SolarCity 19 cities in cooperation with Airbnb landlords with solar panels will

Polaris solar PV net news: 18th, SolarCity in cooperation with Airbnb, the former $ 1,000 solar subsidies for Airbnb users.

Scope of this subsidy is limited to United States 19 cities Airbnb users, provided that SolarCity’s solar panels to be installed. In addition, SolarCity became Airbnb users old and new owner will also receive a $ 100 travel funds.

However, this subsidy is limited time offer, after the March 31 next year, will reduce the subsidy amount to $ 750, will continue until December 31, 2017.

However, the cost of installing solar panels at home as much as $ 240,000, $ 1,000 discounts just, it seems, is a drop in the bucket. SolarCity and others provide the option of monthly installments, for which users, and $ 1,000 is a good discount.

The partnership was also seen as SolarCity to reduction of cost of access attempt. User and Member systems based on other companies and organizations for their new users, which is the method used by more and more solar companies.

Partnership with SolarCity, and Airbnb further clarify the positioning of themselves as clean-energy companies. They point out that traditional residential energy consumption is far less than an ordinary hotel, the whole of last year, their users saved 4.2 billion litres of water (the equivalent of 1,700 Olympic-standard swimming pool), reduced by 37,000 tons of garbage.

Airbnb’s global head of strategy Chris ˙ Ryan said the 21st century traveler using Airbnb is not just to save money. But he did not disclose the current landlord SolarCity device data is already installed.

SolarCity has in recent months been trying various means, such as in the new financial package, allowing customers direct access to 30% of federal tax breaks and other subsidies.

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