Shanxi Jincheng 2016 issued the second batch of subsidies distributed PV power

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Shanxi Jincheng release the second batch of distributed photovoltaic subsidy of 60.4893 million yuan in rural areas, capacity subsidies 59.9862 million, electricity subsidy 503,100, distributed PV user 2540 benefit rural areas.

The subsidies range from June 30, 2016, purchase of Jincheng city, used in the production of photovoltaic product investment and electricity sector acceptance of distributed solar power projects in rural areas, consists of the following two ways:

1, farmers build number of PV power generation projects;

2, the new main building of agricultural management of photovoltaic power generation projects combined with modern agricultural facilities.

Special funds for subsidies including subsidies and PV photovoltaic power project construction subsidies. Where: PV electricity subsidies: 0.2 Yuan/kWh, installation allowance: 3/w.

Annex: 2016 second batch of distributed PV power generation projects in rural areas to be grant money table

Original title: 2016 second batch of distributed solar power projects in rural areas of Jincheng city grant funding announcement

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