Solar project in Rwanda who is home

Polaris solar PV net news: Rwandan Government official earlier this year showed that solar home systems in the future the population of one-fourth basic electricity needs will be met. Ignite Power home solar power systems to promote the project of the company plans sales of 250,000 in the country “paid” solar suit, has quickly become the largest solar project in Rwanda.

Ignite Power Company to Bloomberg new energy finance shows a random interviews with 250 early-adopter survey results survey include these user families, previous use of lighting technology, availability of mobile phones, as well as their satisfaction with the solar system.

Survey results show, off-grid solar power system installations of major distributors and publicity 84% of customers said they learned about the solar system from a sales agent. While specific situations because of different manufacturers differ slightly, but most of the customers have been satisfied or very satisfied with their solar system. Ignite major Power companies with local microfinance institutions, cooperatives and solar distributor a cooperative approach, selling their products.

Initially, customers buying solar power systems are designed to meet the needs of home lighting, but after installation, solar system mobile phone charging function is also very popular. Imagine a certain gap of the order with all of this demand: Ignite 4 lighting system than prior to these families, using torches or kerosene lamps are more expensive, about 98% households own at least one mobile phone, but most of them lack a convenient charger … In any case, due to Ignite if consumers can provide a convenient mobile phone charging and increased the frequency of cell phone use, will benefit mobile operators such as MTN, Tigo. Several groups of data:

► $ 38 million

Ignite Power home solar power systems projects project size

► 250,000

Ignite Power home solar power systems to promote the project will cover the number of families

► 60%

Rwandan local has no bank accounts, but has passed the consumer financing program customers who purchase solar systems

Solar project in Rwanda who is home?

Original title: solar energy project in Rwanda who is home?

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