Solar thermal power generation of billions of blue ocean market opened higher

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Compared to photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation has high stability, continuous power generation characteristics of complementary role in new energy fields.

Recently, the National Energy Board published a selected list of the first batch of 20 solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects. According to the plan, the approved 20 demonstration projects, the total installed capacity 1.349 million kW should be completed before 2018. By the end of 2020, to achieve domestic solar-thermal power total installed capacity of 10GW. China Merchants securities estimated that long-term 10GW capacity corresponds to nearly 300 billion yuan of investment fall.

However, the large initial investment, high cost of power generation is still the accelerated development of the solar thermal industry, national development and Reform Commission approved 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour of solar-thermal benchmark price applies only to the 20 demonstration projects.

In fact, solar-thermal power generation industry in China is still not perfect, few businesses to get through the entire value chain, which is bringing domestic solar thermal industry investment opportunities.

20 demonstration projects approved

Recently, the National Energy Board released the notice on the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects (“notice”) for a total of 20 projects selected for the first list of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects, total installed capacity to 1.349 million kilowatts, distributed in Qinghai, Gansu, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other provinces and autonomous regions.

Director of the China Center for energy economic research at Xiamen University said Lin boqiang, “domestic solar thermal industry started earlier, but development has been slow. In fact, photothermal techniques to make up for PV technical defects in the new energy sector to achieve complementarity. In the course of adjustment of energy structure in the future, solar-thermal technology in the field of new energy also has great potential for development. ”

It is known, is a means of concentrating solar thermal power generation device to sunlight to heat-trapping device and heat transfer of heat producing hot gases or fluids, then through mechanical work is done directly into the three-phase alternating current power. Includes tank, Tower, Fresnel, butterfly-style four line. Before the first demonstration projects include three technical course.

Solar thermal industry insiders because of the heat of liquid heat is easy to store, solar-thermal power station storage system that is configured to be able to apply the excess heat stored during the day to night power, realization of solar-thermal power station for 24 hours uninterrupted power supply, ensure power station output current stability, will not impact on the grid.

“Solar thermal power plant for high intensity direct solar radiation areas in West China, can also be equipped with adequate energy storage system. Photovoltaic geographical requirements is not high, the city distributed generation main selection, both can develop together. “The industry sources said.

On December 15 last year, download the solar energy Thirteen-Five Energy Council development plan draft submitted, by 2020, to achieve total capacity 10GW of solar-thermal power, solar-thermal power generation capital costs to achieve 20/w power generation cost close to 1/kWh.

According to statistics, by the end of 2015, the nation had built solar-thermal power generation capacity of about 18.1MW, about 20 in the early stages of the pilot project, solar control company Delhi 50MW Tower solar thermal electric power stations, a project has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission, approved the on-grid price is 1.2 Yuan per kWh.

Power generation costs hinder

On September 1, the national development and Reform Commission published the new benchmark on solar thermal power price policy notice, authorized solar thermal power generation benchmark price of 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour, and clearly these prices only apply to the National Energy Board 2016 implementing demonstration projects.

Tianfeng securities research report, according to the solar thermal industry experts access to information, 1.2 Yuan per kWh price level of revenue ensures power station 20%, 1.1/kWh power plant at a lower income level. Therefore, the national development and Reform Commission issued 1.15 yuan per kWh, you can early in the development of solar thermal industry, guarantee a certain level of return, so as to boost the enthusiasm of industry, promoting the construction of demonstration projects.

“The large initial investment, high cost of power generation is still hinder the development of light and heat. Benchmark price introduced to promote the development of the solar thermal industry. But the price will decline in the future. Domestic solar thermal industry technology, localization rate, large-scale production will be the main way to reduce costs. “Lin boqiang introduction.

In fact, according to the solar energy Thirteen-Five of the development plan draft, 45 during an important phase of industrialization of solar-thermal power generation in China, mainly from three levels to speed up the development of industrial technology, including the establishment of national innovation and testing solar thermal power generation technology platforms and realizing breakthrough solar-thermal power generation technology, establish standard system platforms and certification.

And, according to the circular, various demonstration projects should be completed by September 30 this year for the record, in principle, should be completed and put into operation before the end of 2018.

Huatai securities research report, “taking into account the construction of solar thermal project cycle, after filing is expected to be completed around projects, owner’s strong willingness to promote the construction of the project began, 4 quarter of the year is expected to be light and heat power stations total package and centralized subcontractor disclosure photothermal bid announcement window. ”

China Merchants Securities estimates that at current 30 yuan per watt cost, 1.35GW demonstration project will lead to more than 30 billion investment, long-term 10GW capacity corresponds to nearly 300 billion yuan of investment fall.

“Solar thermal industry investments in a number of policy will usher in the investment boom, driven by, but you should avoid lumpy overheating after the PV industry is warning of overcapacity. Solar thermal industry investment needs of local resources, careful selection of projects and technical courses. While in the upper reaches of industry investment, too, to avoid excess production capacity. “Lin boqiang said.

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