PV new policies for poverty alleviation or November Shandong province French

Polaris solar PV net news: PV companies, greater opportunities than PV this year poverty alleviation, reporter learned yesterday, photovoltaic power plant, Shandong province, new construction is still not clear, spread widely before 1G tile installed capacity for poverty alleviation in the province said, jinko, Shandong and Henan regional General Manager Wang Quanlai said this is not true.

“Right now everyone is waiting for policy ground, of course, now also has businesses in small photovoltaic projects, mainly in local poverty relief funds, but big waiting for national policy. “Wang Quanlai told reporters yesterday, jinkosolar has currently in feicheng city, Jining, and construction of the PV power station of feicheng 20 MW and 300-kilowatt, the future will be in the PV area of poverty reduction the stakes.

According to the National Energy Board issued June 2016 PV programme for the construction of proposed General added scale used for photovoltaic PV power station in Shandong pro-poor, and then out of that scale is 1G Watts. Wang Quanlai said the final size is expected to be launched in November, but 1G is unlikely.

It is understood that currently involved in PV investment in poverty alleviation projects inside and outside the province, Shandong province, PV enterprises has reached more than 60 companies, jinko CEO Qiao Junping said current market’s biggest problem remains the low bid. “Some enterprises with poor qualifications, might have gone 35 years, when product problems have no accountability, and ultimately is the interests of the poor. ”

Yu, Executive Director of solar technology, this Ding Wenlei believes that in the bidding process, the Government should vigorously introduce University, Academy of engineering and other third party supervision, avoiding the occurrence of ALTs, and series. He also suggested that landed in time and continuity of Government should pay attention to policy, for the protection of investment.

Original title: PV new policies for poverty alleviation in our province or November landing

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