financial pressure. February 2015 after achieving a lot of on line operators still need to withstand the pressure of subsidies delayed. “

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4. the awkward situation of PV enterprises: a price war with and without problems

First half of 2016, PV set off a wave of “installing the tide”, which was caused by PV subsidies implemented since the second half of the new deal. “Installing tide” consequences of insufficient space 3GW is released in the second half, pulling the energy runs out ahead of the market, with resultant is fierce price wars.

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5. inform the National Energy Board August PV industry reports

Recently, the State Energy Board on August 2016 12398 energy regulatory complaint handling status, informed the show, new energy and renewable energy industry mainly reflects the problem is that residents of certain areas of distributed PV on-grid settlement does not timely, opaque accounting methods, and so on.

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6. solar thermal power generation of billions of blue ocean market opened higher power costs hinder

Recently, the National Energy Board published a selected list of the first batch of 20 solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects. According to the plan, the approved 20 demonstration projects, the total installed capacity 1.349 million kW should be completed before 2018. By the end of 2020, to achieve domestic solar-thermal power total installed capacity of 10GW. China Merchants securities estimated that long-term 10GW capacity corresponds to nearly 300 billion yuan of investment fall.

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7.202-Japan PV market will provide 1 trillion yen, with a battery of 53.8 billion yen of scale

Fuji Keizai (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) announced on September 14 the 2020 renewable energy power generation system market research overview. The market for renewable energies overall 1.7124 trillion yen, will be 2015 reduce by half.

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Enterprise version

1.12 companies shortlisted in baotou, Inner Mongolia “leader” photovoltaic power generation demonstration project (table)

Government delegates and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources in baotou city of baotou PV “leader” base for public evaluation. This assessment based on the principles of openness, fairness and justice, subject to registration, assessment procedures, and featured 12 companies as national PV demonstration base of advanced technology in mining subsidence area in baotou city 2016 project investors, will now evaluate recommended enterprises publicity in order are as follows.

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2. coal mining district of Jining, Shandong xintai, photovoltaic power generation demonstration base 2016 Project investor publication

Recently, Shandong province xintai city,, and, Jining city, NDRC respectively released cities mining subsidence district PV lead technology base 2016 years project investment business publicity, which xintai city, recommended 5 home enterprise, respectively for: North control clean energy group limited, and China can Shandong power limited, and Crystal section power limited, and China Power International Limited, and special variable electrical Xinjiang new Energy Corporation;, Jining city, recommended 6 home enterprise, respectively for: China can Shandong power limited, and Crystal section power limited, and China Huadian Corporation, Sun Power Corporation, Suzhou Golden Concord new energy investment limited, three gorges, China new energy limited.

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3. the LDK overhaul ran aground again the second round voting creditor banks waiting for the strong crop or bankruptcy?

After the second vote failed, LDK where bankruptcy reorganization will go, there is still no conclusion. LDK insolvency representative also said at the meeting “also let”.

After the second round of voting, restructuring scheme is not adopted by the secured creditor groups and ordinary creditors group, LDK reorganization plan ran aground again.

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4. photovoltaic responses to “sky-high” question: not every Watt 10.24 Yuan

At 3.05 Yuan per watt, 3/w continue to refresh the photovoltaic industry low prices at the same time, combined PV of a takeover seems to have some “alien”. Recently, the combined PV reported downwind to independent third party purchases of clean energy is located in Yantai City, Shandong province haiyangxin wind of 40 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project of 100% interest, total costs 409 million, equivalent to ASP 10.24 Yuan/w.

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5. claims to sell subsidiaries recognize Japan mountain exit polysilicon business

Japan polysilicon leading Tokuyama (Tokuyama) issued a press release announcing after the 28th day unit disk decided Malaysia polysilicon manufacturing/sales subsidiary sold TokuyamaMalaysia to Korea OCI polysilicon manufacturer, exit the solar grade polysilicon.

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